Ozone Therapy For Dogs: Does It Work In Houston, TX?

Ozone Therapy For Dogs: Does It Work In Houston, TX?

Ozone therapy is a highly effective and safe treatment for infections, metabolic illness, and cancer. Medical ozone is a gas made from pure oxygen that can kill viruses and germs and is easily absorbed by the body.

At safari animal hospital, we believe ozone therapy is one of the most influential and universal healing techniques I utilize in my holistic veterinary practice.

Ozone therapy, which has been used for over a century, can benefit your dog with any inflammatory disease process. So, I’d like to inform you about ozone therapy for dogs and how it can help with various health issues.

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What Exactly Is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is an active form of oxygen (O2) with antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects. When a trained dentist introduces it into the oral cavity, it triggers an “oxidative burst” within the microorganisms that fill the mouth, essentially eradicating them. This advantage is that it allows for the treatment of a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses without the need for pharmaceutical medications and their accompanying adverse effects.

Medical Ozone vs. Atmospheric Ozone

Lightening or UV radiation that breaks oxygen molecules produces atmospheric ozone. This causes one oxygen atom to combine with O2 (oxygen) to form O3 (ozone).

When the ozone level exceeds a specific threshold on a smoggy day, you will notice “ozone alerts.” However, compared to other pollutants we see and smell, the amount of ozone combined in the smog is relatively modest. Nevertheless, because ozone is more straightforward to quantify than the other components of the smog layer, it receives much attention.

When the ozone level rises, so do the levels of hydrocarbons and other poisons…However, these are present in considerably more significant quantities and are far more dangerous than ozone.

Medical-grade ozone is created by sending pure oxygen through a generator that employs an electrical spark to tear one oxygen atom off O2 molecules.

This free oxygen atom will interact with additional O2 molecules to form O3, sometimes known as ozone.

How Ozone Aids Healing

In the body, ozone reacts with amino acids and lipids to form chemicals known as ozonides.

These ozonides are responsible for the biological impacts of ozone. In addition, they may easily pass through cell membranes and have the significant function of improving energy production through enhanced oxygen use.

That is why it works so well. Cellular degeneration is frequently caused by the cells’ inability to utilize oxygen efficiently. As a result, ozone therapy can benefit the health and function of the body’s cells.

The ability of cells to use oxygen is determined by the amount of NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) accessible to them. Ozone induces an oxidation reaction that results in the formation of NAD from NADH. (NADH is equal to NAD plus one hydrogen atom.) This provides additional energy for the cell to use to perform efficiently.

The Advantages of Ozone Therapy

While in the sky, ozone helps prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from causing skin cancer and destroying the world’s natural food chain. When consumed, injected, or administered to the body in some way, ozone gas offers several health benefits. Natural ozone therapy has the following health benefits:


    Ozone is a chemical element composed of three oxygen atoms. When ozone is safely delivered into the body, it enhances bloodstream oxygen levels—this aids in generating white blood cells.

    In addition, ozone remains in the body for extended periods after administration, assisting in the development of white blood cell production even after the initial ozone therapy treatment.


    Did you know bacteria are live organisms? Like animals and people, bacteria must consume stuff to survive and grow. Bacteria have metabolisms but are only about one-seventeenth as efficient as the average human metabolism.

    Because bacteria have such a weak metabolism, they cannot create the antioxidant enzymes required to combat ozone. This suggests that very few bacteria can survive in an environment containing more than 2% ozone, implying that ozone is a natural bacteria killer.


    Viruses, unlike bacteria, are not living beings, making them more difficult to combat than their disease-causing relatives. Viruses, like bacteria, are responsive to ozone therapy. When delivered into the body, ozone, like white blood cells in the bloodstream, aids in the direct battle against viruses. Ozone also destroys the virus’s component, enabling it to enter cells and causing the virus to reproduce. Cells that have previously been infected with viruses are likewise vulnerable to ozone. Viruses, like bacteria, have insufficient metabolic requirements to combat ozone, which means they cannot protect themselves against ozone atoms.


    Ozone has been proven to aid in the oxidation of arterial plaque, a complex, sticky substance that plugs arteries and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. By clearing away arterial plaque blockages of all types, all-natural ozone therapy has the potential to improve your overall cardiovascular health.


    Ligaments are comparable to rubber bands in that they help keep bones, joints, discs, and other structures together. They are elastic, allowing them to extend as needed and return to their traditional form while maintaining some of our most critical and heavily used bodily parts.

    A ligament tear or damage can be excruciatingly painful, and depending on the severity of the injury, other ligaments and body parts may be affected. Ligament damage can be a long and painful recovery procedure.

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