Get the best top rated Veterinary Animal Wellness Center in Texas

Get The Best Top Rated Veterinary Animal Wellness Center In Texas

Like humans, pets may develop ailments that require professional vet care. And for this reason, you want to ensure you find a veterinary animal clinic that offers excellent services.

If that sounds like you, then you want to give Safarivet a shot.

What About Safarivet?

Safarivet is a top-rated veterinary wellness center in Texas. So if you’re looking for an animal wellness center in Texas with well-trained staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and expertise in virtually all areas of animal medicine, Safari Veterinary Care Center is what you are looking for.

Here is a closer look at what Safarivet can offer you:


Want to get your dog back on to his normal state of health after surgery? Safari Veterinary Care Center has the best facilities and staff to ensure your pet goes through a smooth rehabilitation process. We won’t force your dog to do exercises, but slowly get him accustomed to the different equipment.

Pet Imaging

Pet imaging is used to diagnose and eventually know the best treatment for your pet. This comes in especially when your pet has some complicated ailments.

Do you think your dog or cat is suffering from some sort of complicated ailments? You don’t have to try random treatment, Safarivet offers excellent pet imaging that helps find the exact problems and then offer treatment accordingly.

Proper Diagnosis

At Safarivet, we do not offer random treatment to your pet without knowing what the illness is. We carry out the best possible diagnosis to know the disease before we administer treatment.

For complicated ailments, we may even use advanced imaging to detect the problem and offer treatment accordingly.

As mentioned, advanced imaging helps vets to understand complex problems in animal bodies and this is one service we offer at Safarivet.


If your pet has health challenges that require surgeries, Safarivet has also got you covered. We have the best staff and facilities for all types of animal surgeries, including orthopedic surgery. Plus, we offer the best rehabilitation afterward—with our state-of-the-art facilities.

Affordable Pet Care

You don’t have to break the bank to ensure your pet is healthy. At Safarivet, we care more about your Pet’s health and that is why we offer the best services at unbeatable rates.

All in all, we want to ensure your pet regains better health. Other services we can offer your pet include:

  • Pet Grooming Services
  • Regenerative Stem cell therapy, etc.

Why Choose Safari Veterinary Care Center?

As mentioned, Safarivet boasts of well-trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities to handle all your pet needs—health-wise.

That’s not all. While your pet can benefit from our various services, we ensure pet owners don’t have to break the bank to give their pets a pleasant treat. So if you want a pet center that offers stellar services at affordable rates, you also want to choose us.

Safarivet offers more than you can imagine. But should you take our word for it? Maybe not.

Hear from some of our satisfied clients:

“I just want to thank Dr. Garner and his staff for doing an amazing job caring for our exotics. They are amazing people and a pleasure to work with. Thank you again.” – TERI Free

“So impressed with the quality of care and service. Thank you for everything. Although I had to say goodbye to my sweet baby, I know she was in the best hands. It means so much!” – Kristi Ferguson

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Wrapping Up

So that’s it. Safari Veterinary Care Center is just a call away if you need an animal wellness center with the best veterinary wellness plans in Texas.

If you’d like to learn more about Safarivet and the services we offer, click here.

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