Why Safari Veterinary Care Center Is The Best Pet Grooming Services Provider In Houston, TX?

Why Safari Veterinary Care Center Is The Best Pet Grooming Services Provider In Houston, TX?

There are several pet grooming service providers in Houston, TX but Safari Veterinary Care Center stands out for the following reasons:

  1. Services offered:

    The pet grooming service offered are carried out by highly skilled technicians experienced in the fields with the aim of ensuring your pet gets the best pet grooming service at an affordable cost. Having watched them up close and personal, no dog grooming near me comes close.

  2. Payment plan:

    Safari Veterinary Care Center can be considered one of the affordable veterinary centers in Houston, Texas. There are different payment plans available for pet owners to take advantage of for their pets and bitcoin is also accepted as a mode of payment for dog grooming services and cat grooming services. Talk about value for money and innovation in cat grooming and dog grooming in Houston.

  3. Training:

    The Safari Veterinary Care Center grooming team undergoes training once every week to keep them up to date on current grooming practices, such as skincare, flea control, heartworm control, and internal parasite control, etc.

  4. Technology savvy:

    Safari Veterinary Care Center makes it possible for pet owners to fill online forms to enable the vet clinic to have your pets’ details and set up appointments for your pets thus making your pet’s visit easier and faster. None of the other dog boardings near me and cat grooming near me matches them with the use of technology to make appointments easier.

  5. One-stop shop:

    Safari Veterinary Care Center makes is a care facility that prioritizes skilled professionals experienced in the different fields and services. What makes Safarivet truly different is that all staff are very skilled and work as a team. The team members include veterinary technicians, stem cell liaisons, boarding assistants, veterinary assistants, grooming assistants, rehab assistants, boarding managers, customer service assistants, veterinarians, and surgeons. Safari Veterinary Care Center does not focus solely on treatment but rather it takes a holistic look at the well-being by focusing on the general appearance of your pet, disease prevention, pet’s socialization, reproduction, and general behavior in order to manage your pet’s health and ensure a happier life.

  6. Standards:

    Safari Veterinary Care Center dog grooming league city operates the same way as every other Safarivet clinic. This is because Safari Veterinary Care Center in a bid to ensure uniformity in the quality of services provided has set standards that are taught across board in all their branches. From standards of communication to standards of care, standards of conduct, standards of service, and standards of appearance, etc.


  1. Once you use Safarivet, there’s no going back. Their attention to detail and empathy is a joy to behold.
  2. I couldn’t believe it. They are open every day of the week and my dogs, Jack and Frank were always delighted to be there. The grooming technicians are very, very good and not just that, they are also very polite and happy. If Safarivet ever conducts a masterclass on customer service, I will definitely send members of my company to attend.

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