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Stem Cell Treatment – Torn Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Dogs

Stem Cell Treatment - Torn Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Dogs

One of the most effective treatment procedures your pet can benefit from when suffering from organ, cell or tissue damage is stem cell treatment. Fortunately, Safari Veterinary Care Centers is one of the top veterinary wellness centers in Texas offering pet rehabilitation services.

For dogs suffering from torn cruciate ligament injuries like in the video in this post, stem cell treatment offers an effective solution.

The dog in this video, Jimmy had a torn cruciate ligament injury which made it almost impossible for his legs to carry his weight. Walking was a big challenge and required a lot of effort on the poor dog not until SafariVet doctors took over.

Using stem cell therapy with a combination of pet rehabilitation techniques, Jimmy was able to regain the use of his hind legs after healing from the torn cruciate ligament injury.

Now let’s have a look at the two main treatment procedures at work here:

  • Stem cell therapy
  • Pet rehabilitation therapy

For the first one, not all League City veterinary clinics offer stem cell therapy. The process involved requires expertise and experience to administer. It is very important that you really check out the pet care service you are using to be sure they know what they are doing.

A bit of research done by asking people who own pets or surfing several search engines online will give you some confidence on whether to go ahead with a pet care service or not to. On our own, Safari Vet offers a highly professional pet stem cell therapy in League City and has rave reviews online and offline to back up our expertise.

This treatment procedure is based on the knowledge that stem cells are rapidly-reproducing cells that regrow themselves to cause healing and repair action wherever they are introduced into the body.

In Jimmy’s case, the stem cells were harvested from an unaffected part of his part – an area containing a lot of fatty tissue. After harvesting these stem cells, they are then cultured and stored in liquid nitrogen for future use.

The liquid nitrogen helps keep the stem cells viable until they are ready to be used to work on your pet as you can see in the video.

At the appointed time, your pet’s veterinary expert will carry out the stem cell injection procedure by introducing them into the affected area in your pet. Next, your pet is then monitored for a short period of time to see how they will cope.

Most stem cell therapy clinics in Texas like Safari Vet report positive results within a few short weeks. This is not really surprising because stem cells are unbelievably effective at replicating the cells and tissues they were introduced in and cause a marked repair through their regenerative action.

In Jimmy’s case, the torn cruciate ligament was replaced with an artificial ligament impregnated with a multitude of stem cells to replace the torn cruciate ligament.

Did it work?

Of course, it did.

Jimmy responded positively to treatment in a few weeks. An incredibly, amazing result though not unexpected, knowing how stem cell therapy works, talk more of being combined with rehabilitation therapy.

Concerning the second treatment procedure involved here, SafariVet’s Veterinary Wellness Center in Texas offers a robust rehabilitation therapy that complements the stem cell therapy usually administered first to an injured pet.

For instance, Jimmy still needed a lot of walking practice to get back to form using his legs even though he was healing nicely.

Our rehabilitation therapy involves different walking exercises. Some of these exercises involve where the dog has to walk over bars with raised legs, walk on an underwater treadmill or walk up-hill to re-build strength on the hind legs.

The essence of this rehabilitating treatment is to strengthen the dog’s legs and get it used to walk properly again. It is important to note that this therapy does not yield instantaneous results but requires patience and practice.

Safari Vet has professionals who are patient and committed to helping your dog regain full control of their limbs using these rehabilitative exercises.

Jimmy and other pets like him that have undergone these rehabilitative exercises were able to walk properly again with no traces of the injury that plagued them earlier. We always advise pet owners whose pets are suffering torn cruciate ligament injury to undergo this process as it still remains the most harmless, safest and effective procedure to consider for treating it.

Our League City veterinary clinics have gained a lot of experience treating these cases so you need not worry excessively if your pet requires treatment for this health challenge.

Does your pet need an effective for torn cruciate ligament and other similar injuries? Contact Safari Vet, League City TX and you will be glad you did in a few weeks’ time!

Is your pet paralyzed in legs? Try Stem Cell Therapy at Safari Vet


Perhaps one of the most advanced medical breakthroughs that rarely discussed is stem cell therapy. A delicate procedure of pet stem cell therapy is that involves the harvesting, growing, and reintroduction of stem cells from the healthy, fatty part of the body to a disease-affected part of it to cause healing/regenerative action.

This treatment procedure is so effective that only trained veterinary experts are allowed to handle it. It is quite a delicate process, so it’s not surprising that not all veterinary clinics in League City handle the procedure.

Fortunately, Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City TX happens to be one of the premier clinics handling this treatment for a whole lot of cases.

If your pet has a disease condition – say paralysis or joint problems etc… Stem cell therapy is one treatment option that can guarantee complete healing action to restore your pet.

In the video below, you find a sample case of a pet dog named Scout with 2 paralyzed hind legs. From the start of the video, you can see the poor dachshund pulling itself by its 2 front paws all over the place.

The struggle this poor animal is going through is very real, and no pet owner should allow their pet to undergo this pain.

In the case of Scout, he suffered an IVDD also known as an Inter-Vertebral Disk Disease which is a compression of the rear vertebral discs which affect the neural function to the hind limbs. This means the poor animal lost control of its hind legs.

To combat this development, harvested stem cells were introduced in between the disc spaces to stimulate new regrowth of the compressed neural network there. This procedure is less expensive and painful than carrying out surgery on the dog.

In addition, the resultant effect is almost instantaneous and positive as the dog; Scout starts responding to the treatment.

Coupled with rehabilitative exercises through water walking and strengthening the hind limbs, Scout slowly but surely begins to regain control of his hind legs in less than a month. That’s super-fast considering the previous level of damage the dog had.

It must be noted that only a trained League City Vet should attempt this treatment even though it doesn’t take so long to administer.

As for the dog, Scout, he recovered and gained back his hind legs after about a month of stem cell therapy and rehabilitative care. Stem cell therapy is also provided by several emergency vet clinics to assist emergency situations as the case may be.

The beauty of this procedure is the fact that the stem cells used to stimulate healing and treatment can be harvested from any part of the body and can be used anywhere.

At Safari Vet, the stem cell procedure is done in 4 basic steps: the first involves the removal of the fat tissue from the pet, then separation of the stem cells, and application to the injury site and lastly, observation to see the results in as short as a few weeks.

Pet Stem cell therapy is one of the most effective regenerative treatments in the world because of the above steps and the speed at which it heals the body.

Whether your pet has been suffering for eye disease, paralysis, inflammation of a body part, immune system deficiency, arthritis, joint diseases, damaged spinal cord, organ problems and many other health problems, a visit to Veterinary Clinic in League City should turn things around in a matter of weeks.

Our veterinarian will first extract the needed stem cells from the body fat then places this in a centrifuge to separate the stem cells from the other components. The separated stem cells are then stimulated to multiply more in number.

It is important to note at that stem cells can be used to grow any body tissue. All that is needed is to inject it into the required part of the body, and it regrows itself into more of that tissue. This treatment procedure is administered in a few hours making it one of the fastest 24-hour veterinary treatment procedures in veterinary medicine.

After harvesting the stem cells, they need to be cultured to increase their numbers. These wonderful cells can also be gotten from any pet to be used on a different pet entirely. Stem cells can be stored cryogenically for long periods of time for future use.

The long-term durability and its replicable nature are what makes the stem cells very unique compared to other body cells. They can be harvested from any donor pet and used on another safely without any risk of negative body reactions and immune-response.

At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City, our in-house expert vet, Dr. Garner is vastly experienced in all aspects of Stem cell therapy on animals. If you have a pet suffering from paralysis or any other disease condition, get in touch with us, and you will be marveled at the magic of Stem cell therapy! Contact emergency animal clinic near you for best stem cell treatment for your pet’s health.

Here are some special treatments of Safari Veterinary Care Centers


Pet health care is a crucial aspect of pet ownership and as pet parents, we have to ensure that our pets have the best care. Safari Veterinary Care Centers have special treatments dedicated to giving your pet a professional veterinary care service to keep them in optimum health.

No matter how advanced the type of pet care you need is, you can count on Safari Veterinary Care to deliver your request. If your pet has undergone a complex treatment procedure and needs to be rehabilitated, Safari Vet offers rehabilitation therapy that restores your pet.

Vet rehabilitation in Texas involves a specialized service offered only by the best veterinarian care. You can count on your pet regaining their strength and health back from poor health, side effects of other treatment procedures, weather conditions and other ill effects that can affect its health.

The following practices are the different rehabilitation services offered by Safari Vet and other animal hospitals League City, Texas:

1. Exercise Therapy

Pets need exercise to be in good physical condition. Not only does exercise improve bone and joint movement and fitness, it improves blood circulation which is necessary for optimum body functionality.

Safari Vet provides exercises for animals healing from strained or broken joints. Exercises for this purpose include swimming, walking or running on a treadmill, walks uphill, walks through snow or grass and slow walks over a distance.

For dogs looking to improve their fitness, they can be put through running and jumping heights, playing catch and running on a treadmill.

2. Special Feeding Therapy

Animals recovering from a debilitating ailment need all the treatment they can get to regain their fitness as fast as possible. Diet or feeding is an important factor to consider in this regard. Depending on the objective of the rehabilitation therapy, animal wellness hospitals generally have several feeding therapies to apply.

An over-weight pet usually undergoes a weight-loss diet therapy to reduce its weight and get it back to shape. Similarly, an under-weight pet has to be put on a special feeding program to help it add weight as healthily as possible.

Safari Vet is one of the most grounded animal hospital in League City, Texas offering a professional weight loss and feeding therapy that is effective in pet health care.

When a pet is healthy, you can count on it being a happy, non-aggressive pet that everyone will love. In addition, Safari Veterinary offers a professional regenerative stem cell therapy In Texas.

Special Treatments Rehabilitation

This treatment procedure is based on the ability of stem cells to regenerate and multiply into more cells. This procedure involves harvesting stem cells from a part of the pet’s body and introducing it into the diseased part. As the stem cells regenerate, it causes a healing action on the affected part of the body it was introduced to.

Regenerative stem cell therapy is a delicate procedure handled by only a few animal wellness clinics in Texas. Safari Veterinary Care is one of such clinics that offer this special treatment procedure known to be super-effective against different pet ailments.

It is quite expensive but a worthy investment if you plan to give your pet the best vet treatment money can buy. The following are some of the benefits of going with stem cell therapy for your pet:

  • It provides a fast healing action for pets compared to other treatment procedures.
  • It uses the body’s natural healing mechanism through the regeneration of the body’s stem cells causing healing action in the affected parts.
  • Stem cell therapy helps regulate the body’s immune system naturally because of its regenerative nature.
  • Stem cell therapy has very little or known negative side-effects when compared to other pet treatment procedures.
  • It is relatively less expensive than regular medication therapy because it treats your pet once off with no need for a second treatment once applied.

If your pet is at risk of any mortal health complications like cardiac arrest, malignant growth, and other diseases, consider Safari Veterinary to provide you with a regenerative stem cell therapy in Texas to tackle the complication.

Do you need any special treatment procedure for your pet in League City, Texas? Visit Safari Veterinary Care Centers today.

Importance of Rehabilitation for your pet’s health

Importance of Rehabilitation for your pet

Maybe your pet has undergone a complex or delicate veterinary treatment procedure and needs recuperation, it will probably need professional vet rehabilitation for best results. Pets need to regain their strength and form back after a session of inactivity due to poor health, vet treatment, weather conditions or other complication.

As a pet owner, it is undeniable that you would want your pet to be in the best form of health always. Pet rehabilitation is important for your pet after spells of being inactive. The procedures involved in rehabilitation are best carried out by professional vets trained in pet rehabilitation.

Our professional vet rehabilitation in Texas offer specialized rehab treatments that include the following:


Exercises will help improve bone and joint movement, blood circulation, and fitness. A pet that has been indoor or inactive for a long time will need such care to keep their bodies close to its optimal state.

For pets just healing from broken bones/joints or some other health complication, walks uphill, walks through the grass which helps them lift their legs and treadmills can be used to offer daily exercise.

Swimming exercises are also available and are important in helping your pet regain proper muscle tension.

Weight loss diets and Feeding

Over-weight pets easily develop issues in health and it is up to you to get them back to shape. Rehabilitation therapy here will involve offering meal types that are low in fat and cholesterol. The aim here is to help your pet to lose weight without starving it. A number of Veterinary Hospital League City offer wellness programs that help keep your pet fit and in good health.

A healthy pet is a happy pet and as a pet owner, you will enjoy many more years with your furry friend if it is healthy. A carefully-planned feeding schedule is very crucial for pets that have just gone through special pet care therapy.

It might not be entirely safe to feed your pet any type of pet food until they have adequately recovered. Safarivet specializes in providing such customized services.

Neuromuscular Stimulation

Our Veterinary Wellness Plans Texas also covers this treatment which is quite effective in getting your pet back in shape. This rehabilitation plan involves the use of electromagnetic impulses to stimulate your pet’s tissues and joints to promote healthy recovery after surgical procedures. Your pet deserves all the care, love it can get especially after a serious treatment.