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September – A Happy, Healthy Cat Month!


As part of activities to mark the Happy, Healthy Cat Month is September, here are several tips on how you can keep your cat healthy and happy with ease. Cat care is a specialized field of veterinary medicine and calls for the need of an expert cat veterinarian to handle some of the procedures.

Whether you own a young, adult or aged cat, you will find this information not just engaging but very useful as well. Read on below to get learning or relearning how best to care for your pet this September!

1.) Provide high protein food following recommendations from a cat veterinarian

Cats are mainly carnivores and live off meat-eating in the wild. Their bodies are designed to process and gain all their nutrient needs from meat. However, for home cats, a premium meal of high protein and some carbohydrates will benefit your cat greatly.

There are plenty of rich and healthy cat foods in stores and malls. As much as possible, consider food types that are organic because they are safer for your pet’s health in the long run.

However, as much as feeding is encouraged, avoid over-doing it to prevent getting your pet over-weight.

In the avoidance of doubts, you may also visit an animal hospital near you for great recommendations.

2.) Visit a League City Animal Clinic often

A visit to a cat veterinarian keeps illnesses away better before they even develop. When your cat visits the veterinary often, there is a high probability that any on-coming health complications will be nipped n the bud.

Your kitty might not enjoy the prodding, rubbing and all that comes from a cat veterinarian’s prying fingers and equipment, but this is a little price to pay to keep it in good health.

Visiting the veterinarian will involve body checks, laboratory checks on body samples, grooming, and even neutering, etc. These check-ups and vaccinations prevent diseases in the future.

In all, vet visits are necessary if you want your cat to be in the best health this September and beyond it.

3.) Get Cat toys for your cat to add some entertainment to its life

Cats enjoy playing too, though not as much as dogs they do. For entertainment and fun, you can get some toys for your cat to play with to keep their minds engaged.

Toys could be soft, furry dolls that they can scratch, paw or jump on as they like. Cats love climbing and jumping a lot so a few hangers can also be designed for it in the corner of the house where it can have some fun.

You may also want to consider the fact that cats love sleeping a lot. Consider getting some soft pillows where they can snuggle into for a lovely, afternoon nap after padding and jumping about.

4.) Pet Health Care Centers, League City encourages cleaning your cat and its litter box regularly

A clean pet makes for a healthy pet; if your cat is often clean, it stands more chances of not getting infected by contagious germs.

Though cats naturally try to clean themselves some effort from you will still go a long way. You can bath your cat once a week to keep it clean.

A tooth’s cleaning though not so easy to do also a great way of keeping your cat clean. Cats with bad dental care usually end up suffering other complications down the road. You may have to visit your cat veterinarian to carry out this procedure for you.

Several League City Animal Clinics offer professional dental and cleaning services to keep cats in good health.

In addition, your cat’s litter box should be kept as clean as possible always. It should also be kept where they can see it without difficulty whenever they need to use it.

5.) Spay or Neuter your cat to prevent unnecessary and unwanted litters

Spaying or neutering your cat saves you the trouble of managing your cat’s reproductive cycle which can bring unwanted results. By spaying your cat, you are doing it a world of good.

Spaying or neutering reduces the chances of disease infection, hormonal imbalances, unwanted litters, and other negative consequences.

This should be done when your cat is about 3 months old by highly recommended cat veterinarians League City for the best results.

6.) You don’t have to be a cat veterinarian to offer attention to your cat

As much as cats try to act independent, they still enjoy being carried about and petted like other pets. Take out time for some bonding with kitty every day. If you are a very busy person, you might consider getting a friend or neighbor to help you out.

Alternatively, a pet sitter from a trusted service can offer attention to your cat in your place when you are unavailable to do so.

When you can, carry your cat, play with it, pet it and show it some attention to improve and strengthen your bond and familiarity with it.

September is Happy, healthy cat month! If you follow the tips above, it is certain that your cat will have more chances for an excellent happy and healthy life!

All Pet Health Care Services in one place – Safari Veterinary Care Centers

All Pet Health Care Services in one place - Safari Veterinary Care Centers

When you need a one-stop destination for all your pet veterinary care needs, there is only one place to take your pet to – Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City, Texas.

We are the number one veterinary care center in Texas for everything related to animal care.

Our professionals are trained in the latest techniques and treatment procedures required to keep your dear pet in the best health. Safari Veterinary Care Center prides itself in having the most advanced vet care equipment designed to provide excellent veterinary care for different animals.

We offer different pet health care services ranging from the most basic check-up procedure to super-advanced surgical practices using the best tools of the trade.

Our services range from Wellness plans, Orthopedic surgery and care, Exotic Medicine and surgery, Full-service grooming, Pet dieting, fitness and rehabilitation, Advanced diagnostic medicine, Emergency animal medicine, Animal shelter services and other services your pet might need.

We have professional vet care centers all over Texas including the top-performing Safari Vet, League City where you can have any delicate treatment procedure handled by an expert in no time at all.

Do you need a pet care center where you can be certain of the best professionals taking care of your pet?

A visit to any of the Safari Veterinary Care Centers will put your mind at ease in no time at all. We offer the following services and more:

1.) Wellness and Preventive Care

Our dedicated experts provide a thorough diagnostic and preventive procedure to help your pets avoid any future complications that might arise due to neglect and carelessness.

We are expert at nipping pet health challenges in the bud so that it never manifests in the first place. Safari Vet in League City can handle wellness and preventive care procedure once you schedule a visit for your pet.

2.) Advanced Imaging by a professional animal hospital in League City

SafariVet offers an advanced imaging service where we can view and help you see the internal organs and systems of your pet to know where and how to administer treatment. This service provides cardiac and abdominal ultrasound, pregnancy ultrasound, video endoscope, digital x-ray and off-site Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

3.) Pet boarding service from the best League City Animal Shelter

When you need a League City Animal Shelter you can trust, Safari Vet offers one of the best in Texas. We have a dedicated staff force who are passionate in providing boarding for the different animal species out there.

This service covers daycare, boarding and even supervised play dates when you want your pet bred with another.

4.) Body check and grooming services by the best veterinarian in Texas

Pet grooming is important if you want your pet to be in good health. A clean, well-groomed pet is less exposed to disease contamination compared to an unkempt one. Your pet needs a bath at least once a week for instance and if you are a busy person, this might be difficult for you to carry out regularly.

We provide a professional pet grooming in League City which includes bathing, teeth brushing, nail clipping, fur, and hair cutting and trimming, sedation and every other physical care that keeps your pet happy and healthy.

5.) Orthopedic care surgery by highly trained veterinary experts in League City

Orthopedic care is necessary for pets just as it is in humans. When your pet sustains an injury to one of its limbs, orthopedic care or even surgery could be the way out.

In a case like the above, you need a professional emergency animal hospital near you to come to the rescue. Safari Veterinary Care Centers is one you can count on to deliver always in such situations.

We provide the most advanced orthopedic surgery techniques for injuries like ligament rupture, compressed disk conditions, patellar luxation, hip complications (e.g. displaysia) and other orthopedic injuries.

6.) Advanced techniques like Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Pet Stem cell therapy is a procedure that provides long-lasting treatment for many different health complications like arthritis, joint injuries, bone complications, allergies, and organ damage.

Only certified veterinary care centers offer this delicate procedure of which SafariVet Care Center is one of them.

7.) Pet dieting, fitness, and rehabilitation care for your pet

For pet owners whose pets are over-weight, we offer a highly-regimented dieting and fitness program to keep your pet in good shape.

In addition, pets recovering from ill-health or treatment procedures are put through a special rehabilitation care to engage their mind, strengthen their body and improve their health as a whole.

Safari Vet’s pet rehabilitation service includes aquatic treadmill, low-level laser therapy, positive reinforcement of good behavior and different physical exercises to improve your pet’s body and health.

8.) One of the best animal hospitals in Texas for Exotic Medicine and Surgery

Our in-house exotic pet care expert provides a professional healthcare service for different types of exotic pets. We handle surgery and other delicate vet services on exotic animals like birds, reptiles, pocket pets, and even apes.

Whatever exotic pet you have, you can rest assured that we will take good care of it when you need when you visit Safari Vet Care Center.

Is your pet paralyzed in legs? Try Stem Cell Therapy at Safari Vet


Perhaps one of the most advanced medical breakthroughs that rarely discussed is stem cell therapy. A delicate procedure of pet stem cell therapy is that involves the harvesting, growing, and reintroduction of stem cells from the healthy, fatty part of the body to a disease-affected part of it to cause healing/regenerative action.

This treatment procedure is so effective that only trained veterinary experts are allowed to handle it. It is quite a delicate process, so it’s not surprising that not all veterinary clinics in League City handle the procedure.

Fortunately, Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City TX happens to be one of the premier clinics handling this treatment for a whole lot of cases.

If your pet has a disease condition – say paralysis or joint problems etc… Stem cell therapy is one treatment option that can guarantee complete healing action to restore your pet.

In the video below, you find a sample case of a pet dog named Scout with 2 paralyzed hind legs. From the start of the video, you can see the poor dachshund pulling itself by its 2 front paws all over the place.

The struggle this poor animal is going through is very real, and no pet owner should allow their pet to undergo this pain.

In the case of Scout, he suffered an IVDD also known as an Inter-Vertebral Disk Disease which is a compression of the rear vertebral discs which affect the neural function to the hind limbs. This means the poor animal lost control of its hind legs.

To combat this development, harvested stem cells were introduced in between the disc spaces to stimulate new regrowth of the compressed neural network there. This procedure is less expensive and painful than carrying out surgery on the dog.

In addition, the resultant effect is almost instantaneous and positive as the dog; Scout starts responding to the treatment.

Coupled with rehabilitative exercises through water walking and strengthening the hind limbs, Scout slowly but surely begins to regain control of his hind legs in less than a month. That’s super-fast considering the previous level of damage the dog had.

It must be noted that only a trained League City Vet should attempt this treatment even though it doesn’t take so long to administer.

As for the dog, Scout, he recovered and gained back his hind legs after about a month of stem cell therapy and rehabilitative care. Stem cell therapy is also provided by several emergency vet clinics to assist emergency situations as the case may be.

The beauty of this procedure is the fact that the stem cells used to stimulate healing and treatment can be harvested from any part of the body and can be used anywhere.

At Safari Vet, the stem cell procedure is done in 4 basic steps: the first involves the removal of the fat tissue from the pet, then separation of the stem cells, and application to the injury site and lastly, observation to see the results in as short as a few weeks.

Pet Stem cell therapy is one of the most effective regenerative treatments in the world because of the above steps and the speed at which it heals the body.

Whether your pet has been suffering for eye disease, paralysis, inflammation of a body part, immune system deficiency, arthritis, joint diseases, damaged spinal cord, organ problems and many other health problems, a visit to Veterinary Clinic in League City should turn things around in a matter of weeks.

Our veterinarian will first extract the needed stem cells from the body fat then places this in a centrifuge to separate the stem cells from the other components. The separated stem cells are then stimulated to multiply more in number.

It is important to note at that stem cells can be used to grow any body tissue. All that is needed is to inject it into the required part of the body, and it regrows itself into more of that tissue. This treatment procedure is administered in a few hours making it one of the fastest 24-hour veterinary treatment procedures in veterinary medicine.

After harvesting the stem cells, they need to be cultured to increase their numbers. These wonderful cells can also be gotten from any pet to be used on a different pet entirely. Stem cells can be stored cryogenically for long periods of time for future use.

The long-term durability and its replicable nature are what makes the stem cells very unique compared to other body cells. They can be harvested from any donor pet and used on another safely without any risk of negative body reactions and immune-response.

At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City, our in-house expert vet, Dr. Garner is vastly experienced in all aspects of Stem cell therapy on animals. If you have a pet suffering from paralysis or any other disease condition, get in touch with us, and you will be marveled at the magic of Stem cell therapy! Contact emergency animal clinic near you for best stem cell treatment for your pet’s health.

How Pets are being affected by a changing climate

How Pets are being affected by a changing climate

The incidence of climate change is becoming more glaring than ever and we humans aren’t the only ones affected. The effects of climate change on all living things will certainly get worse if preventive and causal actions aren’t taken soon.

As it stands, the vegetation is suffering from the impact of a deteriorating climate. Our dear pets are not exempted from this development either as they too now have to endure pest attacks more than ever. Many pests like ticks, fleas and heat worms transmitted by mosquitoes are now more prevalent than in the past. In a town like League City, most pet owners are lucky to have Veterinary Clinics League City those are professionals at handling these complications.

Climate change has made the environment more conducive for pests that affect our pets. Areas where some of these pests were not found in the past are now overrun by them. Fortunately, there are professional pet health care League City services that can help you treat your pets when they are afflicted by any of these vermin.

According to recent studies, tick used to be a pest that affects pets during the warmer seasons but now, tick infestation on pets have been observed to occur in all seasons. Fleas are also not left out as they have developed a survival strategy where they are now smaller in size and reproduce even more rapidly than ever before.

In addition, mosquitoes which are the host of the deadly heartworm that affects dogs have been observed to have moved from the warmer Southern states in the United States to the northern regions. The implication of this is clear; our climate is rapidly changing and it is no longer business as usual. It is therefore important for every pet owner to contact pet health care League City as regularly as they can to keep their pet in good health.

In the past, winter season used to be a period when less pest infestations were observed but in recent times, our pets are no longer enjoying this protection. Our rapidly dilapidating climate isn’t as beneficial to our pets and us as before.