Pet Boarding Vs. Pet Sitting – Which Suits Your Dog And Cat Better In Houston, TX?

Pet Boarding Vs. Pet Sitting – Which Suits Your Dog And Cat Better In Houston, TX?

We know how complex it is to leave your pets (dog or cat) behind when you travel out of town. But is it better to hire a competent pet sitter or board your pet? Today, our veterinarians discuss the distinctions between pet boarding and pet sitting.

Safari Veterinary Care Center, a veterinary hospital in Houston, TX recognizes how difficult it is to leave your beloved pet behind while you are away, especially if your animal requires medical attention. Therefore, we compare pet-sitting and boarding services for times you need to be away from home. So, the question is, between pet boarding and pet sitting, which suits your dog and cat better? Read on to get the answer you seek.

The Best Care for Dogs and Cats

Whatever your absence, you’ll need to find adequate care for your pet. Although selecting the ideal type of care for your pet might be difficult, surfing the internet, and generally doing some research into the options available around you and what advantages each service offers will help make your decision easier. An easy way to go about picking the right service is searching for cheap dog boarding near me. But affordability shouldn’t be mistaken for low quality.

Pet Boarding

When you board your dog or cat, you send it to a facility/house where qualified professionals will care for your pet with other animal renters. This option is typically less expensive than hiring a personal pet sitter, but it has several drawbacks.

There is no denying that pet boarding has a terrible reputation. Many pet boarding facilities and kennels used to be dark, gloomy locations where animals were kept confined for extended periods. Pet boarding facilities nowadays come in different styles and price points.

Instead of being imprisoned in a cage, your dog could be socializing and playing with other dogs, and your cat could be lounging in a clean, fresh-smelling facility with lots of affection and pats.

The degree of service you choose will likely affect the cost of boarding your pet. Nowadays, standard pet care at boarding facilities offers pets a clean, welcoming environment at a reasonable price.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Pet Boarding

Pros: Pet boarding provides your animal with a defined daily regimen that regularly includes food and regular exercise periods. Many pets find schedules soothing when their owner is away. Boarding will also allow your dog to socialize with other dogs, and many facilities have on-site veterinarians, which is excellent if your pet requires meds or special medical care.

Cons: The most obvious downside of having your pet boarded is that they are not at home. Some pets grow apprehensive or anxious in new situations, mainly when their owner is not around, which can lead to clashes with other animals during playtime.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is when a pet sitter visits a client’s home to care for their dog like a babysitter would. This could be for a day, or for a few nights to keep an eye on your pet.

And if you’re considering hiring a professional pet sitter, make sure your applicants provide you with a list of references and qualifications. Pet sitter prices will vary greatly depending on the level of service you select for your animal.

Hiring a pet sitter ensures that your pet is cared for in its own environment and can also help protect your home by making it appear lived-in.

Pet sitters will typically collect your mail and papers and make your home appear livelier. Hiring a live-in pet sitter also ensures that your home and pet are cared for at night.

When making your decision, leave no room for doubt. What makes you think your pets will be happy with your decision if you are not completely satisfied?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Hiring a Pet Sitter

Pros: Being at home is less stressful for many pets than visiting an unfamiliar boarding facility. Another advantage of hiring a pet sitter is that it increases the security level of your home be it temporarily. And of course, pet sitters are usually less expensive than boarding your pet.

Cons: Having a stranger come into your space to care for your pet can be unsettling, and it is not for everyone. Another disadvantage of hiring a part-time pet sitter is that your animal may become bored or lonely when left alone for long periods, leading to destructive behavior. During peak holiday seasons, such as spring break, pet sitters can also be extremely busy and challenging to find.

Our team of compassionate veterinary specialists at Safarivet provides cat boarding Houston city and dog boarding Houston city TX. Our entire crew works hard to make your pets feel at ease while you are away. Take advantage of our affordable pet clinic. Cheap dog boarding near me is all you have to surf for and we’ll be right here waiting to help with dog and cat boarding.

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