Why Safari veterinary care center is one of the best and affordable animal care hospital in Houston, Texas

Why Safari Veterinary Care Center Is One Of The Best And Affordable Animal Care Hospital In Houston, Texas

Are you looking for an affordable pet clinic in Houston, Texas? Safari Veterinary Care Center is one of the best affordable vets in Houston, Texas. It also has the best veterinarians in Houston, Texas.

Reasons why Safari Veterinary Care Center Is one of the best and affordable animal care hospital in Texas

The following reasons are valid for it being the best animal care hospital in Houston, Texas.

  • Services offered:

    Safari Veterinary Care Center offers the best and affordable services in Houston, Texas. Services available include regenerative stem therapy for pets suffering from chronic allergies, arthritis, or undergoing orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, camping, grooming, exotic medicine and surgery, advanced imaging, and dental services. These services are carried out by highly skilled veterinarians and technicians experienced in the different fields with the aim of ensuring your pets’ health is optimum at an affordable cost.

  • Payment plan:

    Safari Veterinary Care Center can be considered one of the cheap vets in Houston, Texas. There are different payment plans available for pet owners to take advantage of for their pets. Costs range from as low as $20, and bitcoin is accepted as a mode of payment.

  • Skilled personnel:

    It is a care facility that prioritizes skilled professionals experienced in the different fields and services. All staff are skilled and work as a team. Amongst the team members are veterinary technicians, stem cell liaisons, boarding assistants, veterinary assistants, grooming assistants, rehab assistants, boarding managers, customer service assistants, veterinarians, and surgeons.

  • Online forms and appointments:

    Not all vet clinics have online forms for pet owners to fill to enable the vet clinic to have your pets’ details and set up appointments for your pets in case of emergencies. This makes your pet’s visit easier and faster.

  • Wellness plan:

    Safari Veterinary Care Center operates different wellness plans with add-on packages that are amazing deals. From the basic care plan to the comprehensive care plan, these plans cater to your pet’s health care needs to prevent diseases and ailments.

What makes Safari Veterinary Care Center different?

Unlike most vet clinics and centers that focus solely on injuries and illnesses, Safari Vet Care Center also focuses on disease prevention, your pet’s socialization, reproduction, and your pet’s general behavior to holistically manage your pet’s health and ensure a happier life.

Safari Veterinary Care Center has standards that separate us from others. These standards are taught to all team members and professionals to ensure uniformity. Standards for surgical protocols, standards of care, standards of conduct, standards of communication, standards of service, and standards of appearance, to mention a few.

The entire Safari team undergoes training once every week to keep them updated on current veterinary practices, such as vaccination, skincare, surgery, flea control, heartworm control, and internal parasite control.

These said we have amazing reviews from returning clients who have something to say about our services and care.

“This is not our home vet, but we brought a puppy home on a Sunday who looked a little off, and they welcomed us with open arms and GREAT care. It is so convenient that they take visits on weekend days. Our little corgi pup was diagnosed with “puppy strangles,” and Dr. Gibson and Sergio took great care of him, even with COVID-19 restrictions. They were able to get him in on Sunday and get him on the medications he needed.

We are so, so thankful for this team and business! They have quality care and great staff!” – Nicolette C. San Antonio, TX

“Heart worm test, Trifexis, Grooming, Nail Dremel and Brushed Teeth….all ready for the Holidays!!
As always, Safari takes such good care of my fur baby.” – Sonia P. League City, TX

Extraordinary! I can’t say enough about this place and the staff. Care and compassion from ever worker. Ariel, Scout,Laurie,Jimmy….thats just a few of the wonderful employees I have Interacted with. I have a bird. Every employee walked by and talked to him or checked on him several times. Brought tears to my eyes watching how much they care. Great communication and always keeping me up to date. – Regina Lee

Took in one of my reptiles to get a wellness check completed. From the front desk to the vet tech to the doc it seemed like everyone cared about the well-being of my reptile.

Great customer service and care the prices were also fair.

I will be taking all of my animals that are in need of any type of care to this vet from now on.

Thank you Staff at safari for an all around wonderful experience! – Duplan Stephanie

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