Get The Best And Top Rated Pet Camp Safari Boarding Facilities In League City, TX – Safari Veterinary Care Center

Get The Best And Top Rated Pet Camp Safari Boarding Facilities In League City, TX – Safari Veterinary Care Center

If you need pet boarding in League City, TX, you should consider Safari Animal Hospital League City. You can meet a veterinarian in League City, Texas, at Safari veterinary care center.

In addition, we have a top-rated dog and cat boarding facilities. Your pet’s comfort, unique needs, and safety are prioritized at Camp Safari pet boarding League City TX.

Reasons why Safari Veterinary Care Center has the best and top-rated Pet Camp Safari Boarding Facilities Texas

These are some of the reasons why Camp Safari pet boarding facilities are top-rated and the best:

1.) Safari has ultramodern air circulation and cleaning facilities which help to reduce stress and disease in boarded pets. The Camp Safari League City boarding kennel is a temperature-regulated indoor kennel with outdoor runs. Under favorable weather conditions, dogs are allowed outdoors. They can go outside to play areas and can also do their business outdoors.

2.) We put your pet’s comfort and hygiene into prioritized consideration.

i) At Safari Veterinary Care Center dog boarding League City TX, we meet your dog’s specific needs. Provisions are available for spacious and double-dog runs, all uniquely designed with varying themes by local artists. The themes vary from the casino gambler to fishing, hunting, and the tennis player. In addition, pets are given padded beds elevated off the floor for premium comfort and hygiene.

ii) Cats are not left out. Safari cat boarding League City offers custom decorated quiet rooms with access to unique play areas for cats only. The facility has a CAT-a-comb a wood maze with interconnecting spaces designed to fascinate your cat, and a cat cubby room decorated with images of vacationing cats. Our special cat menu includes the FAUX canary cake and the mousetrap pie, both of which your cat would savor.

3.) We have online accounts that you can use to make boarding reservations at

While your pet is boarding with us, you can manage your boarding appointments and check for details about your pet’s health and medication from your online account.

4.) Pet Camp Safari boarding facilities have flexible pick-up and drop-off times to suit your family’s convenience, including Sunday pick-ups and drop-offs. We open by noon on Sundays.

5.) Camp Safari prioritizes getting skilled professionals experienced in caring for pets. All staff members work as a team that puts your pet’s unique needs, safety and hygiene first.

Tips to make your boarding experience at Safari Boarding Facilities a good one

1.) Before or while checking in, ensure that we have your pet’s current vaccine records.

You can either send them by email before your arrival to or present them when you arrive. Learn more about our vaccine policies at

2.) You can take your pet’s leash and collar back home with you and return with them at check-out time (except someone else is picking your pet up).

3.) Remember to pack your pet’s medications, special treats, food, and any special toys your pet might have.

4.) Also, you can provide a list of activities that typically make up your pet’s daily routine, including information about meal times, walks, and other activities. With this, we can match your pet’s schedule while providing care.

5.) Please consider grooming before picking your pet up, and give us a possible time to expect you on the pick-up day.

What makes Safari boarding facilities different?

After staying at our boarding facilities, your pet feels bright and refreshed as your pet’s overall wellness is our priority.

Here are a few great reviews from clients whose pets have boarded here at Camp Safari:

“Our babies were so well looked after while boarding! They also were amazing at caring for our puppy, General, when he gave us a scare shortly after adopting him at 6 weeks old. Highly recommend Safari!!” – Amy Cyr

“We finally found a place that does it all under one roof. We will definitely use them again for vet service, grooming, and when we go out of town boarding. First time using them for both my girls, very impressed with the care they gave both. And they came out looking gorgeous after their grooming.” – Dana Williams

“It was my first time using Safari Care Center. I really liked the professionalism of the staff and also how they interact with the pets. It was my dog’s first boarding experience and from the video and photo that was sent to me, he seemed to be enjoying his visit. I am very pleased and will continue to use Safari.” – Maria Arredondo

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