All Pet Health Care Services in one place – Safari Veterinary Care Centers

All Pet Health Care Services In One Place – Safari Veterinary Care Centers

When you need a one-stop destination for all your pet veterinary care needs, there is only one place to take your pet to – Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City, Texas.

We are the number one veterinary care center in Texas for everything related to animal care.

Our experts are educated in the most recent methods and therapies needed to maintain the ideal possible health for your beloved pet. Safari Veterinary Care Centers prides itself in having the most advanced vet care equipment designed to provide excellent veterinary care for different animals.

We provide a variety of pet health care treatments, from routine checkups to highly sophisticated surgical procedures performed with top-notch equipment.

Our services range from Wellness plans, Orthopedic surgery and care, Exotic Medicine and surgery, Full-service grooming, Pet dieting, fitness and rehabilitation, Advanced diagnostic medicine, Emergency animal medicine, Animal shelter services and other services your pet might need.

We have professional vet care centers all over Texas including the top-performing Safari Vet, League City where you can have any delicate treatment procedure handled by an expert in no time at all.

Do you require a pet care facility where you can be sure your pet is being cared for by the most qualified experts?

A visit to any of the Safari Veterinary Care Centers will put your mind at ease in no time at all. We offer the following services and more:

  1. Wellness and Preventive Care

    Our dedicated experts provide a thorough diagnostic and preventive procedure to help your pets avoid any future complications that might arise due to neglect and carelessness.

    We are expert at nipping pet health challenges in the bud so that it never manifests in the first place. Safari Vet in League City can handle wellness and preventive care procedure once you schedule a visit for your pet.

  2. Advanced Imaging by a professional animal hospital in League City

    SafariVet offers an advanced imaging service where we can view and help you see the internal organs and systems of your pet to know where and how to administer treatment. This service provides cardiac and abdominal ultrasound, pregnancy ultrasound, video endoscope, digital x-ray and off-site Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  3. The most significant League City Animal Shelter offers pet boarding services.

    Safari Vet is one of the premier League City animal shelters in Texas when you’re looking for one you can rely on. We have a dedicated staff force who are passionate in providing boarding for the different animal species out there.

    This service covers daycare, boarding and even supervised play dates when you want your pet bred with another.

  4. The most esteemed veterinarian in Texas provides body examinations and grooming services.

    Pet grooming is important if you want your pet to be in good health. A clean, well-groomed pet is less exposed to disease contamination compared to an unkempt one. Your pet needs a bath at least once a week for instance and if you are a busy person, this might be difficult for you to carry out regularly.

    We provide a professional pet grooming in League City which includes bathing, teeth brushing, nail clipping, fur, and hair cutting and trimming, sedation and every other physical care that keeps your pet happy and healthy.

  5. Orthopedic care surgery by highly trained veterinary experts in League City

    Orthopedic care is necessary for pets just as it is in humans. When your pet sustains an injury to one of its limbs, orthopedic care or even surgery could be the way out.

    In a case like the above, you need a professional emergency animal hospital near you to come to the rescue. Safari Veterinary Care Centers is one you can count on to deliver always in such situations.

    We provide the most advanced orthopedic surgery techniques for injuries like ligament rupture, compressed disk conditions, patellar luxation, hip complications (e.g. displaysia) and other orthopedic injuries.

  6. Advanced techniques like Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

    Pet Stem cell therapy is a procedure that provides long-lasting treatment for many different health complications like arthritis, joint injuries, bone complications, allergies, and organ damage.

    Only certified veterinary care centers offer this delicate procedure of which SafariVet Care Center is one of them.

  7. Pet dieting, fitness, and rehabilitation care for your pet

    For pet owners whose pets are over-weight, we offer a highly-regimented dieting and fitness program to keep your pet in good shape.

    In addition, pets recovering from ill-health or treatment procedures are put through a special rehabilitation care to engage their mind, strengthen their body and improve their health as a whole.

    Safari Vet’s pet rehabilitation service includes aquatic treadmill, low-level laser therapy, positive reinforcement of good behavior and different physical exercises to improve your pet’s body and health.

  8. Among the most prominent veterinary facilities in Texas for exotic surgery and medicine

    Our in-house exotic pet care expert provides a professional healthcare service for different types of exotic pets. We handle surgery and other delicate vet services on exotic animals like birds, reptiles, pocket pets, and even apes.

    Whatever exotic pet you have, you can rest assured that we will take good care of it when you need when you visit Safari Vet Care Center.

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