Protect your Pet from Fleas and Ticks in League City, TX

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It appears almost inevitable that your pet will be exposed to fleas and ticks. If you see your dog scratching itself furiously, it may be a result of flea bites and quick action is needed to prevent flea infestation. Fleas and ticks have been known to cause health problems for pets, but the good news is that fleas and ticks can be prevented from biting your pet to begin with! If you are not sure of an action plan to follow, Safari Veterinary Care Centers is happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Not only can we educate and share our knowledge with you, in addition, Safari offers flea and tick prevention products for your home and your pet.

Fleas are most prominant in our hot & humid Gulf Coast area in League City, Texas, therefore, we have compiled these suggestions to help you protect your pet from fleas and ticks:

  • Ensure you use the right product for the right animal. Do not share products between dogs & cats. It can not only cause a bad reaction, it could lead to death!
  • Follow the package directions carefully and if you’re unsure, ask a professional here at Safari. If the directions say to treat every 30 days, mark your calendar so you don’t risk an overdose or a lapse in application. Read the warnings on home products and make sure they are pet safe, because those, too can pose a serious risk to your pet if the directions are not carefully followed.
  • Do not mix or combine products. This is equally important, as this, too can cause a severe health reaction or even death! It is important that you get professional advice before you use an oral treatment along with a topical treatment.
  • When selecting flea and tick treatment products, ask for recommendations from professionals before making a purchase. Some products may not be as effective or work as you expect. New products periodically become available that may be more effective than current products, one reason is because fleas become immune to current products. Ask your friends, neighbors or colleagues which products have successfully worked for them in the past.
  • For professional recommendations, products & advice, visit Safari Veterinary Care Centers in League City.

  • Have a year-round plan for flea and tick prevention. In our Gulf Coast area in League City, Texas, the winter months usually don’t get cold enough to dormant fleas and ticks. Therefore, these pests are usually always active and can attack your pets at any time of the year. Although fleas and ticks are most active in hot summer months, they still pose a threat during winter months, especially in our Gulf Coast area, your pets aren’t safe from them.
  • Regular grooming is a must-do activity for protecting your pets from fleas and ticks. Bathing, shearing off excess hair, brushing furs and coats is important for preventing infestation and for visual signs of fleas and ticks you may otherwise overlook.
  • Take your pet to the veterinary clinic regulary. If your pet has a severe case of flea infestation, Safari can recommend the best treatment plan to remedy the problem. Additionally, Safari can address any health related issues that may have resulted from the flea infestation.

Are you doing all that you can to protect your pets from fleas and ticks? Have you found a product that works for you that you’d like to share with others? Would you like to elaborate on our suggestions or make a suggestion yourself? Use our comment section below and let everyone know!

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