Digital Veterinary Dental Radiographs At Safari

Dental Procedures at Safari

The Safari Difference follows through as we clean your pet’s teeth. We consider the procedure seriously, and take the time to perform a complete dental, with probing, scaling, polishing and dog dental radiographs to determine and document the degree of disease.

This is done under general anesthesia with intensive care monitoring devices. In addition, your pet is kept warm and comfy on a bed of warm air during the procedure

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Figure 1 Your pet is under general anesthesia, with an endotracheal tube to protect the trachea and lungs from water and debris. The pet is kept warm with circulating war air blankets and state of the art monitoring devices keep track of the status of vitals.

We use the acronym ATP for Assessment, Treatment and Plan for the future. The first stage is Assessment for what we are going to do today and to document where we are with the dental care now. Treatment of the teeth by scaling the teeth above and below the gum line as well as removal of teeth or obvious gum disease is done during the first procedure. Then we Plan for the future as we identify the dental trend in your pet’s mouth.

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Figure 2 The teeth are examined, and the assessment is recorded tooth by tooth.

Veterinary dental radiographs will be reviewed with you during your pet’s release from the hospital so we can be on the same page with the future dental care. Digital dental plates specially designed for “in-the-mouth” use is placed behind the teeth to record the radiographs. The dog dental radiograph unit is similar to that used in a human dental office.

Digital dental receiver placed in the mouth

Figure 3 Digital dental receiver placed in the mouth.
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Figure 4 Pet dental radiographs are projected immediately on the computer monitor, without the need for chemical film development.
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Figure 5 Your pet’s teeth are clean, shiny, polished and have received a fluoride treatment to seal the enamel and reduce plaque and tartar accumulation in the future.
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Figure 6 Dental room at Safari is dedicated to providing State-of-the-Heart dental care to your pet.