Dara DelAngel


My Safari career has been a journey of learning medical knowledge, compassion and commitment. Hello, my name is Dara. I’ve had the privilege of saving animal’s lives for more than 20 years now and 18 of those years were with Dr. Garner and the incredible Safari team.

Safari has not only been a higher learning for me and my education, but also a place for personal growth and self-appreciation. Dr. and Mrs. Garner’s personal attention to not only the clients, but also their staff, makes Safari a rewarding place to celebrate my love of animals and the lifesaving skills I’ve learned. Joining our team will allow you an opportunity to not only be a part of the game, but also play a big part in how we win. The Safari family values commitment, kindness and above all the need for knowledge. As a veterinary technician at Safari, I’ve enjoyed long term relationships with not only the life of our pets, but also the loving owners that bring them to see us.