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Emergency Pet Health Care Tips for Concerned Pet Owners


It can be painful to watch your pet in pain or in need of help especially when you have little experience on how to provide first aid to it. To save yourself from this nightmare, the best thing to do as a pet owner who cares about their pet is to have an emergency care plan in place for such days.

Accidents happen suddenly and all the time, you can’t tell when there will be a need for an emergency care for your pet. In as much as you need to know what to do in the middle of a crisis, you also need to learn what not to do to exacerbate the situation.

Some animal hospitals League City TX offer the emergency services but you don’t have to wait for a vet to show up before taking action to save your pet.

In this post, we will discuss the emergency pet health care tips every concerned pet owner should know in the best interest of their pets.

1. Set up an Emergency Plan

For starters, there should be a preemptive emergency care plan in place just for that purpose. This requires planning ahead of time in case something happens in future.

Usually, this can be done by engaging the services of a veterinarian to see what emergency services they offer. For League City pet owners, there are a number of good vet clinics that deliver such services.

Having this kind of arrangement prepares you better for the worst possible scenario. You will have somewhere to run to when there is a need for it and your pet also gains by getting attention from a vet they are already used to.

If you can’t find vets that offer after-hours vet care, doing a simple search like ‘24 hours vet League City Texas‘ will turn up hundreds of results for you to check out.

You can also see reviews on some of them or call their contact numbers to book an appointment and subsequently a retainer fee if possible.

2. Do Not Neglect Emergency Pet Care By Assuming Your Pet Will Be Fine

Consider emergency care for your pet when you notice it is severely injured, eaten something dangerous, lying helplessly, choking or having a generally bad time. Do not assume it will go away because it likely won’t go away.

As soon you notice something unusual happening to your pet, contact a pet emergency care clinic immediately. Every minute wasted could be crucial and the faster your pet gets vet attention the better for it.

Assumptions or neglect can be dangerous so contact a vet first of all before the writing of anything you observe happening to your pet.

Some emergency situations are as follows: severe bleeding, choking or difficulty in breathing, physical injuries, vomiting, seizures, staggering, food avoidance, unconsciousness, diarrhea etc.

3. Learn the Basics of Pet First Aid

It is quite important to learn how to administer first aid to an injured or sick animal. This is very crucial if you are one of those pet owners living far off from any form of civilization.

Even an emergency vet might not arrive in time to save your pet if you can’t handle the first aid to buy more time for the poor animal.

For pets with troubled breathing, a CPR might save situation or put fatality on hold while help arrives. Bleeding pets can be moved around carefully with the bleeding area tied off to stop the bleeding. Any wounds should be tied off with a sterile material with a degree of pressure applied to the affected spot.

Pets with broken or twisted limbs should be carried with care and placed in such a way as not to increase their pain.

4. Don’t Experiment or Attempt Any Treatment Procedure You Have No Training For

Yes, your pet is in pain and you truly need to help. However, it is important that you don’t experiment or gamble with your pet’s health state by attempting any treatment procedure you have little knowledge on.

During a pet emergency, the first thing to do is to contact your emergency care provider then apply first aid if possible. You can also move your pet to reduce its pain if it’s a physical injury then wait for the vet personnel to arrive to carry your pet out for treatment.

Attempting any treatment procedure without trained knowledge is a risk that should be avoided as much as possible in the interest of your pet’s survival.

5. Hand over Your Pet to Reputable Friends, Family or Animal Boarder if You Are Going Away

If you are going to be away for some time, it is important you make arrangements for your pet’s welfare too especially if it’s not going with you. Whether you are leaving your pet in the hands of friends or family, it can be very helpful to get in touch with an emergency care service telling them you are going away for a

You can leave specific instructions about your pet’s preferences and authorize them to take action in case of an emergency. You may also need to provide them with a means of reaching you and some payments just in case.

Above all, planning ahead will save everyone the trouble associated with emergency pet care. Proximity to your pet care service can be an advantage too.

For instance, pet owners living in League City will benefit best during emergency situations if they engage the services of an emergency veterinary Clinic League City rather than going to a different location.

Some ideas you can figure out if your pet needs veterinary care services

Some Ideas you can figure out if your pet needs veterinary care services

Just like humans, pets need health care to be in the best of health. As a pet owner, you may not be able to detect when your pet needs attention especially if you are a busy person or inexperienced in pet care.

Some health issues can be very subtle and hard to notice on the surface. So when can a pet be said to need health care attention?

Unfortunately, pets can’t speak for themselves so it’s up to the pet parent to figure out when a pet might need veterinary care services. One of the best ways to go about this is to take it for regular checkups.

Here are some ideas to know when your pet needs veterinary care services especially for Texas pet owners.

1. If your pet is a puppy or kitten

Puppies and kittens are quite fragile and need as much veterinary attention as possible. There will need to visit a veterinary care for vaccines every 3-4 weeks till it gets to about 16 weeks.

Safari Vet Pet Health Care, League City, Texas offer shots for rabies, distemper and other illnesses in dogs. These vaccines are necessary to avoid any developments later in life.

If your pet is still a baby, it needs the best veterinary care to prepare it for its older years. Diseases like influenza, kennel cough, heartworm and flea/tick infestations can be kept non-existent if tackled right from the onset.

These treatments are necessary to improve your pet’s chances of survival during its tender years.

2. When your pet becomes unusually quiet or shows unusual behavior

Pets are usually very active and playful around their owner. It is easy to know when your pet friend is not okay if you are attentive. Check out your pet for unusual or strange behavior; if this is the case, consider visiting the vet for further checks.

It could be a passing phase or the beginning of a disease attack. Being observant can make all the difference in pet ownership and care.

  • Unnecessary barking
  • Biting
  • Whining
  • Aggressiveness and scratching

Above all could be signs of something coming on soon.

When such behavior is noticed, a visit to the veterinary care center shouldn’t be long in coming.

3. Avoiding food and treats

When your food and treat-loving pet suddenly starts avoiding its food or eats very little then there is cause for concern. It’s even worse when your pet avoids delicious treats it previously used to love.

Avoiding food is normally a clear sign of dentition or digestive challenges but don’t conclude until you visit a professional vet service.

4. When there is an accident or your pet is physically hurt

A pet that has been through an accident or physically hurt will needs veterinary attention as soon as possible. It is neither safe nor in your pet’s best interest to assume it will get better on its own. It is Worse yet, trying to handle the treatment yourself when you are not trained.

For League City residents, emergency veterinary clinics League City offers advanced procedures when your pet is hurt and needs an emergency treatment.

5. When your pet is a senior animal

Older pets are less robust than they used to be and are more prone to getting affected by diseases. Pets from 7 years older need at least 3 check-ups in a year to keep them going. Veterinary Wellness Plans, Texas will have to offer thorough physical examinations to check out blood and urine to observe the state of your pet’s vitals.

Pets that receive more veterinary attention stand a better chance of living longer and in good health.


Being observant can help you detect when your pet needs veterinary attention. It is important to do somebody checks on your pet as often as possible. Any unnecessary behavior could be caused by something bothering your pet.

Poor feeding, age, too much scratching, barking, biting and any other unusual acts shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether your pet is young or old; they need more vet attention generally.

It is important you don’t handle any veterinary procedures if you are not trained.

If you are in Texas, visit Safari Vet, when you pet needs veterinary care.

Are you planning to welcome a new Pet in your Family? Something that you need to know

Are you planning to welcome a new Pet in your Family

You have been planning to get that new pet for the family and now the day draws near. Fortunately, you won’t be taken unawares and there are certain steps you need to take for making your new pet feel right at home with your family.

The following tips will help you plan the perfect welcome for your new pet.

    • For starters, you need to go shopping for supplies. Your new pet is about to come into a new environment that is completely strange from what they are used to. You will need to get supplies like pet food, pet feeding bowls and containers, carriers, name tag, pet grooming items, pet emergency medication items, treats, toys and a comfortable sleeping mat.
    • A little research on what your pet of choice loves feeding on is very important. It will be improper to feed puppy food to a kitten. Some breeds of the same species have preferences that are best for them. A feeding plan is a major factor to consider when planning to bring home a new pet to the family. This is the point where you have to learn the best feeding hours for your pet too.
    • Prepare a safe home for a new pet. You wouldn’t want to endanger your new pet by living your home unsafe for your new pet. It is important that you prepare your home to be as safe as possible and also create a proper pet house for them. It could be a dog house for dogs or a bed for cats.

      Removing all hazardous household items and units is a great step to take to do this. Open equipment like the microwave, washing machine, gas oven and even toilets, wet floors and open windows can be sources of risk for your pet if not well-taken care of. In case of accidents, you can visit an emergency veterinary clinic League City to save the situation.

    • Prepare to learn as much as you can about your pet. It is important to learn how to train them early enough to understand commands especially if your pet is a dog. You will need to train your pet so it doesn’t mess up your home when it needs to relieve itself.

      Young pets require a lot of rest, good feeding and moderate playtime that doesn’t exhaust them so much because of their fragile nature.

Finally, you need to decide on a professional veterinary service League City to take your new pet for a regular and best health care. In the case of complex procedures that might include surgery, a vet surgery League City that comes with high recommendations is Safarivet.

Take care of your Pet’s health and safety during winter months

Take care of pet during winter-min

The winter season comes with lower temperatures and intensely snowy outdoors; it is of utmost importance to take precautionary measures to keep your pet healthy and safe during the winter months. Here are a couple of effective practices you can involve in your routine to ensure your pet enjoys the holiday season just as much as you do.

Your pet’s legs, ears, and tail are the most vulnerable to frostbite during the winter months. While there isn’t much that can be done with regards its tail and ears, other than keeping walks short during winter, you could acquire booties to keep their paws from the cold earth as well as avoid the harmful chemicals of winter such as antifreeze and road salt as they pose major threats to your pet during the winter months. Always make sure you wipe your pet’s feet after a walk if no booties are put to use.

Antifreeze, unfortunately, possesses an aroma which appeals to pets thus causing them to lick their paws after an interaction with these toxic chemicals and as a result, the health of your pet may deteriorate. In an event of such an occurrence, make sure to contact Emergency Veterinary Clinics in League City, to ensure proper medication is meted out and your pet back on its feet.

Adjustment of Calories based on Activity changes:

While some pets love the snow and would play endlessly at the sight of snow, some pets would preferable sit indoors all through the winter months. You know the kind of pet you own therefore it is completely left to you to make the choice for your pet, will it be more calories or less given the activity levels of your pet. Pet Health Care League City offers help in that regard if you are having difficulty finding the right balance for your pet.

Shield from the Severe weather:

As complex as we humans are, nothing naturally prepares us for the challenges of a cold winter morning, how much more our pets. In the event of a blizzard or storm, it is recommended that proper shielding is prepared for pets especially because of the increased number of power outages during these seasons which can make homes dangerously cold for these pets.

How you can know when your pet is in pain

Pet is in pain

Animals aren’t as vocal as we humans so it can be tough to find out when they are in pain if you aren’t observant. The only way to discover if there is a problem is by being observant and looking out for your pet from time to time. There are several things to look out to know when your pet isn’t okay. A normally lively animal might become unnecessarily quiet or unexpectedly shy. There might also be cases of aggression when you try to come close to your pet. However, as the pet owner, you are in the best position to find out when your pet is in pain. You can visit an Animal hospital League City if you suspect your pet isn’t feeling well.

Below are some signs you can check for when you suspect your pet is in pain.

Whining and other vocalizations

If your pet isn’t feeling alright, it is likely to be making some sort of noise constantly from time to time. It could whine and grumble frequently. Some might yelp and whimper or even how often. When you notice this behavior, it might be important you check the animal for any sign of hurt or discomfort. If there is an injury or you see the cause of the discomfort, the next logical step is to visit an emergency veterinary clinic in League City if the situation is dire.

Unusual behavioral display

A pet in pain is likely not to behave the same way it does on a norm. A normally happy dog can become aggressive and a normally aggressive dog can become quiet and mild-mannered. You may also notice withdrawal behavior and avoidance of petting. You will definitely notice if your pet is in pain if you are observant. The animal might even prefer hiding away or being alone. If you notice any unusual behavioral displays including restlessness, there will be something wrong certainly.

Too much grooming

Animals in pain have been found to over-groom themselves. You will notice the animal licking or scratch the area in a bid to soothe the pain. Excessive scratching or licking of a particular part of the body is a tell-tale sign that all is not well with the animal. Check out your pet to see what the problem is and take action immediately by visiting a veterinarian for treatment.

Limping or staying in one place

Animals love moving around, more especially pets that are familiar with an environment. If you notice that a formerly very mobile pet prefers being at a spot, there is a problem somewhere that you have to check out. A limping animal is also obviously in pain and you may need to check the cause of the limping and if possible contact your veterinarian.

Heavy breathing and panting

Dogs normally pant often but when you notice too much of it even when there is no likely cause of it, you may have to investigate further. Other animals like cats, rabbits, horses, and others don’t pant and if you notice this reaction, you will need to check further to find out what might be the likely cause. If you have no clue, kindly check out an animal wellness plans in Texas.

Moodiness and Avoiding food

If your pet suddenly or gradually becomes quiet or withdrawn or even avoids its food, this is a major sign of abnormality and calls for an investigation. Dogs and cats love their food so when they avoid their food, just have it at the back of your mind that there is a problem somewhere and your pet might likely be in pain.

If you notice any of the signs in this write-up, kindly pay your veterinarian a visit for a professional check-up. You can visit any qualified veterinary center in League City for professional and quality pet treatment.

Tips to keep in mind to take complete care of your beloved Pet

Pet Care

Pets are usually a welcome member in most families. Apart from adults, most kids love dogs and cats and whether you have either or both of them, you are bound to discover the joy and fun that comes with owning a loyal, loving pet. However, owning a pet is the easy part of keeping a pet while taking good care of your beloved pet is where the real work is.

You may need some guidelines and tips to keep your pet healthy and happy. As a matter of fact, the tips listed out in this write-up can help you take complete care of your pet without too much effort or stress on your part,

Check out some of these awesome pet care tips below:

  • As a pet owner, it is pertinent that you stay observant and check out your pet regularly to know if they are in the best body state. If you ignore to check them physically, you may be unable to tell when they might be hurt or in danger. The poor animal might have suffered a fall, a wound or some other harm that you can easily discover by showing some extra care towards them. When you are observant of your pets, you will notice any unusual behaviors or expressions and act accordingly.
  • Periodic visits, check-ups or consultations with an experienced or well-trained League City veterinarian might make all the difference in caring for your pet. This type of care is preventive in action because you will be in a position to nip any diseases in the bud before they develop further if you visit the vet regularly for health checkups. Preventive care through check-ups saves you the expense that might come from treating advanced cases of certain diseases. It also saves your pet from unnecessary ill-health that can easily be avoided.
    In addition, your veterinary care expert can advise you on how to avoid certain diseases and injuries to keep your pet safe and sound. Periodic or scheduled vet visits are a major health care tip for pets because of its preventive nature.
  • Another health tip most pet owners ignore easily but which has proven to be very important is pet dental care. Giving your pet regular dental check-ups can save you a lot of hassles. Some dental issues can degenerate to more serious health conditions if left unattended. Regular checkup and prompt treatment if any dental disease is discovered is a plus. If you want your pet to be in the best health state, don’t ignore giving a proper dental health care routine periodically. There are affordable veterinary clinics in League City that offer many veterinary services; Safari Vet is one of such clinics in Texas.
  • You can also conduct a little research to know every detail about the type or species of pet you want to have even before you get it. This knowledge will give you an upper hand in dealing with issues regarding your pet in future as they come up. You can also familiarize yourself with a good veterinary beforehand just to be ready to take good care of your pet when it arrives. A good relationship with your veterinary professional can be very. You might get to enjoy offers and extra procedures at a reduced expense.
  • As a pet owner, it is very important you have an emergency protocol in place in case there is a need for it. In a situation where there is an accident or danger in the home, plan in advance how you are going to carry out your emergency routine especially if your pet is hurt or involved. The number one step is to have an arrangement with your emergency veterinary clinics League City in any case. You might also educate your family if you have one on the steps to take in such a situation.
  • Clean, bath and groom your pet as often as you can manage, At least once weekly can be managed. A clean pet will stay healthier than a dirty or poorly groomed one. If you have little time for this activity, you might hire someone to handle it or visit our Veterinary clinic League City weekly to get it done.

Ensure Your Pet has The Best Care at Pet Care Center

Ensure your pet has the best care at Pet Care Center-min

Having a pet is something a lot of people want in their lives, in fact, most families usually have one pet or another. The most commonly owned pets is either a dog or a cat. Keeping any of these wonderful animals means ensuring they have the best care at a good pet care center. Fortunately, there’s Safari Veterinary Care Centers in League City.

There are several factors to look at before deciding on the pet care center that you will be taking your pet to on a regular basis. As a pet parent, finding a quality pet care provider that has affordable wellness plans will require some active work on your part. It is a personal decision you will need to make and this article may serve as a good starting point for you and your pet.

From our professional standpoint, Animal Wellness Center Texas has made available to you the following recommendations before deciding on a pet care center for your pet.

  • Check for references, referrals and recommendations from friends, neighbors, colleagues. You can also check the pet care centers website for reviews from past users of their service. The most relevant recommendations and references come from neighbors and friends. If the pet care center has a crappy service, these category of people will give you the undiluted truth and save you the hassle if signing up with them Other pet owners, animal caretakers and shelters will have good information on which pet care center will be most favorable for you.
  • Check out the kind of services the veterinary clinic offers. Do they have options for emergency services? Do they offer after treatment services? What are their services packages like? These are the questions you should ask to make sure you are on the right track.
  • You can also check out their service fees in comparison with other veterinary clinics. If their fees are too low, verify why it is so; it could be an excuse for poor pet care service. If it’s too high, also check out why it is so to avoid burning through your wallet because of a service that is usually low-cost.Check out for the cost of their services as against their competition. What is their basic service offer like when compared to their premium service in terms of cost? A little research on this might save you some money.
  • Check out the kind of equipment they have in their facility. Does their facility look clean, well-maintained and professional? Be on the look-out for malfunctioning, rusting or unused gadgets which might be silently speaking volumes of their unprofessionalism and poor service culture. Surely, you wouldn’t love to take your pet to such a place.
  • Find out about the history of the pet care center you want to take your pet to. How are experienced are they in pet health care? How many hours a day do they work? Are there procedures they can’t handle? How many veterinarians are on duty at a given time?It is advisable to write down a list of questions you would need an answer to and follow up on them till you are satisfied enough to try them out.
  • You can also check out online listings and directories to find out about their rankings with regulatory and government boards and authorities like the American Animal Hospital Association, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, and American Board of Veterinary Specialties websites.If the pet care center is certified or authorized by any of these bodies, then that’s a major plus and you can give them a try after checking out the other factors listed above.

Reasons of Consulting Veterinary Care instead of Personal Care


Your pets deserve proper care from veterinary experts and handling it yourself is neither safe nor right. You might be endangering their lives even more while attempting to administer personal care and treatment by yourself.

Even in an emergency situation from injuries or ill-health, simply try as much as possible to move the pet without causing a further pain to the closest animal wellness center in League City.

Here are some reasons why consulting a veterinary expert will always be better than personal care for your pets:

a.) Adequate training and experience

Most veterinarians are well-trained and experienced and will likely know how best to go about catering for and offering treatment for a pet in pains. This is their specialty and profession so they will definitely do a better job than you. Unless you are a Veterinary expert yourself, consulting one will be better for you when your pet needs attention.

A veterinarian is quite familiar with pets having gained years of experience in his field and your pet would get benefit from this better. There are several services and treatments they can offer your pet which you can’t so why not save yourself the stress. Added to their training, is their experience in this field; at a glance, they could make an educated guess at what’s wrong with your pet even without a test.

b.) Preventive Care

The veterinarian educates you or prescribes action you need to take to prevent certain diseases or injuries from coming up in the first place. What does this imply? It saves you the effort and cost of running around in future looking for treatment for your pet and gives you a chance to manage your furry friend before issues come up.

Preventive care from your veterinary expert will show you how best to respond when there is an emergency. The most important aspect of preventive veterinary care is that once carried once or twice a year, it is capable of carrying your pet for the rest of the year. Your consulting veterinarian would run different diagnostic tests to check for symptoms, suggest good nutrition practices, parasite control measures, exercises and other useful tips that will benefit your pet. Several emergency veterinary clinics in League City offer preventive care services when you ask for vet consultancy.

c.) Varied Treatment Options

Veterinary experts have a number of possible solutions available to them for your pet’s condition when sick or injured. This is far more than what you can possibly offer them should you decide to do it yourself. Treatments like stem cell therapy, acupuncture, cancer treatments, new techniques against trauma, massage, injections and nutritional therapy and surgery would definitely be beyond your capabilities.

As stated earlier, you would likely lack the training or expertise to administer these treatments of which some will heal your pet’s illness once and for all. A veterinary professional knows which treatment will suit your pet best when factors like cost of treatment and efficacy of the treatment option are considered.

d.) Faster Treatment Efficacy

By virtue of their training and status, consulting a veterinarian will offer a better and faster chance at treatment for your pet than trying to do it yourself. A trained vet will know the best cause of action to take when handling a sick pet.

This leads to several things – faster relief for your pet, less time wasted on ineffective treatment solutions, less cost of treatment because you will only spend money on treatment prescribed after proper tests and diagnosis by a trained veterinary expert.

Most pet wellness centers in League City now offer modern and efficacious treatment procedures and going for these options will prove far advantageous for you and your pet.

Science has advanced considerably in all aspects, and veterinary medicine hasn’t been left out in these developments. Consulting a veterinary care expert will offer your pet a new lease on life compared to what you can ever do through personal care.

Process of Taking Care of Your Pet during Emergencies


Emergencies happen no matter how much we fight against or prepare for them. Fortunately, there is veterinary clinic League City who is skilled in helping you out when such incidents come up.

In an event of emergencies, your pets are likely to be in danger and you might not be in the best possible state to make good decisions as regards the wellness and safety of your pet or pets as the case may be.

It is very important that you have an emergency plan in place first before you ever need it. The first step in the process of taking care of your pets during emergencies is to talk to your veterinary service and arrange an emergency protocol to handle such situations. The Veterinary Wellness Centre in Texas provides such services.

You could arrange for a 24 hour service whereby your veterinarian can be available on request whenever there is need for their presence. Checking to see if your vet has partners who might be available in their absence make it even easier, you might have to write down their name, contacts and address on a prominent place so as to have them within easy reach should there be need for it.

Next on the process is to be very observant of your pets. Check them out periodically to know how they are faring. If you are not observant, you may not even realize that your dog or cat might be in pains or might have suffered one accident or the other. It could be a fall or a wound or a bite; care, regular observation is necessary so long as you have a pet or pets.

As a pet owner interested in taking care of your pet during emergencies, taking note of your location might also be a good idea as it will help you plan better in the event of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, landslides and others. In case there is such an emergency, the life of your family and pets should be your number one priority. Find out what types of disaster occur naturally in that locale and plan towards them.

On the other hand, there are other emergency procedures a pet owner should also follow routinely so as to keep their pets safe. A little bit of observation now and then won’t hurt anyone. Take out time to have a look at your pets. A quick look-over could make all the difference in fact.

Look out for unusual behaviors, fast and/or difficult breathing, weak or fast pulse rate, paralysis, quiet disposition, irregular walking or standing, excessive and unnecessary aggression, unconsciousness, seizures and other strange actions from your pet/pets.

Once any one of these signs is noticeable, it is important that you contact your veterinarian as soon as you can but first aid might be needed first. You might need to carry the dog or cat onto a flat, soft surface while supporting the affected body part in case of broken joints or bones. Emergency veterinary clinics League City usually respond to calls from pet owners in minutes so if you are in this area, you are sure of speedy, effective response.

Here are some first aid procedures to follow before taking the pet to the veterinary or before the veterinary shows up:

  • Raise the wounded area while staunching the wounded area if the issue is bleeding.
  • Perform a CPR if your pet appears unconscious, this is after you have checked the animal for choking
  • Place two finger in its mouth and check if there is an object in there in case of choking
  • If the pet ate something poisonous, speed transport to the veterinary might be necessary.
  • A case of broken limbs or joints might require adequate support to reduce stress on the affected area before initiating transport.

At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City, TX, we handle all emergencies concerning your pet most effectively and quickly. You only need a pre-arranged schedule with us and we can take it from there.