In order to protect the health of all our wonderful clients and Safari team, we are making a few changes for the foreseeable future. All departments will remain open for our normal hours of operation.In order to limit person-to-person contact, we will make few changes to check-in and check-out.


Welcome to Safari Veterinary Care Centers Your Veterinarian in League City, TX

Safari Veterinary Care Centers is your one stop destination for all your pet’s needs from HealthMap wellness plans to advanced diagnostic medicine, orthopedic surgery, exotic medicine and surgery, Full Service Grooming, Hill’s Science Diet pet foods, Camp Safari boarding kennel and Doggy Daycare, and 24 Hour Emergency Medical Service for active patients.

  • Hours of Operation

    • MON-FRI
      6AM - 8PM
    • SAT
      9AM - 6PM
    • SUN
      9AM - 6PM
  • Grooming

    • MON-SAT
      7AM - 3PM
    • SUN
      8AM - 3PM
    • * Groomers arrive early for boarded pets checking our Sunday afternoon.

  • Appointments Seen

    • MON-FRI
      9AM - 12AM | 2PM - 7PM
    • WED
      2PM - 7PM
    • SAT
      9AM - 6PM
    • SUN
      10AM - 6PM

Pet Emergency? Call us right away at (281) 332-5612!


We're pleased to offer the services at Safari Veterinary Care Centers

For pets suffering with chronic allergies, arthritis, or orthopedic injury, we now offer in-house, adult stem cell therapy to promote pain relief and tissue regeneration….

Rehabilitation at Safari is different than many other pet rehabilitation facilities. At Safari we have “fear free rehabilitation” this means that we do not force…

First Groom Free (Your pet is groomed at least every 8 weeks or 6 times a year) Priority Holiday Scheduling (Your pet has priority booking…

Camp Safari Boarding Kennel is a temperature controlled indoor kennel with outdoor runs. Every dog is allowed outside play areas and runs to do their…

Two-Toed Sloth This is a two toed sloth that just traveled from Florida by plane. He is being examined because he has a runny nose…

At Safari we take orthopedic surgery seriously. We have skilled board-certified surgeons with over 30 years of experience who use the most recent techniques supplemented…

  This photo shows the MRI machine setup of the areas to be scanned. Each cluster of green lines is placed over an intervertebral disc…

Dental Procedures at Safari The Safari Difference follows through as we clean your pet’s teeth. We consider the procedure seriously, and take the time to…

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Many conditions can be prevented or diagnosed early and treated before they cause advanced illness through routine wellness and preventive care.
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Our team is filled with highly dedicated animal lovers who are well trained at their jobs.


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