22 Dog Care Tips: The Ultimate Pet Parent’s Guide In Houston, TX


Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities and commitment. Here are tips to ensure you are equipped to be a responsible pet parent:

  1. Always measure your dog’s food: In the United States, dog obesity is predicted to be 55.8%. Obesity in dogs can be controlled and avoided if you measure your pet’s food and follow the directions on the package.
  2. Touch your pup’s nose regularly: The tip of your dog’s nose should be moist because a healthy dog secretes sweat through its nose to cool down.
  3. Schedule annual vet checkups: Allow professionals to examine your dog regularly to detect health issues early. In League City, please schedule an appointment with us at Safari Veterinary Care Center, one of the best care animal hospitals in Houston, Texas. Hence, be rest assured that we will cater to your dog with the absolute best veterinary care.
  4. Keep a Pet’s First Aid Kit: Accidents may occur after vet hours, and being prepared with all necessary first aid items to assist your dog is crucial in being a responsible dog parent.
  5. Ensure your dog: Unexpected illnesses in pets could cost a lot. Pet insurance can help to cover these unforeseen
  6. Brush your pup’s teeth regularly: Regular brushing helps eliminate the dental disease in your dog and helps you avoid dental disease treatment.
  7. Ensure your garbage is secure: Ensure your trash is secure, as ingesting anything harmful could result in expensive treatment.
  8. Keep household toxins out of reach: Keep household chemicals like cleansers and insecticides out of your dog’s reach.
  9. Wash your pup’s things: To keep your dog’s toys and bedding clean and germ-free, wash them at least once a week.
  10. Do not feed your dog human food, as many human foods are toxic to dogs and can have major health consequences.
  11. Do more exercises with your dog to help stay healthy, maintain weight, and keep fit. Walking with your pup is wonderful exercise.
  12. Create a generally safe environment for your dog, as it spends most of its time at home or in the garden.
  13. Train your dog: The more your dog understands and obeys simple commands, the more likely it will live a long and healthy life.
  14. Exercise patience: Your pup can read our body language quite well and will not respond well to training if you are impatient or angry.
  15. Be friendly: Our furry friends require love and affection to develop. Give them your attention and play with them.
  16. Moisturize your pup’s paw during cold weather to prevent cracks.
  17. Reduce outdoor time during winter as dogs are prone to frostbite.
  18. Get a dog sweater: not all dogs have enough fur to weather the cold season. If your dog is in this category, get him a sweater.
  19. During summer, ensure to keep your pup cool by providing access to shade when outside.
  20. Provide fresh and clean water: Maintaining hydration in your pup in summer is crucial for health and strength.
  21. Ensure you do not leave your dog alone in the car: never leave your pup unattended in the car as cars can reach dangerous temperatures in summer.
  22. Make sure your dog does not stick its head out during a ride: When your dog is riding out the window of your car, anything it sees may entice him to jump out. Prevent this by strapping him with a seat belt or putting him in the crate.

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