Ferret Care – Owning ferrets as your pet

Ferret Care – Owning Ferrets As Your Pet

Owning a ferret isn’t as common as owning a cat or a dog but it still doesn’t detract from the fact that they are great animals to have as pets. Ferrets are playful, active and loving animals that bond easily with their owners especially when done well.

The major difference between having Ferret and other types of pets is that you don’t find that many ferret owners around. If you love exotic animals, owning a ferret can give you that feeling of owning a tamed exotic animal which it truly is.

After going through this post, you might consider going for one as soon as possible. So let’s get to work telling you all you need to know about owning your first pet ferret.

Firstly, it is important to note that ferrets are carnivorous animals related to weasels, mink, otter, and skunks. They are meat eaters and hunters as such. This means that ferrets need to be domesticated to reduce their wild tendencies.

Ferrets are intelligent and social animals

Ferrets are intelligent and social animals that bond easily with their owners once reinforcement training is done correctly. They can be very smart at devising a means to tackle a challenge. They function at their peak when there are two or more of them. It can be a very enjoyable experience to watch them jump around and have a fun time playing as they care.

Owners are encouraged to have at least two or three ferrets at a time to increase their socialization. Of course, this doesn’t mean an owner shouldn’t get involved too. Giving them attention has its reward as you will get to enjoy owning an attention-loving pet.

For League Citizens, if you plan to own a pet ferret, consider some recommendations from the animal hospital League City TX for a healthy animal.

Ferrets are compatible with other pets

f you already own a dog or cat, you can add a ferret to the mix without worry. A word of caution, however, is that you must first do a gradual introduction of the pets to each other before allowing them to interact freely.

Dogs and cat will get along with them fine if you do the introduction properly. You can do this while both pets are still young and undeveloped. Feeding should be done separately to avoid a show of aggression and subsequently fight from both animals. However, ferrets shouldn’t be socialized with birds, lizards or rabbits as they naturally hunt smaller animals.

It is also not advisable to leave them in the care of small children as they may not be able to handle the ferret’s antics and tenacity.

It is ideal to own a ferret from birth

When getting a ferret, age is an important factor because no matter how well you domesticate them, they still retain a lot of wild behavior. You must be willing to put in the time and effort to train your ferret to be as tame as possible.

A young ferret is known as a kit and the ideal age range to get one should be between 8 to 16 weeks old. Although it’s not difficult to acquire and teach an older ferret, it’s ideal to begin training them as soon as possible. The growing ferret will have enough time to learn and bond better with you through its development.

Several vets in League City TX provide veterinary services for ferrets. One such pet care center is Safari Veterinary Care Centers.

Feeding Your Ferret

As carnivorous animals, ferrets enjoy a diet rich in fat and high proteins. Normal cat or dog food should never be used to feed your ferret as it will likely be deficient in the needed high-quality protein for ferrets.

You can use fish, beef, and chicken to prepare a Do-it-yourself healthy mix of protein meal for the ferret. Alternatively, you can look out for high protein cat food as it might also serve your ferret’s health needs.

Water is also essential for your ferret’s feeding needs, plenty of fresh water in fact.

Creating a Home for Your Ferret

Given that ferrets are naturally curious creatures, it is advisable to construct a habitat that is unrestrictive and allows ample space for them to roam around and investigate. Your pet ferret will want to check out everything within their vicinity so ensure their compartment has enough space to accommodate their inquisitive nature.

In avoidance of doubts and errors, consulting a pet health care clinic can help you in setting up a home for your pet ferret. One of the most reputable ferret care services in League City, Texas is provided by Safari Vet Pet Healthcare. They advise making your ferret’s house out of plastic, wire mesh, or another pliable material. Training them for litter use isn’t also as tough as you would think as they are very clean animals once you have done your part by employing reinforcement training.

Are you planning on getting a pet? Consider getting ferrets as they will surely bring on the heat in fun for you.

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