What Is CT Scan for Animals? Why Does Your Pet Need CT Scan In Pearland, Texas

What Is CT Scan For Animals? Why Does Your Pet Need CT Scan In Pearland, Texas

Have you ever got a trauma or any illness relating to internal organs? If yes, then you might be aware of the CT scans. CT scans (Computed Tomography), or CAT scans, are a significant tool in modern human medicine to reach an accurate diagnosis. But, what about veterinary CT scans or CT scans for dogs? That’s what this article is going to take you through. Keep reading on!

Similar to CT scan for humans, veterinary CT scan has the same purpose and intent, which delivers equal results. When a veterinarian wishes to take a close look at a specific internal organ, bone, or any other part of an animal, they employ CT scans.

Being nearly identical to that of humans, CT scan for dogs is equipped with the same machines and technologies, and the only difference is that the dogs need anesthetization to be tranquilized throughout the procedure. Keeping the pets completely still eases the process.

The CT scans provide excellent more intense details of internal anatomy and much more additional information compared to a simple radiograph. In this article, we’re going to take you through a detailed guide consisting of every single detail about the CT scan for dogs.

Before heading up to further exploration let’s get started from the basics first, and know what actually a veterinary CT scan is!

What Is CT Scan for Animals? or What’s Veterinary CT Scan?

A CT scan for pets creates an intense still image of your animal’s organs, bones, and tissues in just a matter of a few minutes. Yes, it takes a CT scanner just a few minutes to create images by passing X-rays through the body, making it a great choice for emergencies in any illness.

A CT scan shows signs of problems after a disease has begun to alter the structure of organs and tissues of the body of pets. Once the CT scan gets done, there is no radiation left on your pet’s body.

Why Do Your Pets Need CT scans?

Yes, it’s the most common question often asked by most people. The most common reason why your pets need a CT scan is, if one of your pets suspects any issue and the veterinarian needs to have a clear picture of the specific problem, then, nothing else but the CT scan is the option to get there. It provides detailed pictures of your pet’s interior body enabling the veterinarian to diagnose potential issues and administer a better treatment plan in no time.

Benefits of CT Scans for Your Pets?

When it comes to the benefits of CT scans for dogs, it’s plenty. A veterinary CT scan provides high-resolution images allowing vets to evaluate your pet’s anatomy in the best way possible with comprehensive details compared to traditional X-rays. It further provides extensive detailed scans of the bones and soft tissue structures in the body.

Some of the most common areas of your pet’s body scanned by a vet with a CT scanner involve the spine, inner ear, chest and lungs, nasal cavity, and so on. Besides, vets may make use of CT scan technology to examine your pet’s lymph nodes, abdominal organs, thyroid gland, brain, skull, vascular structures, and so on.

Are There Any Side Effects to a CT Scan for Dogs?

When it comes to the question, “Are there any side effects of CT scans for dogs?”, we have a big no as the answer to this question. Humans who get through many CT scans over the course of their lives are more likely to get an increased risk for radiation-included cancers. In contrast to that, repeated CT scans for animals are rare, hence, there’s no chance of this.

Furthermore, the respective life spans of animals are not as long as humans, so they are less likely to get affected by any side effects. But, for any procedure that involves anesthesia, the patients have to be monitored for a certain period of time for any effect or illness.

The Cost of CT Scans for Pets?

How much is a CT scan for a dog?”. This is the question that often pops up in the mind of most of us. The dog CT scan costs depend on the complexity of the types of CT scan you require. For instance, CT scans that need the injection of iodine, can go up to $1,000 for the whole procedure. Moreover, the cost of a CT scan for dogs may vary based on the veterinarian and specific geographic location.

At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, Pearland, Texas, the overall cost for a CT scan for dogs including consultation, examination, anesthesia, blood work, hospitalization, and other services can range between around $1,500 to $2,500. If your pets are suffering from any kind of illness that requires a dog CT scan, this can be the best place you can choose to get your pets better and see them as they were before getting affected by the illness.

There you have it! We embarked upon this article with the very question in mind “What Is a CT scan for animals? Why does your pet need a CT scan in Pearland, Texas?”. We included every single detail relating to this very question popping up in your mind.

This comprehensive article consists of details from what CT scans for dogs, to what are the benefits, along with their side effects in a very simple manner. So, we hope you get better from the information suggested and employ them to recover your loving pets from their illness.

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