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Valentine Day For you and your beloved pet

Valentine Day-you-and-Your-pet3

It’s that time of the year again when you have to show love to your loved ones. If you are a pet owner then you already have where to channel your love to on this day. Would you love to plan a memorable Valentine day for you and your beloved pet?

Surely, you wouldn’t love to allow this perfect opportunity to pass you by without doing something special for your furry love.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant especially if you are watching your pocket. There are a wide variety of activities you can take upon Valentine to show your pet more love.

Read on below to check out some of these Valentine day specials.

Take them out for a playtime together

Even if you are on a tight schedule if you really plan well you can make out time to take your pet out for some time together.

It could be for a walk, playing catch or tug of war.

Dogs, most especially love playing and would really appreciate your time with them and believe me, you will enjoy the time too if you put your heart in it.

What better way to enjoy Valentine than to take your pet out for some lovey-dovey time together?

Visit the Veterinarian

You might also consider treating your pet to some health care by visiting a pet veterinary care especially if it’s been awhile since you did this.

You can visit a League City veterinarian to take a look at your pet.

Pet health care is also a necessary part of showing love to your pet especially if you don’t always do that.

So head on to any Veterinary Clinic League City to have your pet checked out.

Take your pet shopping

You can take your pet shopping to get them something you know they love.

It could be a pet toy or some other item you know will be of benefit to them.

Items like a collapsible water bowl that you can take with you on walks will ensure your pet can drink any time it is tasty.

Grooming kits, elevated beds that are off the cold floors and chewable pieces to keep their mouths busy will help keep your pet in a good shape and mood for long periods of time.

Take Them To Do What They Enjoy Doing

In addition, you can take your pet to engage in an activity it enjoys doing.

It could be running, jumping or any other activity. You will know better as the pet parent but ensure they enjoy themselves as much as possible.

Try to stay engaged and enjoy the time as well. If you can go with family, that would be even better.

Get Your Pet Special Treats for Valentine

You can ensure your pet enjoys Valentine this year by spoiling them with lots of treats and goodies you know they enjoy having a lot.

It could be pet pastries or specially-prepared meats.

Ideally, it should be a treat it doesn’t have often so it will enjoy it even more.

You can visit a Veterinary Clinic League City for ideas on the best treatment options to consider for your pet.

If you would rather go personal, you could try to do some baking yourself and see how it goes.

One thing is certain, if you put effort into it, your pet will surely love it.

A Little Grooming

Ear rubs, fur rub-downs, and a little grooming can be very communicative to pets and shows them you really care about them.

These activities don’t take the whole day and you can squeeze out time on Valentine day to show your pet some love.

Dog love ear rubs, cats love tummy rubs and you can mix it in if you have other pets in your care as well.

Grooming will require checking out your pet physically, bathing them, trimming furs and nails and even brushing their teeth often.

Doing any of these activities improves bonding with your pet and can even be a relaxing moment for you.

How you can know when your pet is in pain

Pet is in pain

Animals aren’t as vocal as we humans so it can be tough to find out when they are in pain if you aren’t observant. The only way to discover if there is a problem is by being observant and looking out for your pet from time to time. There are several things to look out to know when your pet isn’t okay. A normally lively animal might become unnecessarily quiet or unexpectedly shy. There might also be cases of aggression when you try to come close to your pet. However, as the pet owner, you are in the best position to find out when your pet is in pain. You can visit an Animal hospital League City if you suspect your pet isn’t feeling well.

Below are some signs you can check for when you suspect your pet is in pain.

Whining and other vocalizations

If your pet isn’t feeling alright, it is likely to be making some sort of noise constantly from time to time. It could whine and grumble frequently. Some might yelp and whimper or even how often. When you notice this behavior, it might be important you check the animal for any sign of hurt or discomfort. If there is an injury or you see the cause of the discomfort, the next logical step is to visit an emergency veterinary clinic in League City if the situation is dire.

Unusual behavioral display

A pet in pain is likely not to behave the same way it does on a norm. A normally happy dog can become aggressive and a normally aggressive dog can become quiet and mild-mannered. You may also notice withdrawal behavior and avoidance of petting. You will definitely notice if your pet is in pain if you are observant. The animal might even prefer hiding away or being alone. If you notice any unusual behavioral displays including restlessness, there will be something wrong certainly.

Too much grooming

Animals in pain have been found to over-groom themselves. You will notice the animal licking or scratch the area in a bid to soothe the pain. Excessive scratching or licking of a particular part of the body is a tell-tale sign that all is not well with the animal. Check out your pet to see what the problem is and take action immediately by visiting a veterinarian for treatment.

Limping or staying in one place

Animals love moving around, more especially pets that are familiar with an environment. If you notice that a formerly very mobile pet prefers being at a spot, there is a problem somewhere that you have to check out. A limping animal is also obviously in pain and you may need to check the cause of the limping and if possible contact your veterinarian.

Heavy breathing and panting

Dogs normally pant often but when you notice too much of it even when there is no likely cause of it, you may have to investigate further. Other animals like cats, rabbits, horses, and others don’t pant and if you notice this reaction, you will need to check further to find out what might be the likely cause. If you have no clue, kindly check out an animal wellness plans in Texas.

Moodiness and Avoiding food

If your pet suddenly or gradually becomes quiet or withdrawn or even avoids its food, this is a major sign of abnormality and calls for an investigation. Dogs and cats love their food so when they avoid their food, just have it at the back of your mind that there is a problem somewhere and your pet might likely be in pain.

If you notice any of the signs in this write-up, kindly pay your veterinarian a visit for a professional check-up. You can visit any qualified veterinary center in League City for professional and quality pet treatment.

Preventive Care for your pet to keep them happy and healthy

Preventive Care-min

Being a pet owner doesn’t just mean having a pet; it also means you are a pet parent. In other words, you are completely responsible for the welfare and well-being of that pet. Most people usually go for either a dog or a cat as pets because they can be easily managed. You can seek the help of your veterinary clinic in League City if you need assistance.

In this write-up, we will be discussing how you can keep your pet happy and healthy always. A healthy pet is a happy pet and nothing beats seeing your furry friend happy, lively and full of energy. Below are some techniques in wellness and preventive care of pets.

Regularly scheduled Checkups and examinations

Regularly scheduled checkups are a major way of avoiding health complications in your pet. When you carry out regular checks on your pet, you are more likely to notice abnormal changes. If you are too busy to do this, you can ask a friend, neighbor or visit any professional League City Veterinarian to run checks for you.

A simple body check can even turn up some findings for you. You might notice your pet has a limp, a wound or some unusual behavior if you look closely.

Timely, Nutritious Feeding

Your pet requires adequate feeding to be at its best. Meal times should be adhered to on schedule to avoid starving your pet unnecessarily. Pets that are fed well stay healthier and happier than hungry, starving pets that may even turn mean and aggressive.

Your pet deserves the best meals. Dog and cat food come in different categories so you don’t need to go for the very expensive ones to feed your pet adequately. You can offer a delicious treat now than as a bonus when it is convenient for you. You want your pet to look and feel good? Feed it properly and on time too.


Pets require proper grooming to be in their best state. Grooming involves bathing them, trimming and cutting their coats, cleaning them up, cutting of nails, dental care, and body checks to ensure there are no injuries or infections.

Dental care

Just like humans, our pets have dental problems too and when left unattended might degenerate into something worse. You may not need to brush your dog’s teeth daily but weekly is better than not at all. While brushing your pet’s teeth, you might notice easily if it has a bad dental condition. Visiting the League City Veterinarian time to time for dental checkups could also be welcome bonus necessary to keep your dog in good health. A simple looking situation where your cat refuses to eat might be because of a teeth or mouth problem.

Playtime and exercise

Pets like dogs and cats are naturally active and enjoy a more active lifestyle. If your pet is always cooped up in the house, some play time or walk outside is necessary if it must remain healthy and fit. Even if you have a busy schedule or you’re going away for some time, you could enlist the help of friends, family, neighbors or even pet sitters who can take your pet for a walk, play catch with it or just keep it company.

Dogs, for example, are social animals and enjoy companionship; leaving it alone in the house can be boring and unhealthy for it. Some play time, a show of attention and love, exercise always leaves your pet in a happy and healthy mood.

Healthy nutritious diet and daily exercise which helps to keep your pet healthy and stress-free


Your pets need the best diet and daily exercise to stay healthy and fit just like humans. Dogs enjoy a physical lifestyle that involves running, jumping and playing. Cats also enjoy a great deal of climbing and jumping as well. A sedentary lifestyle isn’t really conducive for our pets because they are naturally active animals. In fact, League City veterinary services advocate regular exercise to keep your pets healthy and fit.

The type of exercise that will suit your pet best might depend on their age, personality or size. Young animals are more active with a seemingly endless energy. Older animals require less exercise; cats love climbing and love a house with a lot of hangers and appendages, small dogs enjoy running about while some dogs prefer playing catch.

Observing and finding out what your pet loves doing might be the key to helping it exercise through that activity. It is has been noted that animals with little or no exercise develop behavioral and health issues in most cases.

If you are wondering on which exercise procedure to go for, you can contact a pet health care in League City. Your veterinary will advise you on the type and amount of exercise that will be most healthy for your pet.

Below are some tips you could put into practice to keep your pet well-exercised, stress-free and fit:

  • You can take your dogs out for a walk or a run, as the case maybe. Walking comes easiest for most people. Going to a park will give you and your pet some private time together.
  • Dogs love playing fetch, a game where you throw an object and they run off to catch it and bring it back to you.
  • You could provide a place where your pets can easily exercise. Small animals like cats that love climbing and jumping can also be provided with trees, shelves and other objects where they can climb as they like.
  • Building a suitable, private shelter for your pet can help them stay happy and free from stress. A shelter that gives them some space to be alone when they want. It could also have a view to looking outside if possible.
  • Be mindful of overfeeding your pets as too much of everything even if good can be bad. Overweight pets might become stressed and develop health complications in future if they don’t reduce weight.

Diet is also a factor that determines the happiness and fitness of your pet. This doesn’t mean that you need to blow your budget to keep your pet well-fed. Most pets would eat any good run-of-the-mill pet food. To be safe, you can also consult with a veterinarian in League City to find out the best choice of pet food for your pet.

The type of diet chosen for your pet should be specific to that pet. The diet should be affordable and easily available. After a few weeks of feeding your pet on a chosen diet, you can check your pet for any signs of anomalies. If there are none noticeable, you can stick to that diet plan. Some animals enjoy pet foods with some bone or crunchy bits, some might enjoy fish, meat or fruit mixed in their meals.

The ideal pet food should contain the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for your pet’s optimal development. Younger dogs will need more energy-giving foods while older dogs will benefit more from foods that have more of calcium to bolster their aging and weakening bones. A good diet will be reflected in your pet’s disposition. If they have a happy disposition, bright eyes, playful with a fine coat, then you are definitely on the right path.

Pet health care services in League City can help you if you have questions about any observations concerning your pet. The following behaviors might be expressed from a pet that has little exercise or good diet.

  • bad temperament
  • unnecessary aggression, barking, and over-zealousness
  • mock-fighting and predatory behavior
  • scratching, digging, chewing and biting
  • stubbornness and ignoring commands
  • quietness and dullness
  • adding too much weight
  • developing health challenges from too much inactivity

Regular exercise and a good diet are necessary for your pet to maintain their health and fitness. Following the above-stated tips and suggestions will help your pet lead a more active existence.