Safari Veterinary Care Centers Services

Wellness and Preventive Care


Many conditions can be prevented or diagnosed early and treated before they cause advanced illness through routine wellness and preventive care.

Advanced Imaging


This photo shows the MRI machine setup of the areas to be scanned. Each cluster of green lines is placed over an intervertebral disc space. Each line represents a slice or scan through that area. Dr. Garner oversees this setup so that diagnostic images are obtained from your pet. Each pet has a coil placed around the area to be imaged.

Orthopedic Surgery


We provide the latest surgical techniques for cruciate ligament rupture, patellar luxation, hip displaysia, compressed disk, and orthopedic injury.

Exotic Medicine & Surgery


Two-Toed Sloth This is a two toed sloth that just traveled from Florida by plane. He is being examined because he has a runny nose and seems stressed from the travel. Many exotic animals must be examined under anesthesia. We use only Sevoflurane which is a gas anesthesia that has proven safe for our exotic … Continue reading Exotic Medicine & Surgery

Camp Safari Boarding Kennel


Camp Safari Boarding Kennel is a temperature controlled indoor kennel with outdoor runs. Safari has state of the art air circulation and cleaning facilities designed to reduce stress and disease in boarded pets. Every pet has a padded pet bed elevated off the floor for comfort and hygiene. Spacious runs and double runs are available … Continue reading Camp Safari Boarding Kennel



Safari Grooming Stylists The Style – Groom Styling is the use of shears (scissors) to shape and style the hair in a smooth even cut so that every hair appears to have its place. At Safari we pride ourselves in the ability to sculpt a beautiful pet, one that matches the breed standard. Many “Groomers” … Continue reading Grooming

Spa Services

“The Safari Bath” – Your pet is always lovingly bathed by well-trained and supervised bathers who emphasize your pet’s safety and comfort. Here at safari we have a few different grooming packages specially designed for your furry loved ones grooming needs. These services include: “The Safari 3 Step” – (Prices start at $15. Prices are … Continue reading Spa Services

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy


For pets suffering with chronic allergies, arthritis, or orthopedic injury, we now offer in-house, adult stem cell therapy to promote pain relief and tissue regeneration. Regenerative Medicine Regenerative medicine strives to use the body’s own healing mechanisms to rebuild damaged or missing tissues. When tissue is damaged there is release of chemicals that signal the … Continue reading Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Laboratory

Stem Cell Laboratory Processing Stem Cells from your pets own fatty tissues. This sterile process involves using specialized chemical and equipment to gently separate and filter the stem cells from the fatty tissue. The cells are then counted using fluorescent dyes and lights that allow the live cells to be seen under the microscope. The … Continue reading Stem Cell Laboratory



Rehabilitation at Safari is different than many other pet rehabilitation facilities. At Safari we have “fear free rehabilitation” this means that we do not force your pet to perform exercises. When you force a pet, you cause emotional harm and fear. We teach the pet with rewards how to use our rehabilitation tools to properly … Continue reading Rehabilitation