The Pros And Cons Of Pet Boarding And Pet Sitting

The Pros And Cons Of Pet Boarding And Pet Sitting

In a previous article, we discussed pet boarding (dog and cat boarding) and pet sitting. However, this post will focus more on their pros and cons.

Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding is typically less expensive than hiring a personal pet sitter, but it does have several drawbacks.

At safarivet, we believe that House boarding and facility boarding are the two types of pet boarding. They both involve sending your cat or dog to live with caregivers, but how they work is entirely different, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros of Pet Boarding

Pet boarding is usually (though not always) a significantly cheaper alternative to pet sitting. This is because pet boarding is not an exceptional personalized service. You don’t have much influence over your pet’s routine because all visitors in the boarding space follow the same established regimen for the facility’s convenience.

Another advantage of pet boarding is that your pet can socialize with other animals. Rather than leaving your pet at home with only your pet sitter for company, it can socialize with other pets and get some much-needed social time while you are away.

One advantage to remember is that the folks you interact with will undoubtedly be qualified professionals. These pet boarding establishments are usually run/worked by experienced professionals who have undergone years of training before being accepted. But, unfortunately, the advantages of institutional pet boarding over pet sitting end there.

The Cons of Pet Boarding

The first disadvantage I’ll discuss is how your pet interacts with other pets. Your pet can contract external infections/diseases from other pets. It is not very common, but the chances are much higher than if you hired a regular pet sitter to come to your home.

The stress you put your pet through is a far more significant disadvantage than the one mentioned above. Unfortunately, many pet parents are unaware that when a pet is suddenly thrown into a new environment, it will most likely experience significant stress.

Pet Sitting

This could be for a single day, and the pet sitter could stay for designated nights to keep an eye on your pet. So, not to worry, here are the pros and cons of pet sitting.

The Pros of Pet Sitting

Your pet will undoubtedly be the pet-primary sitter’s attention. I’m not arguing that pet boarding ignores your pet; I’m just saying that pet boarders/boarding facilities frequently take in multiple other creatures, all of which require attention. As a result, pet sitters will spend time giving them the needed attention, playing, and interacting with your pet, which may incur additional fees if requested at a pet boarding facility.

Another significant advantage is that your pet does not have to adjust to new surroundings. Your pet will have all of its favorite foods, toys, blankets, and so on in the comfort of its own home. A sudden change of environment and strangers caring for your pet can be highly traumatic for your dog to adjust to. Put ourselves in the shoes of our pets.

The Cons of Pet Sitting

Regarding pet sitting, the most noticeable turn-off is usually the hefty costs charged. This is understandable given that pet sitting is a personalized service instead of boarding your pet, which is frequently substantially less expensive. Like any other service, a one-on-one session will undoubtedly be more expensive than a group session.

Another disadvantage would be your pet. If your pet is not at ease in the house with strangers, life will be unpleasant for you and the pet sitter you’ve hired. Even if your pet is in a safe place, leaving it alone with a stranger is bound to produce anxiety in a pet’s head. However, this will still be an issue if you opt to send it to pet boarding. So, in most circumstances, this drawback is inescapable.

What to look out for

This should go without saying, but I can’t stress the importance of hiring a professional and trustworthy pet sitter to accomplish the job. Please do not employ a pet sitter solely because his or her costs are low. Before making a decision, do some background research on the pet sitter. Then, when making your decision, leave no room for doubt.

What makes you think your dogs will be happy with your selection if you are not completely satisfied?

Another thing to consider is the instructions you provide to the pet sitter. It is critical that you fully communicate your instructions to your pet sitter. Make certain that he understands and follows all of your instructions.

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