Our team

Carla Duran


Grooming Assistant

I started my journey at Safari 8 years ago as a part time bather in high school and was later hired on fulltime. I enjoy getting to know our clients … Continue reading Carla Duran

Kathryn Stone


Customer Service Assistant

I left my hometown of Webster to get a Bachelors in Animal Science from Iowa State University and have recently returned. I really like meeting all our clients and their … Continue reading Kathryn Stone

Lacey Weber


Veterinary Technician

I have eight years of experience at Safari, and the nicest thing about my job is that I get to witness everything from beginning to end., like when our clients … Continue reading Lacey Weber

Linda Knapp


Grooming Administration

I’ve been a member of our grooming department for almost 8 years and Safari has become my home away from home! I am passionate about helping our clients feel better … Continue reading Linda Knapp