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Arthritis in Dogs – How to prevent dogs from Canine Arthritis


Arthritis in the dog is often more prevalent in older dogs that have seen more active years. It’s a disease condition that affects your dog’s joints making it sore and difficult to move. Fortunately, there are treatment procedures that are available to reduce the stress and pain but the best course of action remains prevention.

Animal Wellness Center, Texas encourages dog and other pet owners to take the route of preventive action, first of all, to reduce ant arthritis complications later on. Several lifestyle changes when adjusted accordingly could mean the difference between your dog avoiding arthritis in future or falling victim to it.

In this post, SafariVet Pet Care will offer tips on how to prevent your dogs from suffering canine arthritis.

1. Professionally-vetted Feeding

Your dog needs the best food it can get to develop properly. A suitable diet can prepare your pet’s body adequately for optimal development and growth of an immune system that can withstand weaknesses over the years.

As each dog’s specie is unique, so will their diet be. Likewise, your dog’s diet will differ from that of another dog. To be on the safe side, get in touch with Pet Health Care League City for tests and recommendations on best food types.

It is also important to feed your dog the right amount of food without overfeeding or underfeeding it. With their experience, your vet expert can help you choose the right size of the bowl to put your food for your pet.

Being overweight is as a major precursor for canine arthritis and is obviously caused by overfeeding. The overweight dog finds it harder to carry its own weight so its joints have to bear a bigger part of it.

In addition to feeding, you can offer your dog essential supplements that are needed for proper metabolism and body development. Supplements containing Calcium, Fatty-3 acid and Chondroitin are known to be super effective for dogs bone and joint development.

2. Regular Exercise for your pet

One way to prevent canine arthritis is to ensure your dog exercises as often as possible. Exercise stimulates the body and improves most of the body metabolism. Your dog will experience better anxiety levels, mental state and general disposition making it a healthy and happy pet to have.

A dog with a regular exercise routine will generally be agiler and have a healthy weight with less stress on its bone and joint system.

Exercises that are winners for keeping dogs fit and prevent arthritis whether in youth or old age include – regular walks, running, jumping hoops, playing fetch, swimming, etc.

For more information on the best exercises for your pet especially for League City dog owners, consider consulting a veterinary clinic, League City, Texas.

3. Provide a healthy environment for your dog

Your dog needs the best environment it can get to avoid developing arthritis and other bone and joint complications later in its life. Environments in this regard include where it sleeps. Your dog should have a comfortable home that won’t add any stress or discomfort on its joints.

The more a dog undergoes a lot of stress on its bone and joint structure, the more its chances of developing arthritis. For your dog’s bed, consider getting a soft and warm padding to protect its elbows and legs from the hard floor.

Cold, damp and hard surfaces aren’t the best places for your dog to sit regularly. A little creativity on your part can do the animal a lot of good. Smaller dogs will require this even more. If you need more ideas on the best home environment for your dog, you can contact veterinary clinic League City, Texas.

4. Be Alert and stay in touch with your veterinarian

As mentioned earlier, older dogs are more susceptible to canine arthritis and should be looked out for regularly. There are different signs that indicate the onset of arthritis but if you are alert, you may be able to detect them.

Look out for favoring of one limb, stiffness of a limb, signs of pain, sudden hesitation about jumping or climbing or stiff joints. Whether you notice any of these signs or not, it will be in your best interest if you can take your dog to the vet as regularly as you can.

You can visit SafariVet Veterinary Clinic, League City for a professional consultation on preventing canine arthritis for your dog.

Some major trends to follow in the veterinary services industry


Over the years, there have been several noticeable changes in the world of veterinary medicine. Most of these changes have been aimed at improving veterinary care processes as we know them. These changes make up the different trends happening in the pet healthcare industry.

Veterinary care centers that haven’t taken up some of these trends are likely to be put out of commission by competitors who are more progressive. This is possible because the vet world has adopted a more robust, tech-based approach to their service delivery. 

The latest trends include more advanced vet treatment procedures, improved equipment, and gadgetry, refined vet facility design, faster customer responsive service, social media integration, and campaigns.

In this post, we will be discussing in greater detail the different trends to follow with a strong focus on League City Animal Shelter.

1. Provide exclusive services that are rare in the Vet Industry

Today’s veterinary experts are even more trained to handle different procedures in animal health care. This has encouraged animal wellness shelters to offer exclusive services and charge a premium for it. Also, given the fact that a lot of pet owners value their pets, many will easily accept premium offers that will take absolute care of their pet.

So the best thing veterinary wellness centers can do to benefit from this trend is to upgrade their services to be able to charge even higher and make more profits. Consider Safari Vet as one of the best animal wellness center Texas that offers your pet an exclusive high-quality treatment but at a premium price.

Services like stem cell therapy, pain management, and laser therapy are exclusive services are not offered by many Veterinary Clinics in League City, Texas. Stem cell therapy offers an effective against different physiological conditions. It can be used to treat tendon, ligament and tissue damages effectively.

Pain management and laser therapy are also exclusive services that provide pets with relief from pain and discomfort. Pets in need of rehabilitation will benefit from these services and their owners will pay highly for it.

2. Improve your pet gadgetry to monitor and analyze your pet’s body state

There has been a lot of development in advanced gadgetry for pets. Vet services now have access to pet tags and other wearable gadgets used to monitor pet’s body functions. These pieces of equipment make it possible to observe and monitor the different body state of pets like body heat, heartbeat rate, pH levels, breathing rate and others.

Pets now stand a better chance of being monitored and studied unobtrusively while they go about their business. This trend is really advantageous as it provides veterinary care centers an easy way to diagnose and tackle diseases without running actual tests.

Trainers who handle animals in the wild usually use these type of equipment so veterinary experts can also benefit from using them as well.

3. Start Storing Pet Information for Future References

For Veterinary wellness center in Texas, one very important trend to take up is the storing of pet health information using the latest data storage technologies. Just like hospitals keep our health history and records, this health information serves as a point of reference for future treatment procedures.

Some veterinary care centers already do this but use analog procedures like storing in paper files. The advanced method to do this is to adopt technological solutions proffered by data storage companies to securely store data for later use when treating pets.

The use of data technology provides veterinary experts with information about a pet’s health record and how to go about prescribing a line of treatment. This means that a veterinary care center will be able to be better positioned to offer faster and more effective treatment when your pet needs one.

4. Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is another trend to consider as a professional veterinary care center. As a pet owner, you can ensure your pet’s health so it can benefit from the best health care treatment any time it feels unwell.

Veterinary clinic League City follows this trend by providing pets owners with the option of getting vet care insurance for their pets. A service such as this will definitely give your establishment an added advantage in competition with other vet care providers.

Keep Your Pet Healthy with a Routine HealthCare

Routine HealthCare-min

Keeping your pet healthy requires more than just daily feeding. Pets just like every living thing need a routine health care plan to keep them healthy and happy. Each pet type has a specific health care routine unique to it and as pet owners, the responsibility lies with a pet owner to identify their pets’ needs. To ensure your pet has the best health care, visiting an Animal Wellness Center Texas will set you on the right track.

However, there are several practices you can imbibe as a pet owner to keep your pet in good health. You may not even need to visit your League City veterinarian to get started on some of these practices as they are easy and simple to put to work.

Keeping your pet happy and healthy doesn’t require rocket science and if you follow these steps, who knows, you might become one of the best pet parents in League City.

The regular physical checkup is very important.

The truth is that if you don’t look, you may never see. A careful once-over now and then will tell you a lot of about your pet if you make it a practice. You will able to notice when the animal is unusually quiet, restless or avoiding food. Any unusual behavior you notice is a red flag for something that needs more attention.

The regular check-up will also help you notice if the animal is hurt or requires attention. General areas to check on the pet’s body are under the body, under the joints and its paws.

Proper feeding is necessary

Proper feeding includes the type of diet and the time schedule. You will need to feed your pet a healthy diet containing more than one class of food. Dogs and cats have different body metabolisms and prefer different food types. Similarly, each pet has its peculiar preference so check for what your pet enjoys more and stick to it.

In addition, a timely feeding schedule is important to keep your pet in optimum health. Starving pets can become antsy or even worse sick. If in doubt about the best diet to put your pet on, you can visit an Animal Wellness Center Texas to get professional help.

Proper grooming practice

Grooming involves cleaning and taking care of your pet; dirty pets are more likely to develop infections and you never can tell how life-threatening an infection can be. To groom your pet healthily, there are two options. Either to do it yourself or visit a League City veterinarian to get it done professionally; the latter option will cost you some money though.

If you would rather save yourself some bucks, you can do your pet grooming by bathing your pet a couple of times a week, trimming its furs and cutting its nails when overgrown, brushing its teeth often and regular feeding.

Scheduled Visits to a Veterinary care

A visit to the veterinarian from time to time would save you a future headache. It is better to proactive than to wait for an incident to occur. Your veterinarian is professionally trained to take care of animals and would be in a better position to observe or find out if your pet has any complication. Most infections are not very threatening if discovered early enough.

A pet visit helps in early detection of pet maladies and prevention. Even if your pet looks and acts okay, it surely won’t hurt you much to take it for a visit now and then. You could arrange with your veterinarian to it monthly or twice a month depending on your capacity.

If in need of a professional League City veterinarian to cater for your pet’s needs, you can check out SafariVet for a thoroughly-professional service.

How to Prepare Your Pet for a Visit to The Vet


A visit to the veterinary care with your pet for check-up or treatment may not be as easy as it sounds especially if it’s the first time. Expect some form of resistance from your dog or cat in fact. This is more so if you haven’t prepared them for this visit. Do you have a pet that hasn’t been to vet in recent times? A visit to any of the wonderful animal wellness centers in Texas might just be what your pet needs.

The best way to go about this is to proactive and prepare them for vet visitation right from their tender age. A puppy or kitten would be easier to handle than a full grown animal. You can take your puppy or kitten to occasional checkups when they’re younger to get used to being probed and touched by someone other by you.

Most pet health care centers advocate touching the pets often on different body parts like under their paws, inside their legs, cutting their nails, rubbing and combing their fur, checking their ears and even carrying them in a carrier from time to time when they are much younger. You can also take them for a visit to the vet for treats even if checkups aren’t needed just get them used to the environment.

Before visiting the veterinary clinic with your pet, consider the steps below:

  1. Get your pet used to being carried in a carrier, being leashed, or having its mouth covered by a protective muzzle. This will make it see the procedure as normal when it’s time to take that visit.
  2. Try to be sincere with the veterinary care personnel when asked questions about your pet. Trying to be protective by evading certain inquiries might not be in your pet’s best interest in the long run. According to one pet health care center in League City, ‘tell it all’.
  3. Don’t feed your pet before going to the vet unless you are asked to do otherwise. Certain veterinary diagnosis is best carried out when the animal has nothing in its system.
  4. You can also come with a fresh stool sample of your pet. A small portion of your pet’s stool would be needed to check for certain signs and symptoms.
  5. Include your pet’s medication history in a file while visiting the vet. If it’s on any medication, also include it. This information will be relevant in determining what has to be done on the likelihood of a reoccurrence or a new development.
  6. You can also train your pet beforehand on listening to commands. In a case where your pet becomes aggressive or shy, this might be helpful in remedying the situation. Going with pet treats can also make your pet more relaxed during the veterinary procedure.
  7. Your presence might also matter a lot during the check up or treatment. Seeing your familiar face will help your pet relax enough to undergo the process without unnecessary struggles or resistance.

    If these tips are followed to the letter, a visit to the veterinary care should be quite an easy process. What do you think?

Importance of Choosing Safari Vet as Veterinary Care for Your Pet


Pets deserve adequate care just as we humans do and picking a vet for your beloved pet might require as much as caution as when you are about deciding on a physician to go with. There are quite a number of factors to consider before choosing a vet and these factors might come into play sooner or later. Therefore, it is critical that proper care and consideration is given before make a choice. Do you need the services of a professional animal wellness center in Texas? Safari Vet might be your best bet.

At Safari, we have mastered the art of veterinary care (from reptiles to cats and dogs to kangaroos), and Safari has the best and most recent state-of-the-art equipment, technology & skills to give your pets the best treatment your money can buy. We happen to be one of the best veterinary clinics League City and you can rely on us with the utmost confidence to come through when your pet needs veterinary care.

Finding the perfect veterinary clinic in League City would require research on your part or seeking out recommendations and references from friends, colleagues, neighbors, animal shelter staff, and animal protection groups etc.

There are certain parameters you should look out for before picking us. You will enjoy the following the services when we work as your veterinary pet care provider.

  • We work on different types of pets, irrespective of the specie or breed. Our team of highly-trained veterinarians has the skill, training, experience and equipment to offer your pet the best treatment possible.
  • We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment for complex procedures like surgery; in fact, Safari’s surgery room is large and equipped enough to perform two surgeries at once if the need arrises. Equipment like endoscopes, ultrasound, digital x-rays, advancement anesthesia and so many others.
  • When we work on your pet, we do so from careful diagnoses before offering you a wide range of different treatment solutions to choose from. There is no room for guess-work or trial and error practices.
  • Safari Vet offers very robust wellness and preventive care treatments for pets as we have discovered that many bad health conditions can easily be avoided if diagnosed early and treated before they advanced further to a more complex status.
  • We provide orthopedic surgery techniques to treat the damaged bones and joints of your pets. Whether it is a sprained joint, dislocated joint, ligament rupture, hip dysplasia or any other bone-related issue, we got you covered.
  • We offer grooming services to your pets; from bathing, shaving, and other grooming practices for your pet.
  • Safari is one of the best animal wellness centers specializing in regenerative stem cell therapy in Texas. This treatment is one of the best treatments to be developed for use on animals. If your pet suffers from disc disease, arthritis, orthopedic injuries, allergic skin disease or even dry eye, our proven stem cell therapy might be the effective solution for your pet! It is also a pain-relief solution for animals that have been in pain for a while.
  • We offer rehabilitation services to pets to keep them engaged mentally and physically through positive reinforcement techniques and body strengthening and balance exercises.

Whatever your need for your pet is, rest assured that Safari can offer you a quick and effective solution. We have answers for inquiries like the following below:

  • Can a simple consultation be carried out without extra charges for meeting up with the vet?
    Yes, you are entitled to a free consultation before deciding whether to go ahead or not with our services.
  • Do we practice modern and new practices current with developments in the world of veterinary medicine?
    With the best professionals in veterinary medicine working in our clinics, we employ the latest and most effective treatment techniques guaranteed to restore your pet’s health in no time at all.
  • Will there be proper documentation in case of subsequent visits to continue or restart treatment?
    We carefully record and file all documentation of your pet’s treatment and experience with our veterinary service. This helps us in applying future treatment on your pet as we already have a record of their health information, history and treatment details from the last details.
  • How soon can you we be assigned a specialist veterinarian to handle your pet’s treatment?
    As soon as appointment is fixed and you decided to go ahead with a treatment procedure, a specialist veterinarian will be assigned to handle your pet’s treatment.

Does your pet require veterinary care? Why not contact us today for an appointment?