Digital Veterinary Radiography At Safari

Dog Radiographs of the past were exposed to silver emulsion on film. The film then had to be developed in a darkroom. This process was messy, costly and resulted in a film that was difficult to view or store. Today, with new digital technology, we at Safari can take a pet animal radiograph and have it appear on a screen within 30 seconds. This digital radiograph for dogs can now be magnified and digitally enhanced to show lesions that were never visible before. The radiograph can also now be stored on a hard disc and shared with other veterinarians and specialists over the Internet. Digital radiographs for dogs are the wave of the future and are already at Safari today.

Digital Radiography of pet animal Digital Radiography machine for pet animals digital-radiography2

Radiation used to be used to expose photographic film that required development in a dark room with nasty chemicals. The films were acetate, required a light box and were subject to degradation. These times are gone at Safari. Now the radiation is digitized immediately. The digitized film becomes a part of the pet’s medical record. Review of the film is done on a computer workstation where the image can be magnified and enhanced so that subtle changes can be detected. Images of small exotics can not be made big and clear. Now exposure can be modified after the fact bringing out disease signs that would have been missed prior to digital radiography for dogs.