Do You Know Why Safarivet Is The Best Pet Boarding Services Provider In Houston, TX

Do You Know Why Safarivet Is The Best Pet Boarding Services Provider In Houston, TX

It can be quite difficult to make arrangements to leave your dog or cat behind when you travel. I have experienced this, so I know firsthand how it feels. I kept thinking, ‘who will look after my cherished pet while I’m away?

Fortunately, I heard about dog and cat boarding facilities in Houston. Afterward came the search for dogs, cats, and general animal boarding near me. I wanted a pet boarding service, especially for dog boarding, which costs little and still offers the best dog boarding services near me. After much searching, I was referred to Safarivet, a veterinary hospital that also runs Camp Safari Boarding Kennel, boarding for both dogs and cats.

Why Safarivet Is The Best Pet Boarding Services Provider In Houston.

Safarivet is known to be one of the best veterinary hospitals in Houston due to the level of devotion our certified and experienced vets dedicate to treating the animals that come into the clinic. Flowing from how pets are treated with the utmost care at Safarivet, it goes without saying that the boarding facility also treats the pets in the facility with great care and dedication. This makes us, without a doubt, one of the best pet boardings in Houston, Texas.

Our Camp Safari Boarding Kennel is an indoor facility with outdoor runs. When the weather permits, all dogs can go outside to play and run. Our boarding facility has cutting-edge air circulation and cleaning systems designed to reduce stress and disease in boarded dogs.

Our feline companions are not left out as we also provide separate cat boarding in a specially decorated quiet room with access to our exclusive play area for cats only. Here, felines are refreshed and entertained with the CAT-a-comb maze and Cat cubby room.

Another factor that makes our boarding services the best is that we are open on all days of the week, including Sundays, for your convenience and to accommodate your pick-up schedule. Also, before pick-up day, you can have your pet groomed so that when you come to pick up your pet, he is refreshed and prim.

Safarivet boarding services are considered one of the best in Houston, and we have several testimonies from our clients.

Here are some of the reviews we’ve heard over the years applauding our services and reliable vets:

  • Safari Vet Care Center is amazing. They took the best care of her during the Christmas and New Year holidays while we were out of town. They care about their patients (our babies). – Mary Whitby.
  • The staff is so nice! They took such good care of our pups in boarding. We also brought in our new rescue kitty, and they were so comforting during vaccinations for him. – Julia Cavazos.
  • I have never had a bad experience with them yet. I recently boarded my dog, and it was a good experience. Every time I call or need an appointment, they are attentive and responsive. I love Safari. I will keep going here as long as I have animals. – Tina Cash.
  • I had a three-night stay for my dog, and she returned happy and clean. – Dennis Huynh.
  • Our babies were so well looked after while boarding! They also were amazing at caring for our puppy, General, when he gave us a scare shortly after adopting him at six weeks old. Highly recommend Safari!! – Amy Cyr.
  • It was my first time using Safari Care Center. I liked the staff’s professionalism and interaction with the pets. It was my dog’s first boarding experience, and from the video and photo sent to me, he seemed to be enjoying his visit. I am very pleased and will continue to use Safari. – Maria Arredondo.

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