The Ultimate Guide To Trimming Your Cat’s Nails Safely And Painlessly In Pearland, TX

The Ultimate Guide To Trimming Your Cat’s Nails Safely And Painlessly In Pearland, TX

Trimming a cat’s nails has an important role to play when it comes to taking care of your pet’s health. You may have the question, how often to trim a cat’s nails? So, cutting your cat’s claws every two to three weeks not only protects your pets and your family but also keeps your curtains, sofa, and other furniture safe and long-lasting.

“Cat’s nails are very sharp, especially when they’re kittens. They don’t just harm you when being used on you but also are more likely to damage your carpet, furniture, and the like. Keeping a plethora of scratching posts and training your pets to use them comes in handy but cutting their claws from time to time has other importance, too.”

The Cats’ claws grow at a rapid pace and if not trimmed on time, can grow into the pads of the paws bringing along immensely painful situations for them to need veterinary attention. Is the talk of trimming your cat’s claws biting your nails? Then you should know that all it takes is the right practice to do so. Let’s know-how!

What Takes Place If Your Cat’s Nails Aren’t Trimmed?

Before we dig deeper, let’s have an eye on the basic need to trim your cat’s nails! Similar to humans and other animals like dogs, the cat’s claws, and nails grow continuously. It may be slow or fast but it will surely grow. They require getting the claws trimmed from time to time – as if not cut, they’re likely to grow to a point or even curl back into their paw pad or toe causing a traumatic situation for them. At times, long claws are likely to tear out causing bleeding or some additional issues for the cat.

Therefore, you should consider continuous nail trimming so that you can take care of your cat’s health and keep it safe from any consequences. Nail trimming becomes of utmost importance, especially for those who stay indoor-only, thereby not getting the freedom to wear down their nails naturally by scratching them on trees and other substances. As a result, many cats gain health benefits from routine nail trimming.

How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails:

Now that you have come to know the basics, let’s come to assess the ways of trimming your cat’s nails safely and with ease! If you find it hard to trim the nails of your cat you can search for cat nail trimming near me to find and get it done by experts! Safari Animal Hospital, Pearland, provides cat grooming services near you.

Benign When They’re Kitten

It is a great time to begin getting your cat comfortable with nail trimming when they’re kittens. You should embark on gently playing with their paws, squeezing their paw pads, and the like. Don’t forget to stop all the activities once the cat starts to resist or bite at your hand. As time passes by, the kitten becomes more accustomed to having her paws handled, and that’s the time you can introduce specialized pet nail trimmers for nail trimming.

Make Use of the Right Tools

Don’t forget to use the right tools for cutting your cat’s claws safely. Avoid using scissors – they are likely to split your cat’s nails. Consider having some styptic powder in your hand while nail cutting. It helps you when you mistakenly cut the quicks that start to bleed.

In case you fail to arrange styptic powder, don’t worry. There’s another alternative for that. You can gently apply a black (caffeinated) tea bag which will suffice your need.

Wait Until Your Cat Get Calm & Relaxed

Don’t do any activity in a hurry. Try to play a waiting game and pick the right moment when your cat is feeling nice, calm, and relaxed. It may be the time when the cat gets up after taking a nap, getting relaxed for a nap and the like. You know better than me when your lovely pet gets calm and relaxed. So, choose the moment that’s right for you. Besides, avoid trimming your cat’s nails during playtime, or when it’s restless and running around.

Try to Hold Your Cat on Its Back on Your Lap

When you sit to trim your cat’s claws, try to hold the clippers in one hand while securely holding your cat’s paw in the other. Then, apply the pressure gently to the top and bottom of your cat’s paw, focusing on the point behind the claw to expand it. If your cat tries to resist it, you better try to hold in the crook of your arm.

Furthermore, if your cat puts up a fight during nail trimming, you should prefer wrapping your cat in a towel or blanket. It’ll enable you to extend one arm or leg at a time for trimming. Next up, start with back claws, as many cats will try to use their hind legs to escape. When you trim them first, you end up mitigating the risk to be scratched easily.

Find The Point Where the Nail Separates From the Quick

Before you make attempt to nail trimming your cat, you should locate the quick which looks like a small, pinkish triangle inside the nail. Ensure taking the quick’s position in your cat’s nail so that you can avoid cutting it mistakenly. Moreover, while you make use of clippers, position them in a way that enables the blades to nail right from the bottom to the top. Following this technique, you can circumvent splitting.

Cut The Nails Using Trimmers

Next up, while nail trimming, hold your cat properly and go cutting the nails one by one. Try to keep the trimmers halfway between the claw and the end of the quick. Now, snip slowly while speaking to your cat in a soothing, calm voice so that it can feel relaxed and loved. While nail trimming, your cat may meow, protect, and go to scratch you, so try to keep yourself calm. Don’t either yell at the cat or rush through the process. Doing so will end up with a successful nail-trimming experience.

Give Your Cat a Treat

Now that you have got success in nail trimming, your cat deserves a treat. So give your pet a treat as a reward.. It may be chicken, vacuum-packed salmon, or the like. Besides, your cat may want to enjoy sour cream or butter. So, do what you like. Rewarding your cat after nail trimming gives it an enjoyable experience and it may be more ready for the next nail trimming.

Signing Off…!
That’s pretty much about it! That’s all how you can cut the claws of your cat safely and make your furry friend healthy and safe. Hopefully, you get the most out of these steps and keep your furry friend safe and sound! If you find it tough to do nail trimming on your own, get connected to cat grooming services to get it done by experts!

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