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Customer Reviews: One of the Best Veterinary Clinics in League City TX

Customer Reviews One of the Best Veterinary Clinics in League City TX

At Safari Vet, we provide one of the best veterinary clinic experiences in League City, Texas. We have the best people who are smart, purposeful and professional in delivering the best customer experience when you visit us with your pet for check-up or treatment.

Our customers are one of the happiest customers. In this post, you will find a wide collection of different reviews from real customers who have experienced the Safari Vet touch. If your pet needs help, we are the number one pet veterinary clinic in League City, Texas you should consider.

We have first-hand knowledge of different animals and provide you with a solution whatever your needs may be. At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, our services include the following:

1. Wellness and Preventive Care

We provide a robust wellness and preventive care service to keep your pet in the best shape to live a normal, healthy life.

2. Advanced Imaging

We use advanced imaging techniques to carry out diagnoses for when your pet needs extra internal checks without biochemical lab tests.

3. Orthopedic Surgery

Our League City veterinary clinic offers a professional orthopedic service aimed at handling all your pet’s bone and joint issues. You can count on us delivering a positive solution when you will be visiting.

4. Exotic Medicine and Surgery

For pet owners who have exotic animals, our team of vet experts are trained and experienced in catering for such animals in different capacities.

5. Camp Safari Boarding Kennel

Safari veterinary care center offers a boarding kennel facility for sick, lost or abandoned pets. These animals are in the best care and you can visit to make a choice if interested in pet adoption. In addition, pet owners going on vacation can leave their pets in our care and be sure that we will take superb care of it while you away.

6. Grooming

Safari veterinary care center offers a top grooming for service to your pet when you bring it over for grooming. You pet will be bathed, trimmed, shaved, sprayed and taken care of to look quite clean and dandy.

7. Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

We are one of the most pet veterinary clinics in League City, Texas offering this advanced treatment procedure. It is highly effective for a wide range of complications but only trained vets should carry it out.

8. Rehabilitation

Pets that have undergone certain treatment procedures usually need special rehabilitation techniques. Safari vet care has the best vets in League City who can provide you with this service.

With these services, Safari Veterinary care center has been able to win the hearts of customers by giving a new lease of life on sick and dying pets. We are proud to have contributed immensely to veterinary care in League City and Texas a whole.

Check out some of the rave reviews from many of our customers.

One of our clients who visited our vet center on July 28, 2018, Richelle Brasher, had this to say about us:

“I can’t brag on this veterinary clinic enough. From the staff to the awesome faculty and the vet himself… they were spectacular! Handling my pups with care and helping me make informed decisions. I will not go anywhere else for animal services again! They have a grooming center and a shopping area too. This vet knows what he is talking about and took care of my furbaby as if it was his own. This is a top-notch facility. Really the best-kept secret. I got right in. No wait time. Also, the cost is lower than other vets. They are good here. They take care of all kinds of animals. While I was there they had a raccoon, bearded dragon, dogs, cats and birds being taken care of! Love his place!”

Here is another from Janie Mathews whose poodle got sick and needed emergency veterinary care. She had this to say on March 6, 2018, after we treated her pet:

“Our sweet poodle Josie got sick on Sunday so we called emergency places to take her and because of reviews called Safari and after talking to a few cold people at other clinics, Ryan answered the phone and patiently listened to the symptoms, reassuringly went through what the processes are at their clinic and average price structure and offered to make us an appointment- the kindness and thorough attention to detail on the phone assured us that we were safe to take Josie in to be checked. Upon arrival there was zero waiting, Dara came in and checked on Josie and immediately began working with her, explaining in detail everything she was doing to Josie and why……….. I cannot give enough five stars ⭐️ to Safari and their incredible professionals! From the phone call to appointment to techs to doctor – AN ABSOLUTELY PERFECT PLACE AND TEAM TO CARE FOR OUR POODLE JOSIE!”

Here is another from Ashley Cherry on June 24, 2018:

“I absolutely LOVE this place. The staff is amazing!!! They’ve got a customer for life!!!”

Sauletta Wilson had this to say about our service:

“Safari is awesome! They are so kind and take exceptional care of my Flemish Giant!!!!”

Really the list of customers who have similar views of our service is voluminous. There are hundreds of these feedbacks available on our pages: Click here to view more reviews.

Safari veterinary care centers offer top-notch veterinary care for all pets, domestic and exotic. You can contact Safari Vet today to get appointment setup.

Ferret Care – Owning ferrets as your pet

Ferret Care - Owning ferrets as your pet

Owning a ferret isn’t as common as owning a cat or a dog but it still doesn’t detract from the fact that they are great animals to have as pets. Ferrets are playful, active and loving animals that bond easily with their owners especially when done well.

The major difference between having Ferret and other types of pets is that you don’t find that many ferret owners around. If you love exotic animals, owning a ferret can give you that feeling of owning a tamed exotic animal which it truly is.

After going through this post, you might consider going for one as soon as possible. So let’s get to work telling you all you need to know about owning your first pet ferret.

Firstly, it is important to note that ferrets are carnivorous animals related to weasels, mink, otter, and skunks. They are meat eaters and hunters as such. This means that ferrets need to be domesticated to reduce their wild tendencies.

Ferrets are intelligent and social animals

Ferrets are intelligent and social animals that bond easily with their owners once reinforcement training is done correctly. They can be very smart at devising a means to tackle a challenge. They play best when they have been at least two of them. It can be a very enjoyable experience to watch them jump around and have a fun time playing as they care.

Owners are encouraged to have at least two or three ferrets at a time to increase their socialization. Of course, this doesn’t mean an owner shouldn’t get involved too. Giving them attention has its reward as you will get to enjoy owning an attention-loving pet.

For League Citizens, if you plan to own a pet ferret, consider some recommendations from the animal hospital League City TX for a healthy animal.

Ferrets are compatible with other pets

f you already own a dog or cat, you can add a ferret to the mix without worry. A word of caution, however, is that you must first do a gradual introduction of the pets to each other before allowing them to interact freely.

Dogs and cat will get along with them fine if you do the introduction properly. You can do this while both pets are still young and undeveloped. Feeding should be done separately to avoid a show of aggression and subsequently fight from both animals. However, ferrets shouldn’t be socialized with birds, lizards or rabbits as they naturally hunt smaller animals.

It is also not advisable to leave them in the care of small children as they may not be able to handle the ferret’s antics and tenacity.

Ferrets are best owned from birth

When getting a ferret, age is an important factor because no matter how well you domesticate them, they still retain a lot of wild behavior. You must be willing to put in the time and effort to train your ferret to be as tame as possible.

A young ferret is known as a kit and the ideal age range to get one should be between 8 to 16 weeks old. Getting and training an older ferret isn’t impossible but it’s always best to start training them early. The growing ferret will have enough time to learn and bond better with you through its development.

Several vets in League City TX provide veterinary services for ferrets. One such pet care center is Safari Veterinary Care Centers.

Feeding Your Ferret

As carnivorous animals, ferrets enjoy a diet rich in fat and high proteins. Normal cat or dog food should never be used to feed your ferret as it will likely be deficient in the needed high-quality protein for ferrets.

You can use fish, beef, and chicken to prepare a Do-it-yourself healthy mix of protein meal for the ferret. Alternatively, you can look out for high protein cat food as it might also serve your ferret’s health needs.

Water is also essential for your ferret’s feeding needs, plenty of fresh water in fact.

Creating a Home for Your Ferret

As ferrets are very inquisitive animals, it is best to build it a home that isn’t restrictive with enough room to move around and explore. Your pet ferret will want to check out everything within their vicinity so ensure their compartment has enough space to accommodate their inquisitive nature.

In avoidance of doubts and errors, consulting a pet health care clinic can help you in setting up a home for your pet ferret. Safari Vet Pet Healthcare, League City, Texas offers one of the best ferret care services in League City TX and suggests building your ferret’s home with plastic, wire-mesh or some malleable material. Training them for litter use isn’t also as tough as you would think as they are very clean animals once you have done your part by employing reinforcement training.

Are you planning on getting a pet? Consider getting ferrets as they will surely bring on the heat in fun for you.

Importance of Choosing Safari Vet as Veterinary Care for Your Pet


Pets deserve adequate care just as we humans do and picking a vet for your beloved pet might require as much as caution as when you are about deciding on a physician to go with. There are quite a number of factors to consider before choosing a vet and these factors might come into play sooner or later. Therefore, it is critical that proper care and consideration is given before make a choice. Do you need the services of a professional animal wellness center in Texas? Safari Vet might be your best bet.

At Safari, we have mastered the art of veterinary care (from reptiles to cats and dogs to kangaroos), and Safari has the best and most recent state-of-the-art equipment, technology & skills to give your pets the best treatment your money can buy. We happen to be one of the best veterinary clinics League City and you can rely on us with the utmost confidence to come through when your pet needs veterinary care.

Finding the perfect veterinary clinic in League City would require research on your part or seeking out recommendations and references from friends, colleagues, neighbors, animal shelter staff, and animal protection groups etc.

There are certain parameters you should look out for before picking us. You will enjoy the following the services when we work as your veterinary pet care provider.

  • We work on different types of pets, irrespective of the specie or breed. Our team of highly-trained veterinarians has the skill, training, experience and equipment to offer your pet the best treatment possible.
  • We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment for complex procedures like surgery; in fact, Safari’s surgery room is large and equipped enough to perform two surgeries at once if the need arrises. Equipment like endoscopes, ultrasound, digital x-rays, advancement anesthesia and so many others.
  • When we work on your pet, we do so from careful diagnoses before offering you a wide range of different treatment solutions to choose from. There is no room for guess-work or trial and error practices.
  • Safari Vet offers very robust wellness and preventive care treatments for pets as we have discovered that many bad health conditions can easily be avoided if diagnosed early and treated before they advanced further to a more complex status.
  • We provide orthopedic surgery techniques to treat the damaged bones and joints of your pets. Whether it is a sprained joint, dislocated joint, ligament rupture, hip dysplasia or any other bone-related issue, we got you covered.
  • We offer grooming services to your pets; from bathing, shaving, and other grooming practices for your pet.
  • Safari is one of the best animal wellness centers specializing in regenerative stem cell therapy in Texas. This treatment is one of the best treatments to be developed for use on animals. If your pet suffers from disc disease, arthritis, orthopedic injuries, allergic skin disease or even dry eye, our proven stem cell therapy might be the effective solution for your pet! It is also a pain-relief solution for animals that have been in pain for a while.
  • We offer rehabilitation services to pets to keep them engaged mentally and physically through positive reinforcement techniques and body strengthening and balance exercises.

Whatever your need for your pet is, rest assured that Safari can offer you a quick and effective solution. We have answers for inquiries like the following below:

  • Can a simple consultation be carried out without extra charges for meeting up with the vet?
    Yes, you are entitled to a free consultation before deciding whether to go ahead or not with our services.
  • Do we practice modern and new practices current with developments in the world of veterinary medicine?
    With the best professionals in veterinary medicine working in our clinics, we employ the latest and most effective treatment techniques guaranteed to restore your pet’s health in no time at all.
  • Will there be proper documentation in case of subsequent visits to continue or restart treatment?
    We carefully record and file all documentation of your pet’s treatment and experience with our veterinary service. This helps us in applying future treatment on your pet as we already have a record of their health information, history and treatment details from the last details.
  • How soon can you we be assigned a specialist veterinarian to handle your pet’s treatment?
    As soon as appointment is fixed and you decided to go ahead with a treatment procedure, a specialist veterinarian will be assigned to handle your pet’s treatment.

Does your pet require veterinary care? Why not contact us today for an appointment?

Process of Taking Care of Your Pet during Emergencies


Emergencies happen no matter how much we fight against or prepare for them. Fortunately, there is veterinary clinic League City who is skilled in helping you out when such incidents come up.

In an event of emergencies, your pets are likely to be in danger and you might not be in the best possible state to make good decisions as regards the wellness and safety of your pet or pets as the case may be.

It is very important that you have an emergency plan in place first before you ever need it. The first step in the process of taking care of your pets during emergencies is to talk to your veterinary service and arrange an emergency protocol to handle such situations. The Veterinary Wellness Centre in Texas provides such services.

You could arrange for a 24 hour service whereby your veterinarian can be available on request whenever there is need for their presence. Checking to see if your vet has partners who might be available in their absence make it even easier, you might have to write down their name, contacts and address on a prominent place so as to have them within easy reach should there be need for it.

Next on the process is to be very observant of your pets. Check them out periodically to know how they are faring. If you are not observant, you may not even realize that your dog or cat might be in pains or might have suffered one accident or the other. It could be a fall or a wound or a bite; care, regular observation is necessary so long as you have a pet or pets.

As a pet owner interested in taking care of your pet during emergencies, taking note of your location might also be a good idea as it will help you plan better in the event of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, landslides and others. In case there is such an emergency, the life of your family and pets should be your number one priority. Find out what types of disaster occur naturally in that locale and plan towards them.

On the other hand, there are other emergency procedures a pet owner should also follow routinely so as to keep their pets safe. A little bit of observation now and then won’t hurt anyone. Take out time to have a look at your pets. A quick look-over could make all the difference in fact.

Look out for unusual behaviors, fast and/or difficult breathing, weak or fast pulse rate, paralysis, quiet disposition, irregular walking or standing, excessive and unnecessary aggression, unconsciousness, seizures and other strange actions from your pet/pets.

Once any one of these signs is noticeable, it is important that you contact your veterinarian as soon as you can but first aid might be needed first. You might need to carry the dog or cat onto a flat, soft surface while supporting the affected body part in case of broken joints or bones. Emergency veterinary clinics League City usually respond to calls from pet owners in minutes so if you are in this area, you are sure of speedy, effective response.

Here are some first aid procedures to follow before taking the pet to the veterinary or before the veterinary shows up:

  • Raise the wounded area while staunching the wounded area if the issue is bleeding.
  • Perform a CPR if your pet appears unconscious, this is after you have checked the animal for choking
  • Place two finger in its mouth and check if there is an object in there in case of choking
  • If the pet ate something poisonous, speed transport to the veterinary might be necessary.
  • A case of broken limbs or joints might require adequate support to reduce stress on the affected area before initiating transport.

At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City, TX, we handle all emergencies concerning your pet most effectively and quickly. You only need a pre-arranged schedule with us and we can take it from there.