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Emergency Pet Health Care Tips for Concerned Pet Owners


It can be painful to watch your pet in pain or in need of help especially when you have little experience on how to provide first aid to it. To save yourself from this nightmare, the best thing to do as a pet owner who cares about their pet is to have an emergency care plan in place for such days.

Accidents happen suddenly and all the time, you can’t tell when there will be a need for an emergency care for your pet. In as much as you need to know what to do in the middle of a crisis, you also need to learn what not to do to exacerbate the situation.

Some animal hospitals League City TX offer the emergency services but you don’t have to wait for a vet to show up before taking action to save your pet.

In this post, we will discuss the emergency pet health care tips every concerned pet owner should know in the best interest of their pets.

1. Set up an Emergency Plan

For starters, there should be a preemptive emergency care plan in place just for that purpose. This requires planning ahead of time in case something happens in future.

Usually, this can be done by engaging the services of a veterinarian to see what emergency services they offer. For League City pet owners, there are a number of good vet clinics that deliver such services.

Having this kind of arrangement prepares you better for the worst possible scenario. You will have somewhere to run to when there is a need for it and your pet also gains by getting attention from a vet they are already used to.

If you can’t find vets that offer after-hours vet care, doing a simple search like ‘24 hours vet League City Texas‘ will turn up hundreds of results for you to check out.

You can also see reviews on some of them or call their contact numbers to book an appointment and subsequently a retainer fee if possible.

2. Do Not Neglect Emergency Pet Care By Assuming Your Pet Will Be Fine

Consider emergency care for your pet when you notice it is severely injured, eaten something dangerous, lying helplessly, choking or having a generally bad time. Do not assume it will go away because it likely won’t go away.

As soon you notice something unusual happening to your pet, contact a pet emergency care clinic immediately. Every minute wasted could be crucial and the faster your pet gets vet attention the better for it.

Assumptions or neglect can be dangerous so contact a vet first of all before the writing of anything you observe happening to your pet.

Some emergency situations are as follows: severe bleeding, choking or difficulty in breathing, physical injuries, vomiting, seizures, staggering, food avoidance, unconsciousness, diarrhea etc.

3. Learn the Basics of Pet First Aid

It is quite important to learn how to administer first aid to an injured or sick animal. This is very crucial if you are one of those pet owners living far off from any form of civilization.

Even an emergency vet might not arrive in time to save your pet if you can’t handle the first aid to buy more time for the poor animal.

For pets with troubled breathing, a CPR might save situation or put fatality on hold while help arrives. Bleeding pets can be moved around carefully with the bleeding area tied off to stop the bleeding. Any wounds should be tied off with a sterile material with a degree of pressure applied to the affected spot.

Pets with broken or twisted limbs should be carried with care and placed in such a way as not to increase their pain.

4. Don’t Experiment or Attempt Any Treatment Procedure You Have No Training For

Yes, your pet is in pain and you truly need to help. However, it is important that you don’t experiment or gamble with your pet’s health state by attempting any treatment procedure you have little knowledge on.

During a pet emergency, the first thing to do is to contact your emergency care provider then apply first aid if possible. You can also move your pet to reduce its pain if it’s a physical injury then wait for the vet personnel to arrive to carry your pet out for treatment.

Attempting any treatment procedure without trained knowledge is a risk that should be avoided as much as possible in the interest of your pet’s survival.

5. Hand over Your Pet to Reputable Friends, Family or Animal Boarder if You Are Going Away

If you are going to be away for some time, it is important you make arrangements for your pet’s welfare too especially if it’s not going with you. Whether you are leaving your pet in the hands of friends or family, it can be very helpful to get in touch with an emergency care service telling them you are going away for a

You can leave specific instructions about your pet’s preferences and authorize them to take action in case of an emergency. You may also need to provide them with a means of reaching you and some payments just in case.

Above all, planning ahead will save everyone the trouble associated with emergency pet care. Proximity to your pet care service can be an advantage too.

For instance, pet owners living in League City will benefit best during emergency situations if they engage the services of an emergency veterinary Clinic League City rather than going to a different location.

Ferret Care – Owning ferrets as your pet

Ferret Care - Owning ferrets as your pet

Owning a ferret isn’t as common as owning a cat or a dog but it still doesn’t detract from the fact that they are great animals to have as pets. Ferrets are playful, active and loving animals that bond easily with their owners especially when done well.

The major difference between having Ferret and other types of pets is that you don’t find that many ferret owners around. If you love exotic animals, owning a ferret can give you that feeling of owning a tamed exotic animal which it truly is.

After going through this post, you might consider going for one as soon as possible. So let’s get to work telling you all you need to know about owning your first pet ferret.

Firstly, it is important to note that ferrets are carnivorous animals related to weasels, mink, otter, and skunks. They are meat eaters and hunters as such. This means that ferrets need to be domesticated to reduce their wild tendencies.

Ferrets are intelligent and social animals

Ferrets are intelligent and social animals that bond easily with their owners once reinforcement training is done correctly. They can be very smart at devising a means to tackle a challenge. They play best when they have been at least two of them. It can be a very enjoyable experience to watch them jump around and have a fun time playing as they care.

Owners are encouraged to have at least two or three ferrets at a time to increase their socialization. Of course, this doesn’t mean an owner shouldn’t get involved too. Giving them attention has its reward as you will get to enjoy owning an attention-loving pet.

For League Citizens, if you plan to own a pet ferret, consider some recommendations from the animal hospital League City TX for a healthy animal.

Ferrets are compatible with other pets

f you already own a dog or cat, you can add a ferret to the mix without worry. A word of caution, however, is that you must first do a gradual introduction of the pets to each other before allowing them to interact freely.

Dogs and cat will get along with them fine if you do the introduction properly. You can do this while both pets are still young and undeveloped. Feeding should be done separately to avoid a show of aggression and subsequently fight from both animals. However, ferrets shouldn’t be socialized with birds, lizards or rabbits as they naturally hunt smaller animals.

It is also not advisable to leave them in the care of small children as they may not be able to handle the ferret’s antics and tenacity.

Ferrets are best owned from birth

When getting a ferret, age is an important factor because no matter how well you domesticate them, they still retain a lot of wild behavior. You must be willing to put in the time and effort to train your ferret to be as tame as possible.

A young ferret is known as a kit and the ideal age range to get one should be between 8 to 16 weeks old. Getting and training an older ferret isn’t impossible but it’s always best to start training them early. The growing ferret will have enough time to learn and bond better with you through its development.

Several vets in League City TX provide veterinary services for ferrets. One such pet care center is Safari Veterinary Care Centers.

Feeding Your Ferret

As carnivorous animals, ferrets enjoy a diet rich in fat and high proteins. Normal cat or dog food should never be used to feed your ferret as it will likely be deficient in the needed high-quality protein for ferrets.

You can use fish, beef, and chicken to prepare a Do-it-yourself healthy mix of protein meal for the ferret. Alternatively, you can look out for high protein cat food as it might also serve your ferret’s health needs.

Water is also essential for your ferret’s feeding needs, plenty of fresh water in fact.

Creating a Home for Your Ferret

As ferrets are very inquisitive animals, it is best to build it a home that isn’t restrictive with enough room to move around and explore. Your pet ferret will want to check out everything within their vicinity so ensure their compartment has enough space to accommodate their inquisitive nature.

In avoidance of doubts and errors, consulting a pet health care clinic can help you in setting up a home for your pet ferret. Safari Vet Pet Healthcare, League City, Texas offers one of the best ferret care services in League City TX and suggests building your ferret’s home with plastic, wire-mesh or some malleable material. Training them for litter use isn’t also as tough as you would think as they are very clean animals once you have done your part by employing reinforcement training.

Are you planning on getting a pet? Consider getting ferrets as they will surely bring on the heat in fun for you.

Here are some special treatments of Safari Veterinary Care Centers


Pet health care is a crucial aspect of pet ownership and as pet parents, we have to ensure that our pets have the best care. Safari Veterinary Care Centers have special treatments dedicated to giving your pet a professional veterinary care service to keep them in optimum health.

No matter how advanced the type of pet care you need is, you can count on Safari Veterinary Care to deliver your request. If your pet has undergone a complex treatment procedure and needs to be rehabilitated, Safari Vet offers rehabilitation therapy that restores your pet.

Vet rehabilitation in Texas involves a specialized service offered only by the best veterinarian care. You can count on your pet regaining their strength and health back from poor health, side effects of other treatment procedures, weather conditions and other ill effects that can affect its health.

The following practices are the different rehabilitation services offered by Safari Vet and other animal hospitals League City, Texas:

1. Exercise Therapy

Pets need exercise to be in good physical condition. Not only does exercise improve bone and joint movement and fitness, it improves blood circulation which is necessary for optimum body functionality.

Safari Vet provides exercises for animals healing from strained or broken joints. Exercises for this purpose include swimming, walking or running on a treadmill, walks uphill, walks through snow or grass and slow walks over a distance.

For dogs looking to improve their fitness, they can be put through running and jumping heights, playing catch and running on a treadmill.

2. Special Feeding Therapy

Animals recovering from a debilitating ailment need all the treatment they can get to regain their fitness as fast as possible. Diet or feeding is an important factor to consider in this regard. Depending on the objective of the rehabilitation therapy, animal wellness hospitals generally have several feeding therapies to apply.

An over-weight pet usually undergoes a weight-loss diet therapy to reduce its weight and get it back to shape. Similarly, an under-weight pet has to be put on a special feeding program to help it add weight as healthily as possible.

Safari Vet is one of the most grounded animal hospital in League City, Texas offering a professional weight loss and feeding therapy that is effective in pet health care.

When a pet is healthy, you can count on it being a happy, non-aggressive pet that everyone will love. In addition, Safari Veterinary offers a professional regenerative stem cell therapy In Texas.

Special Treatments Rehabilitation

This treatment procedure is based on the ability of stem cells to regenerate and multiply into more cells. This procedure involves harvesting stem cells from a part of the pet’s body and introducing it into the diseased part. As the stem cells regenerate, it causes a healing action on the affected part of the body it was introduced to.

Regenerative stem cell therapy is a delicate procedure handled by only a few animal wellness clinics in Texas. Safari Veterinary Care is one of such clinics that offer this special treatment procedure known to be super-effective against different pet ailments.

It is quite expensive but a worthy investment if you plan to give your pet the best vet treatment money can buy. The following are some of the benefits of going with stem cell therapy for your pet:

  • It provides a fast healing action for pets compared to other treatment procedures.
  • It uses the body’s natural healing mechanism through the regeneration of the body’s stem cells causing healing action in the affected parts.
  • Stem cell therapy helps regulate the body’s immune system naturally because of its regenerative nature.
  • Stem cell therapy has very little or known negative side-effects when compared to other pet treatment procedures.
  • It is relatively less expensive than regular medication therapy because it treats your pet once off with no need for a second treatment once applied.

If your pet is at risk of any mortal health complications like cardiac arrest, malignant growth, and other diseases, consider Safari Veterinary to provide you with a regenerative stem cell therapy in Texas to tackle the complication.

Do you need any special treatment procedure for your pet in League City, Texas? Visit Safari Veterinary Care Centers today.

Get Animal Wellness plans from League City Animal Hospital

Get Animal Wellness plans from League City Animal Hospital

As a pet owner living in League City, it is important to note the animal wellness plans in your neighborhood for your pet’s sake. Pet care takes a certain level of responsibility from a pet owner, therefore, having a reliable animal hospital is important.

Fortunately, League City has one of the best pet healthcare facilities where your pet is sure of having the best treatment possible. There are different packages available for your pet’s optimal care. These different packages provide reliable, cost-effective and accessible health care for your pet.

If you hope to enjoy the best pet care, the best way to go with an animal wellness plans. An animal wellness plans Texas offers many advantages like early detection and treatment of disease, affordable pricing, and being able to choose services you really need.

Below are some of the services to look out for when in need of a superb Animal Wellness Plans Texas:


Animal Wellness Center Texas offer wellness plans that include affordable service packages featuring different prices. The sheer number of Pet Health Care League City makes it easy for you as a pet owner to have options to choose from always. Before making a choice, it is important to consider your budget then check out the services covered by your pet care provider.

In addition, working with a wellness plan helps you save money because you only pay for your pet’s health care in installments. Paying this way offers you a softer landing compared to paying huge veterinary bills each time you visit the vet.

Also, check out for clauses, terms, and regulations guiding the different services available. One of the best pet care services to consider in League City is Safari Veterinary Care Centers. Irrespective of your budget, you can be sure of getting an affordable service that fits your plans perfectly well.

Variety of Service Packages

Animal Wellness Center Texas offers a wide variety of service packages in their animal wellness plans. At Safarivet, You will find pet treatments, heartworm prevention, pet rehabilitation, flea removal, and pet grooming aimed at keeping your pet in good health.

Treatments like surgery, dentistry, sterilizations, stem cell therapy and other specialized services are also available depending on your pet’s need.

Friendly Customer Service

You can be certain of finding an Animal Hospital League City offering a professional and customer friendly customer service. It is a known fact that a number of pet care providers have shabby customer care services but League City pet care providers are different.

Choosing a pet care provider can be tough but with League City pet care services you can rest assured of getting one with an excellent customer service. One of such Animal Wellness Centers is SafariVet known for their prompt and customer friendly services.

Certifications and Licensing

When you choose a pet care provider from League City, you will be choosing a service with the highest level of licensing and certifications. All pet care services in League City are registered and certified by the relevant pet care regulatory bodies.

Animal Wellness Center offers professional services using trained experts who are experienced in delivering a quality. Your pet deserves the best and this is what you get when you engage the services of a League City Animal Hospital.

Top Reviews and Recommendations

Due to the high level of professionalism and quality service offered by Pet Health Care League City, they have the best reviews and recommendations from customers. When you register with any of the different pet care providers, you can be sure of seeing positive reviews from past users who recommend their services.

Experienced and Professional Service

League City pet care services have well-trained and experienced professionals with experience in different pet care treatment. No matter the type of pet treatment required by your pet you can be sure of getting it when you have a League City service working for you.

It is always important to work with a pet care service with known experience in the business. Trying out an unknown service can be a risk but with Pet Care plans in League City, you have little worries for your pet.

How you can know when your pet is in pain

Pet is in pain

Animals aren’t as vocal as we humans so it can be tough to find out when they are in pain if you aren’t observant. The only way to discover if there is a problem is by being observant and looking out for your pet from time to time. There are several things to look out to know when your pet isn’t okay. A normally lively animal might become unnecessarily quiet or unexpectedly shy. There might also be cases of aggression when you try to come close to your pet. However, as the pet owner, you are in the best position to find out when your pet is in pain. You can visit an Animal hospital League City if you suspect your pet isn’t feeling well.

Below are some signs you can check for when you suspect your pet is in pain.

Whining and other vocalizations

If your pet isn’t feeling alright, it is likely to be making some sort of noise constantly from time to time. It could whine and grumble frequently. Some might yelp and whimper or even how often. When you notice this behavior, it might be important you check the animal for any sign of hurt or discomfort. If there is an injury or you see the cause of the discomfort, the next logical step is to visit an emergency veterinary clinic in League City if the situation is dire.

Unusual behavioral display

A pet in pain is likely not to behave the same way it does on a norm. A normally happy dog can become aggressive and a normally aggressive dog can become quiet and mild-mannered. You may also notice withdrawal behavior and avoidance of petting. You will definitely notice if your pet is in pain if you are observant. The animal might even prefer hiding away or being alone. If you notice any unusual behavioral displays including restlessness, there will be something wrong certainly.

Too much grooming

Animals in pain have been found to over-groom themselves. You will notice the animal licking or scratch the area in a bid to soothe the pain. Excessive scratching or licking of a particular part of the body is a tell-tale sign that all is not well with the animal. Check out your pet to see what the problem is and take action immediately by visiting a veterinarian for treatment.

Limping or staying in one place

Animals love moving around, more especially pets that are familiar with an environment. If you notice that a formerly very mobile pet prefers being at a spot, there is a problem somewhere that you have to check out. A limping animal is also obviously in pain and you may need to check the cause of the limping and if possible contact your veterinarian.

Heavy breathing and panting

Dogs normally pant often but when you notice too much of it even when there is no likely cause of it, you may have to investigate further. Other animals like cats, rabbits, horses, and others don’t pant and if you notice this reaction, you will need to check further to find out what might be the likely cause. If you have no clue, kindly check out an animal wellness plans in Texas.

Moodiness and Avoiding food

If your pet suddenly or gradually becomes quiet or withdrawn or even avoids its food, this is a major sign of abnormality and calls for an investigation. Dogs and cats love their food so when they avoid their food, just have it at the back of your mind that there is a problem somewhere and your pet might likely be in pain.

If you notice any of the signs in this write-up, kindly pay your veterinarian a visit for a professional check-up. You can visit any qualified veterinary center in League City for professional and quality pet treatment.

Process of Taking Care of your Pet’s Skin and Coat

Process of taking care of your pet-min

A very important aspect of taking care of your pet involves pet grooming. This is a process that involves taking care of your dog or cat’s coat and skin. Pets have hairs and coats which need good maintenance and grooming to keep them looking clean, glossy and healthy. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your dog or cat looking clean and smart.

In a case where you hardly have the time to do this yourself, you might need to visit an Animal Hospital League City to get your pet properly groomed and taken care of.

Generally, healthy and happy pets have this glowing look about them which usually comes off their glossy-looking, rich coats. A sick pet, on the other hand, looks dull not just in its expression but from the look of its coat. A dull, lifeless coat is usually evident.

To keep your pet healthy, happy and clean with a well-groomed coat and skin, you may need to find out what causes a dull, untidy and infested coat and skin.

Causes of poor coats and skins in pets include the following:

Poor Bathing and Grooming Schedule

A pet that rarely or occasionally gets groomed and cleaned up is more likely to look bad and smell worse. Such a pet is also at a high risk of contracting diseases because of poor hygiene. Pets with short coats can be bathed and brushed down once a week at least while those with a longer coat can enjoy frequent grooming sessions.

Bad Nutrition

A poorly-fed pet is more likely to develop a poor-looking coat or hairs due to bad nutrition. Foods rich in Omega-3 acids and proteins are necessary for hair and skin development and nourishment.

Neglected Pets

Some pet owners don’t know much about grooming their pet’s physical appearance. Some owners simply neglect to do the needful. Simple brushing and combing of tangled or matted hair can do your pet a world of good. Brushing and combing, apart from straightening your dog or cat’s hairy coat also removes dirt, bits and pieces and even parasites that host on your pet’s skin causing them discomfort.

Sick Pets

A pet suffering from an infection of any kind will probably be dull, sluggish, in discomfort or pain, which will be reflected in its look. It is important that you take your pet for veterinary checks at intervals to prevent some sneaky disease conditions worsening into more serious or fatal complications. Animals with parasite-infested coats or skins usually look dull and their coats reflect this as well.

Now that we know the potential causes of a poor coat or skin in pets, here are some steps to follow to care for your pet’s skin and coat.

Bath your pet regularly

The Animal Grooming League City advocates bathing your dog at least once a week and your long-coated cat twice a week while the short-coated variety can manage once weekly. Hairy pets need more baths because their shaggy coats easily collect sand, dirt and other unpleasant particles.

Feed your pets properly

A feeding diet comprising essential vitamins and proteins will help your pet to maintain its natural coat and skin without issues. Nutritious pet food is definitely a plus.

Brush, Groom and Check out your Pet Often

Brushing and grooming untangle tied-up hair, unloosens knotted fur, and removes debris and particles from your pet’s coat. Old hair also gets removed during brushing and grooming giving room for fresh, richer hair to develop. Grooming also helps you check out your pet for parasite infection, injuries and other unwelcome developments.

Visit your Veterinary Care

As soon as you notice any unusual skin reaction or infection on your pet’s coat or skin, visit your vet as soon as possible. A professional grooming expert at Veterinary Care League City will know the exact treatment route to follow to tackle any skin or coat infections your pet might have. A prompt and timely visit will not only save your pet’s coat and skin but will also save you any extra expenses that might be incurred while treating an advanced infection that might have been avoided if preventive measures or early detection had been carried out.