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How Acupuncture Therapy works on the pet’s health and wellness

Acupuncture Therapy for your pet's health & Wellness

One of the lesser-known but super effective vet rehabilitation techniques for pets is Acupuncture Therapy. It involves the use of specially designed needles to induce cellular and tissue response on the body of a pet or even human as the case may be.

Originally from the Chinese medical healers, acupuncture therapy focuses on inducing self-healing of the body by stimulating its natural survival components. The question now is, how exactly your pet can benefit from acupuncture therapy as a form of treatment.

Safari Veterinary Care Centers provides a professional acupuncture therapy for pets in Texas. Our in-house experts are thoroughly experienced in delivering this procedure to pets with the best results to show for it.

In this post, we have discussed in great detail how acupuncture for dogs and other household pets work.

First, it is important to understand that Acupuncture works by stimulating specific points in the tissue that are connected to the neurohormonal components of the body. These specific points are connected to components like the nerves, neurovascular complexes, cellular system etc.

Specially designed needles are carefully inserted into specific parts of the affected area to release chemical compounds known as neuropeptides. This substance is made up of a combination of other substances that control the following:

  • Transmission of pain
  • Nerve growth
  • Nerve transmission
  • Lowering of blood pressure

When Acupuncture therapy is localized to the head, it can induce a positive reaction in the brain which can generate copious amounts of internal opioids, glutamate, NMDA receptors, serotonin and cholecystokinin which all act together to create a balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system of the pet’s body.

The primary aim of acupuncture for dogs is mainly to relieve the suffering animal from pain. It usually involves the following end results as its objective:

1.) The release of physical and emotional stress

As a pet care therapy that involves the stimulation of nervous transmitters of responses in the body, vet care centers that offer dog acupuncture utilize its effect on the limbic system of the brain to relieve stress in its different forms.

Dogs undergoing serious pain can be offered acupuncture as an effective means of treatment through natural means.

2.) Activate and stimulate immune and anti-inflammatory responses

After a while, it’s quite normal for the body’s natural immune and anti-inflammatory responses to reduce in efficacy. This happens even to pets just as it does to humans. When this is the case, there is a need for it to be re-stimulated by an external action.

Acupuncture provides a natural means of activating and stimulating the body’s immune and anti-inflammatory responses to become active once again in defense of the pet’s body. With acupuncture therapy, your pet is likely to experience a revitalized immune and anti-inflammatory response.

3.) Accelerated healing through the release of Cytokines

Acupuncture therapy works by reducing pain through the release of pain-causing endorphins. These endorphins include Cytokines which are released when an acupuncture activity stimulates the nerve fibers surrounding the other nerves in the spinal cord.

This part of the nervous center is also known as the gate control theory of pain. The release of Cytokines and other inflammatory-causing chemicals leads to a relief of the pain building within that area. It is advisable to allow only a trained expert in Vet rehabilitation League City to carry out this period on your pet.

4.) Modulation of several other neurochemicals in charge of pain relief

Acupuncture therapy provides a means of naturally helping your pet’s body to generate pain relieving neuro-chemicals. Apart from Endorphin, Serotonin is also released into the pet’s body and helps in speeding up the pain relief process.

At Safari Veterinary Care Center, we currently use electrical stimulation of the specific acupuncture points to relieve pain and hasten rehabilitation of the pet’s condition. Also known as Electroacupuncture, it is not as painful as the manual alternative where pins are used.

Electroacupuncture delivers a better analgesic effect, cuts down faster on pain and inflammation and reduces stress on the affected pet. If your pet dog is often in pain due to some health condition and other treatment methods have failed, considering dog acupuncture therapy might just be the way out.

With Acupuncture therapy, you can be sure of a treatment procedure that uses your pet’s natural body response to relieve it of pain without any known negative side effects.

To get started today, you can contact an emergency animal hospital, League City, Texas!

How to prepare an Emergency Plan for your pet

How to prepare an Emergency Plan for your pet

Most pet owners generally see their pets as part of their family and will go to any length to take care of them. This loving bond is even more evident when there is an emergency situation on ground threatening both animals and humans. The question is, are you prepared to care for your pet in the event of an emergency situation?

In this post, we have discussed how to prepare an emergency plan for your pet. As a caring pet owner, you have to be ready for such unforeseen circumstances.

Whether human-made or a force of nature, below are ways you can prepare an emergency plan for your pet with or without an emergency veterinarian.

1.) Prepare and store emergency survival kits where it can be easily reached in case of an emergency.

Preparation is the key in every life situation and emergencies are no different. To be ready for an emergency, prepare several survival kits for your pet and family too. An ideal survival kit should contain necessary survival items like processed food, water, medicine, first aid items, ID cards, a leash, pet tags, medical records, pet toys and even a photo with your pet.

You have to be ready for anything that comes up. Emergencies can make you feel harried, rushed and apprehensive so you need to have everything collected, arranged and stored ready.

In addition, you can plan with the help of an emergency animal clinic near you. With a survival kit by your side during an emergency, half the battle can be considered won.

2.) Set up an exit plan in advance as advised by most expert emergency veterinarians

Emergency situations that require leaving your home or environment demand that you know exactly where next you are going to. To make this easier for you, it is best to create a get-away plan long before anything happens.

Consider arrangements with family, friends or acquaintances living away from where the incident occurred. Your exit plan should include how to get away from your affected location and get to a safe, more convenient place.

For best results, your League City veterinarian might be able to help with suggestions and how to pick the most feasible options. You wouldn’t want to find out at the last minute that your only option is no longer available or possible.

3.) Arrange a partnership with your network in the event of an emergency situation

Incidents might happen even when you are unavailable; that’s how unexpected emergency situations can be most times. You can arrange a sort of partnership with your social network – friends, family, and neighbors- on how to treat or evacuate your pet when an emergency occurs.

It could be a mutual arrangement where you have to do the same for them and vice versa. Alternatively, you can set up an arrangement with a professional low-cost veterinary clinic to provide support whether you are there or not.

Specific meet-up locations could also be agreed on where everyone could meet up when such unsavory events occur. Your arrangement should include showing the parties involved where the necessary survival kits and resources are if needed.

4.) Work together with an affordable pet clinic beforehand

Your pet’s veterinarian is your number one partner when setting up an emergency plan for your pet. As experts, they are in the best position to care for your pet after you especially when it needs emergency vet attention.

Discuss the possibilities with them, follow instructions, get the necessary resources and play your role well. You may also need to provide them with all the information about your pet to aid their service delivery.

On your part, you can keep several contact information of affordable pet clinic in Houston so as to have options to choose from in the case of emergency vet care. The more, the merrier as they say!

5.) Collate information on the best emergency animal clinics near your location

This step ties into the one above. You need to have a list of the contact information of animal control boards and agencies. In a situation where you lose your pet and can’t find it, these are some of the places to check.

One copy of this information could be kept inside the survival kit while another copy could be kept in an easily accessible place – maybe your phone, PC, or even wallet.

Emergency pet care is best delivered when planned long ahead of time. You will be more composed, ready and organized to do what needs to be done when you prepare beforehand.

Are you a caring Houston pet owner? Having an emergency pet plan remains one of the best ways to increase your pet’s chances of safety when unexpected events occur.

To get the best emergency pet care services in Houston, contact Safari Veterinary Care Centers Today!

Customer Reviews: One of the Best Veterinary Clinics in League City TX

Customer Reviews One of the Best Veterinary Clinics in League City TX

At Safari Vet, we provide one of the best veterinary clinic experiences in League City, Texas. We have the best people who are smart, purposeful and professional in delivering the best customer experience when you visit us with your pet for check-up or treatment.

Our customers are one of the happiest customers. In this post, you will find a wide collection of different reviews from real customers who have experienced the Safari Vet touch. If your pet needs help, we are the number one pet veterinary clinic in League City, Texas you should consider.

We have first-hand knowledge of different animals and provide you with a solution whatever your needs may be. At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, our services include the following:

1. Wellness and Preventive Care

We provide a robust wellness and preventive care service to keep your pet in the best shape to live a normal, healthy life.

2. Advanced Imaging

We use advanced imaging techniques to carry out diagnoses for when your pet needs extra internal checks without biochemical lab tests.

3. Orthopedic Surgery

Our League City veterinary clinic offers a professional orthopedic service aimed at handling all your pet’s bone and joint issues. You can count on us delivering a positive solution when you will be visiting.

4. Exotic Medicine and Surgery

For pet owners who have exotic animals, our team of vet experts are trained and experienced in catering for such animals in different capacities.

5. Camp Safari Boarding Kennel

Safari veterinary care center offers a boarding kennel facility for sick, lost or abandoned pets. These animals are in the best care and you can visit to make a choice if interested in pet adoption. In addition, pet owners going on vacation can leave their pets in our care and be sure that we will take superb care of it while you away.

6. Grooming

Safari veterinary care center offers a top grooming for service to your pet when you bring it over for grooming. You pet will be bathed, trimmed, shaved, sprayed and taken care of to look quite clean and dandy.

7. Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

We are one of the most pet veterinary clinics in League City, Texas offering this advanced treatment procedure. It is highly effective for a wide range of complications but only trained vets should carry it out.

8. Rehabilitation

Pets that have undergone certain treatment procedures usually need special rehabilitation techniques. Safari vet care has the best vets in League City who can provide you with this service.

With these services, Safari Veterinary care center has been able to win the hearts of customers by giving a new lease of life on sick and dying pets. We are proud to have contributed immensely to veterinary care in League City and Texas a whole.

Check out some of the rave reviews from many of our customers.

One of our clients who visited our vet center on July 28, 2018, Richelle Brasher, had this to say about us:

“I can’t brag on this veterinary clinic enough. From the staff to the awesome faculty and the vet himself… they were spectacular! Handling my pups with care and helping me make informed decisions. I will not go anywhere else for animal services again! They have a grooming center and a shopping area too. This vet knows what he is talking about and took care of my furbaby as if it was his own. This is a top-notch facility. Really the best-kept secret. I got right in. No wait time. Also, the cost is lower than other vets. They are good here. They take care of all kinds of animals. While I was there they had a raccoon, bearded dragon, dogs, cats and birds being taken care of! Love his place!”

Here is another from Janie Mathews whose poodle got sick and needed emergency veterinary care. She had this to say on March 6, 2018, after we treated her pet:

“Our sweet poodle Josie got sick on Sunday so we called emergency places to take her and because of reviews called Safari and after talking to a few cold people at other clinics, Ryan answered the phone and patiently listened to the symptoms, reassuringly went through what the processes are at their clinic and average price structure and offered to make us an appointment- the kindness and thorough attention to detail on the phone assured us that we were safe to take Josie in to be checked. Upon arrival there was zero waiting, Dara came in and checked on Josie and immediately began working with her, explaining in detail everything she was doing to Josie and why……….. I cannot give enough five stars ⭐️ to Safari and their incredible professionals! From the phone call to appointment to techs to doctor – AN ABSOLUTELY PERFECT PLACE AND TEAM TO CARE FOR OUR POODLE JOSIE!”

Here is another from Ashley Cherry on June 24, 2018:

“I absolutely LOVE this place. The staff is amazing!!! They’ve got a customer for life!!!”

Sauletta Wilson had this to say about our service:

“Safari is awesome! They are so kind and take exceptional care of my Flemish Giant!!!!”

Really the list of customers who have similar views of our service is voluminous. There are hundreds of these feedbacks available on our pages: Click here to view more reviews.

Safari veterinary care centers offer top-notch veterinary care for all pets, domestic and exotic. You can contact Safari Vet today to get appointment setup.

Arthritis in Dogs – How to prevent dogs from Canine Arthritis


Arthritis in the dog is often more prevalent in older dogs that have seen more active years. It’s a disease condition that affects your dog’s joints making it sore and difficult to move. Fortunately, there are treatment procedures that are available to reduce the stress and pain but the best course of action remains prevention.

Animal Wellness Center, Texas encourages dog and other pet owners to take the route of preventive action, first of all, to reduce ant arthritis complications later on. Several lifestyle changes when adjusted accordingly could mean the difference between your dog avoiding arthritis in future or falling victim to it.

In this post, SafariVet Pet Care will offer tips on how to prevent your dogs from suffering canine arthritis.

1. Professionally-vetted Feeding

Your dog needs the best food it can get to develop properly. A suitable diet can prepare your pet’s body adequately for optimal development and growth of an immune system that can withstand weaknesses over the years.

As each dog’s specie is unique, so will their diet be. Likewise, your dog’s diet will differ from that of another dog. To be on the safe side, get in touch with Pet Health Care League City for tests and recommendations on best food types.

It is also important to feed your dog the right amount of food without overfeeding or underfeeding it. With their experience, your vet expert can help you choose the right size of the bowl to put your food for your pet.

Being overweight is as a major precursor for canine arthritis and is obviously caused by overfeeding. The overweight dog finds it harder to carry its own weight so its joints have to bear a bigger part of it.

In addition to feeding, you can offer your dog essential supplements that are needed for proper metabolism and body development. Supplements containing Calcium, Fatty-3 acid and Chondroitin are known to be super effective for dogs bone and joint development.

2. Regular Exercise for your pet

One way to prevent canine arthritis is to ensure your dog exercises as often as possible. Exercise stimulates the body and improves most of the body metabolism. Your dog will experience better anxiety levels, mental state and general disposition making it a healthy and happy pet to have.

A dog with a regular exercise routine will generally be agiler and have a healthy weight with less stress on its bone and joint system.

Exercises that are winners for keeping dogs fit and prevent arthritis whether in youth or old age include – regular walks, running, jumping hoops, playing fetch, swimming, etc.

For more information on the best exercises for your pet especially for League City dog owners, consider consulting a veterinary clinic, League City, Texas.

3. Provide a healthy environment for your dog

Your dog needs the best environment it can get to avoid developing arthritis and other bone and joint complications later in its life. Environments in this regard include where it sleeps. Your dog should have a comfortable home that won’t add any stress or discomfort on its joints.

The more a dog undergoes a lot of stress on its bone and joint structure, the more its chances of developing arthritis. For your dog’s bed, consider getting a soft and warm padding to protect its elbows and legs from the hard floor.

Cold, damp and hard surfaces aren’t the best places for your dog to sit regularly. A little creativity on your part can do the animal a lot of good. Smaller dogs will require this even more. If you need more ideas on the best home environment for your dog, you can contact veterinary clinic League City, Texas.

4. Be Alert and stay in touch with your veterinarian

As mentioned earlier, older dogs are more susceptible to canine arthritis and should be looked out for regularly. There are different signs that indicate the onset of arthritis but if you are alert, you may be able to detect them.

Look out for favoring of one limb, stiffness of a limb, signs of pain, sudden hesitation about jumping or climbing or stiff joints. Whether you notice any of these signs or not, it will be in your best interest if you can take your dog to the vet as regularly as you can.

You can visit SafariVet Veterinary Clinic, League City for a professional consultation on preventing canine arthritis for your dog.

Best Treatment for your Pet: 5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs League City Veterinarian


If you are a League City pet owner, you don’t need to worry about your pet’s care and safety because there are some professional pet health care services in this area which are affordable and best for your pet’s health. League City veterinary services understand what it truly means to deliver expert pet care to your pets.

Having a pet in your care isn’t just something you can wake up one day and decide on doing. Adequate planning and thought are needed so you will offer your pet the best care. Fortunately, if you are in League City, Texas, you can rest assured of getting the best vet treatment for your pet.

Here are 5 reasons why your pet needs League City veterinarians:

  • Most League City clinics offer a wide range of professional pet care services in comparison to a lot of other cities. Irrespective of a pet owner’s request, finding a veterinary clinic in League City is quite simple.
  • As a city known for its well-trained veterinarians, you can count on pet treatment being handled by certified professional services that are fully licensed to operate. Veterinary personnel in our Wellness and Preventive Care are capable to handle any treatment procedure needed by your pet.
  • Recommendations and references are very important in business and an animal wellness center in League City has much well-earned recommendations and references in their portfolio of satisfied customers. You can be confident of getting the best treatment from League City Veterinarian by simply checking out recommendations from word of mouth and review directories.
  • High quality but affordable veterinary care is quite easily accessible in League City. There are a number of top vet clinics in League City which means there is competition and this has forced costs down without compromising on quality. If you need affordable pet treatment that is still of premium quality, Safari Vet is the perfect place for you.
  • A high number of League City veterinarians are up-to-date with industry upgrades and improvements and strike to move with the times. Many latest technologies and updates in veterinary medicine are usually available in Safari Vet in real time.
    Are you a pet owner in League City, TX? You are at the right place as your pets will get the best care from a top quality professional veterinarian.

Pet Health: Things that you should avoid in your Dog’s Food

Pet Health Things that you should avoid in your Dog's Food-min

Just as we humans enjoy treats, so do pets too. As pet parents, you might feel like rewarding your furry friend now and then. This is a nice thing to do when you consider how loyal and companionable most pets are.

However, where do you draw the line on what is safe and what isn’t safe as a treat for your pet? There are several things to avoid in your dog’s treats.

If you were a professional veterinary person, this shouldn’t be an issue for you but as a neutral pet parent, this write-up will definitely come handy.

If you love giving your pets treats then visiting a Veterinary Wellness Center in Texas might be the next logical step to get more informed about this and maybe get a checkup to see if your pet has allergies.

The following food types are to be avoided when giving your pet a treat:

Foods Containing Sugar or Sweeteners

Sugary food isn’t safe for your dog and no matter the temptation, you must try to cut it out as much as possible. Whether it is molasses, syrup, sucrose or any other form it comes in, avoids including sugar-based foods as a treat when feeding your pet.

Regular sugar intake can cause obesity, tooth decay, allergies and other complications.

Foods Containing Soy

Many pets are meat-eating pets are usually allergic to soy which is often added to treats as a form of protein alternative.

Soy-based treats should be avoided as much as possible to save your pet from any possible allergic reactions.

Have you been feeding your pet treats containing soy? A visit to an animal Wellness and Preventive Care might be in short order.

Food Containing Dairy Products

Dairy products have been known to cause discomfort in dogs in particular. It depends on the particular species however and you may have to talk to your pet’s veterinary expert to know whether to cut diary-products from your pet’s treats entirely or not.

Food Containing Salt

This is not to say you should avoid treats containing salt as the compound is very necessary for the pet’s body metabolic activities. Food or treats containing a lot of it should be avoided completely as excessive salt intake can cause an imbalance in the pet’s body.

Health complications like increased heartbeat rate, water intake, the restless behavior may be observed.

Foods with Low-Quality Ingredients

Pet treats produced from certain countries may be of poor health standards for your pet. When getting a treat, you may have to check out the origin and where it was produced.

Checking online reviews might also give some ideas on what to go for.

However, if you need professional help, a Veterinary Wellness Plan Texas can get you started on how to identify safe pet treats for your lovely pet.

Health & Wellness: How to take preventive care of your Pet’s heart disease?

Health & Wellness-How to take preventive care of your Pet's heart disease

Heart disease is one health complication in a pet that doesn’t have any specific all-in-one solution that can take care of it perfectly. It is usually a disease that affects older animals, overweight animals, or animals that have it in their gene. As pet lovers, the onus lies on us to find preventive care tips or solutions that work on taking care of our pets against heart disease.

Early detection has proven to be one of the helpful ways of taking care of your pet’s heart health. In this article, you will find tips on how to take preventive care of your pet’s heart disease even if you nothing about wellness care of pets.

Regular visit to the veterinarian

You need to take your pet to visit the veterinarian for check-ups often. Regular checkups will help your veterinarian spot any abnormally about your heart’s health condition. Abnormal heartbeats and palpitations are usually a giveaway. Your veterinary should also look out for heartworm infections.

On its own, heartworm infection is easy to treat but if left unattended, they can be fatal. You can ask for heartworm medication from your Wellness and Preventive Care so you can have extras to administer at home in an emergency.

Prevent your pet from getting obese

Pet Health Care League City advises you take appropriate steps in making sure your pet doesn’t get obese. Overweight pets just like humans are more predisposed to health complications including heart diseases. Fat dogs develop heart disease a lot faster than dogs with a healthy weight.

You may need to readjust your animals feeding in a situation where you have been over-feeding the animal or start taking out for exercises to work off the weight.

Adequate exercise programs

Your pet needs exercise to keep fit and healthy. It doesn’t have to be anything extra but regular walks, running to play catch and visiting the exercise machine if you have a well-equipped local veterinary around your home, can do the trick.

Proper all-round care of the pet

An all-around care of your pet from all angles will improve your pet’s chances of heart diseases. Your pets need to be properly taken care of and if you can provide it with fresh water, safe housing with a soft bed, proper grooming, and visits to the vet often then you would have won half the battle.

It is important to be watchful of your pet so you can notice any unusual activity it gets into that could hurt it. Heart health can be affected disease infections other than heartworm, in-take of toxic compounds and hereditary causes. Adequate care from you will reduce the chances of your pet suffering ill-health from any of these causes.

Start medication on time

There are different medications that are available to manage the fatality of heart diseases. These medications can help reduce abnormal heart palpitations, take care of heartworms, relieve difficult breathing and prevent your pet from suffering more fatal complications.

However, it is important you contact the local veterinary clinic in League City for a professional vet consultation before going ahead with any medication.

Get your pet’s health check-up at Safari Vet Care Center

Get your pet's health check-up at Safarivet Care Center-min

While the Christmas frenzy seems to have faded slowly out of the spotlight, the unforgiving winter remains and so do the chemicals used to defrost our roads and walkways.

Winter is arguably the most dangerous season for your pets given the very harsh weather conditions and considering the possibility of your pet ingesting chemicals meant to soothe the environment intentionally, or otherwise. This almost always ensures a trip through the icy roads to the veterinary clinic. Special care must be given especially to infant pets during this period to keep up your pets health care.

The initial signs of chemical infestation in pets are vomiting. More times than not, if your pet which seemed to be very healthy a couple of hours before taking a walk begins to throw up, quickly visit your local veterinary clinic to enable qualified Vet doctors to provide wellness & preventive care to avoid a repeat trip to the Vet on a cold winter day.

Some preventive measures you can take towards keeping off that Vet appointment on a cold winter morning are:

Clean your pet’s feet after a walk to avoid it licking its paws and ingesting harmful chemicals meant to defrost walkways during winter. An alternative would be to obtain pet boots for your pet which must be removed and wiped after every walk into the snowy unknowns. Pet boots are also helpful in keeping the paws of your pet warm, thereby reducing the risk of pathogens which thrive in cold weather conditions from infecting your pet.

Simply wipe your pet’s feet after a walk before it has a chance to lick its paws. While this is quite strenuous, and not completely efficient. It is a quite reliable and cost-effective method of keeping your pet out of harm’s way.

Another very effective way albeit unusual would be to simply keep your pets indoors for the larger part of the winter season. This is especially effective if your pet dislikes going out during the winter in the first place.

Pet health care is an important subject at this time of the year. Take precautionary measures, or contact your local veterinary clinic for more wellness & preventive tips for your pets this season.