Pet Care With A Difference

This website details the Safari Differences. Here they will be listed:

  • We are Team Based Veterinary Medicine
  • We believe that our purpose is Knowledge Sharing
  • We use Knowledge of Pet Care to build Client Relationships
  • We have written Safari Ethical Standards
  • We have written Safari Standards of Conduct, Care, Communication, Appearance and Service
  • We always do what is best for the Pet
  • We Diagnose before we Treat
  • We Touch before we Teach (We show that we care first because a client does not care what we know until they know that we care)
  • We Teach before we Reach (we tell the client what we are recommending and why before we reach for medicines or drugs)
  • We are open – we allow the client to come on a tour – we show the back of our business
  • We are a team – we have the same uniform – we play by the same rules – we score the same points
  • We always give written reports on the physical examination and release instructions
  • We take care of all animals – Exotics and Wildlife included
  • We never say “NO” – we have services such as boarding, grooming, puppy daycare, rehabilitation & stem cell therapy in addition
  • We have a “fear free” practice
  • We have video cameras
  • We have Team training every week
  • We are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen