Reptiles and Amphibians


Reptiles and amphibian care centers on creating a proper environment and feeding the proper diet. When these two issues are dealt with, few medical issues arise. In general, the proper environment includes the proper containment, lighting, substrate and temperature/humidity. The proper diet is balanced, of the right color and consistency and acceptable to the pet. Once these basics are handled then more advanced care for reproduction and longevity can be considered. At Safari we have the experience and understanding to help you care for your reptile or amphibian. In addition, at Safari we offer diagnostic capabilities such as ultrasound and radiographs as well as the skill and ability to draw blood from all reptiles for laboratory analysis. We possess the specialized medical and surgical therapies that can be lifesaving when your pet is ill. We also understand the special metabolism of medications that reptiles have and know which medications are safe and effective for your pet.