Welcome to Safarivet

Safari Veterinary Care Centers is your one stop destination for all your pet’s needs from HealthMap wellness plans to advanced diagnostic medicine, orthopedic surgery, exotic medicine and surgery, Full Service Grooming, Hill’s Science Diet pet foods, Camp Safari boarding kennel and Doggy Daycare, and 24 Hour Emergency Medical Service for active patients.


  • Advanced Imaging

    We offer cardiac and abdominal ultrasound, pregnancy ultrasound, video endoscope, digital x-ray, and off-site Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    We provide the latest surgical techniques for cruciate ligament rupture, patellar luxation, hip displaysia, compressed disk, and orthopedic injury.

  • Exotic Medicine & Surgery

    Dr. Garner treats a wide range of exotic pets including birds, reptiles, pocket pets, and primates.

  • Camp Safari Boarding Kennel

    Our compassionate staff offer all-species boarding as well as day boarding and supervised playdates.

  • Grooming

    Our professional groomers offer bathing and grooming for dogs, cats, and pocket pets as well as sedation grooming for anxious pets.

  • Rehabilitation

    Our rehab center features aquatic treadmill, low-level laser therapy, and positive reinforcement techniques to engage mind and body in strengthening and balance exercises.

  • Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

    For pets suffering with chronic allergies, arthritis, or orthopedic injury, we now offer in-house, adult stem cell therapy to promote pain relief and tissue regeneration.

  • Regenerative Therapy Modalities

    Regenerative therapy modalities using Adipose Derived Stem Cells are clinically relevant.Stem cells from fatty tissue that doesn't require culture and expansion.