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September – A Happy, Healthy Cat Month!


As part of activities to mark the Happy, Healthy Cat Month is September, here are several tips on how you can keep your cat healthy and happy with ease. Cat care is a specialized field of veterinary medicine and calls for the need of an expert cat veterinarian to handle some of the procedures.

Whether you own a young, adult or aged cat, you will find this information not just engaging but very useful as well. Read on below to get learning or relearning how best to care for your pet this September!

1.) Provide high protein food following recommendations from a cat veterinarian

Cats are mainly carnivores and live off meat-eating in the wild. Their bodies are designed to process and gain all their nutrient needs from meat. However, for home cats, a premium meal of high protein and some carbohydrates will benefit your cat greatly.

There are plenty of rich and healthy cat foods in stores and malls. As much as possible, consider food types that are organic because they are safer for your pet’s health in the long run.

However, as much as feeding is encouraged, avoid over-doing it to prevent getting your pet over-weight.

In the avoidance of doubts, you may also visit an animal hospital near you for great recommendations.

2.) Visit a League City Animal Clinic often

A visit to a cat veterinarian keeps illnesses away better before they even develop. When your cat visits the veterinary often, there is a high probability that any on-coming health complications will be nipped n the bud.

Your kitty might not enjoy the prodding, rubbing and all that comes from a cat veterinarian’s prying fingers and equipment, but this is a little price to pay to keep it in good health.

Visiting the veterinarian will involve body checks, laboratory checks on body samples, grooming, and even neutering, etc. These check-ups and vaccinations prevent diseases in the future.

In all, vet visits are necessary if you want your cat to be in the best health this September and beyond it.

3.) Get Cat toys for your cat to add some entertainment to its life

Cats enjoy playing too, though not as much as dogs they do. For entertainment and fun, you can get some toys for your cat to play with to keep their minds engaged.

Toys could be soft, furry dolls that they can scratch, paw or jump on as they like. Cats love climbing and jumping a lot so a few hangers can also be designed for it in the corner of the house where it can have some fun.

You may also want to consider the fact that cats love sleeping a lot. Consider getting some soft pillows where they can snuggle into for a lovely, afternoon nap after padding and jumping about.

4.) Pet Health Care Centers, League City encourages cleaning your cat and its litter box regularly

A clean pet makes for a healthy pet; if your cat is often clean, it stands more chances of not getting infected by contagious germs.

Though cats naturally try to clean themselves some effort from you will still go a long way. You can bath your cat once a week to keep it clean.

A tooth’s cleaning though not so easy to do also a great way of keeping your cat clean. Cats with bad dental care usually end up suffering other complications down the road. You may have to visit your cat veterinarian to carry out this procedure for you.

Several League City Animal Clinics offer professional dental and cleaning services to keep cats in good health.

In addition, your cat’s litter box should be kept as clean as possible always. It should also be kept where they can see it without difficulty whenever they need to use it.

5.) Spay or Neuter your cat to prevent unnecessary and unwanted litters

Spaying or neutering your cat saves you the trouble of managing your cat’s reproductive cycle which can bring unwanted results. By spaying your cat, you are doing it a world of good.

Spaying or neutering reduces the chances of disease infection, hormonal imbalances, unwanted litters, and other negative consequences.

This should be done when your cat is about 3 months old by highly recommended cat veterinarians League City for the best results.

6.) You don’t have to be a cat veterinarian to offer attention to your cat

As much as cats try to act independent, they still enjoy being carried about and petted like other pets. Take out time for some bonding with kitty every day. If you are a very busy person, you might consider getting a friend or neighbor to help you out.

Alternatively, a pet sitter from a trusted service can offer attention to your cat in your place when you are unavailable to do so.

When you can, carry your cat, play with it, pet it and show it some attention to improve and strengthen your bond and familiarity with it.

September is Happy, healthy cat month! If you follow the tips above, it is certain that your cat will have more chances for an excellent happy and healthy life!

Pet Grooming: Give your Pet a stylish look from Safari Vet Grooming Stylists

Pet Grooming- Give your Pet a stylish look from SafariVet Grooming Stylists

What do you do when your furry friend becomes too bushy, dirty or has overgrown nails? I don’t know about you but I will say grooming from a pet grooming stylist shouldn’t be long in coming.

Safari Veterinary Care Centers offers one of the best dog grooming in League City. This fact is a little wonder when you consider the fact that we have one of the best veterinary personnel in the whole of Texas.

With our wide experience in handling different types of pets irrespective of the breed and individual character, you can be certain that your pet will have a stylish look after we groom it. We have a sizable array of grooming equipment and accessories guaranteed to leave your pet looking posh and pampered.

Our grooming stylists use only recommended products to ensure that your pet is in no danger at any time. We use natural and quality shampoos to clean out your pet’s fur up close to the skin.

All conditioners and teeth cleaners used are tried and tested to be safe to use on your pet. You can count on us giving your pet a clean and trim hair and fur cut to improve its look.

Safarivet grooming stylists will offer the following services according to the option you go for:

1. Fur/Hair Cutting or Trimming

Some breeds are quite hairy/furry and not as easy to manage as others. Matted hair, overgrown fur, and pest infested fur are all unwanted consequences of a poor grooming hygiene.

Since your pet obviously can’t cut its hair by itself, the work has to be done by either you (if you know how to) or by a professional hair cutting stylist – this is where we come in!

Animal Care Center offers a superb hair cutting service that takes care of your pet’s grooming needs. We can handle this service for any size or breed of dog. You can choose from the different hair grooming styles we have in our portfolio to give your dog that classy, refined dog look.

2. Bathing

An aspect of grooming that must not be excluded is pet bathing. Pets need to be in the cleanest possible state at all times. To bath your pet, you will need a hair shampoo and conditioner that is known to be effective against such breeds.

Regular bathing is encouraged at least once weekly especially if your pet is an active one that is always outdoors. Bathing will not only keep your pet clean but when done with treated water, it will clean and refresh its skin making it hard for pests to inhabit.

3. Teeth Brushing

We are not the only ones who get to enjoy the benefits of teeth brushing. Your dog can also have a white flashing smile.

Brushing your pet’s teeth is a grooming technique you best initiate it into at an early age. This is because any unusual practice introduced to your pet when already an adult pet will not be easy to enforce.

The best time to introduce teeth brushing to your pet is during the early years. Puppies and kittens are easier to manipulate than full-grown adult pets. The best way to go about this is by contacting your veterinarian for assistance if you can’t do it yourself.

A poor dental hygiene in your pet can lead to a bad dental condition which may lead to periodontal disease. When left untreated for a long time, this condition can lead to other life-threatening disease conditions.

The way out is by acting quickly and reaching out to a specialist veterinary expert for dental assistants and possibly surgery. Should your pet require this procedure for any reason, your best bet will be to contact an emergency pet hospital in League City for help.

4. Nail cutting / Ear Cleaning

Our grooming service also includes trimming your pet’s nails and cleaning its ears. An all-around clean pet is a joy to be with and you will be glad when we groom your pet for you. We use the safest techniques to keep your pet’s ears clean of wax and dirt which can attract disease-causing germs.

When SafariVet pet grooming stylists work on your pet, one thing is sure – your pet will not only look dashing but feel dandy as well!

Get across to us right away so we can work our magic on your dear pet in no time!