Why Safarivet Is The Best Pet Rehabilitation Center In League City, TX? What Are The Types of Dog Rehabilitation?

Why Safarivet Is The Best Pet Rehabilitation Center In League City, TX? What Are The Types Of Dog Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is not a service that should be exclusively rendered to humans. Your pets too can benefit from rehabilitation. Age, injuries, arthritis, and wear and tear can massively limit your dog’s range of motion. This poses more complicated challenges for your dog such as a propensity to gain weight and risk of having more serious injuries.

As a man brought up and bred in Texas, I have visited several veterinary rehabilitations near me and they were massively underwhelming. Safari Veterinary Care Center was the only pet rehabilitation near me that I was very impressed with.

We have a rehabilitation therapy department that offers most of the above therapies at Safarivet. They are a vet Rehabilitation In Texas with top-notch rehabilitation facilities. The veterinary rehabilitation is also well-staffed and brimming with qualified vet professionals.

In this article, we will be discussing the top reasons for dog rehabilitation based on my several visits to rehabilitation centers near me and the types of rehabilitation for dogs based on.

Top reasons for dog rehabilitation

There are several reasons for taking your dog to a veterinary rehabilitation center. Top on the list is:

  1. Surgery:

    Has your dog recently undergone surgery? It might be in your dog’s best interest to consider a pet rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation will help your dog heal faster and it will improve the mobility range of your dog.

  2. Pain and arthritis:

    Rehabilitation is commonly used to reduce pain related to injuries and chronic conditions. Rehabilitation and pet therapy can help alleviate pain especially if it is combined with pain medications recommended by your veterinary doctor.

    There is a veterinary clinic near me called Safarivet. Their rehabilitation methods are so revolutionary that another Vet Rehabilitation In League City is beginning to adopt them. The “fear-free rehabilitation” is such a delight to pet owners. For the first time, their dogs are not forced to perform exercises.

    The pets are taught how to use the rehabilitation facilities properly and rewarded for using them as required so as to reinforce good behavior. The lessons are designed to strengthen core muscle strength as well as to work on specific leg muscles.

    The nerves responsible for proprioception (the ability to know where your feet are without looking) are located in the joints and may be damaged by surgery. They are usually the first to be damaged in spinal injuries. The objective of proprioception training is to get the pet to stand on surfaces that give tactile stimulation.

    Water treadmills are also used for water buoyancy which helps to support the weight of the pet while the pet uses its limbs more naturally. It is used mainly to build strength, stamina as well as to enhance coordination and normal gait development.

    There is also a swimming pool for more advanced cases such as when the pet is quadriplegic and unable to stand at all. The pool is best for building strength where there is none.

    Other rehabilitation techniques include heat, cold, cold laser, electrostimulation, and massage therapy. If you’re not sure about which veterinary hospital to go to, please visit league city animal hospital or Safarivet.


Dr. Rosa and her staff’s attention to detail are next to none. Definitely recommend.

The staff is respectful and committed. They go out of their way to allay the fear of the pet owners. You can tell that they are all passionate and take great pride in what they do.

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