Dr. Steve Garner


Dr. Garner owns & operates what has been termed “the most productive veterinary hospital in the world” at Safari Veterinary Care Centers near Houston, TX. He founded Safari in 1984 with a vision to develop a model for veterinary practice in which a private practice veterinarian could practice the level of medicine taught in veterinary school.
Dr. Garner developed ‘Transformation for Success’ seminars & consulting which have enabled over 2500 seminar attendees to experience his vision of the future of veterinary medicine. Dr. Garner & his team have consulted with over 500 practices to implement the Safari business process systems.

In 1999, these Safari business processes became the basis for a cutting edge software, ‘VetPlan’, inspired by Dr. Garner. Safari Knowledge Systems combines this novel & unique software system with the Safari business process changes to add value to the veterinary practice through increased veterinary staff communications about recommendations for their pets. Currently VetPlan is installed in over 300 veterinary practices worldwide.

In 2003, 2004 & 2006, Dr. Garner was Chairman of the Practice Management section of the Western Veterinary Conference; one of the largest in the world. Dr. Garner is in demand worldwide as a speaker, teacher & consultant, having spoken at veterinary conferences and hospitals around the world and written many articles.

Today Dr. Garner is among the leaders in the veterinary industry, practicing advanced regenerative medicine unlike any private hospital in the country, all after embarking on a quest in 2015 to learn all he could about stem cell therapy. Once he was convinced that stem cells were a viable alternative therapy for many previously incurable diseases, he wanted to know how to capture this technology for his Safari patients. Since embryonic stem cell therapy was not an option for Dr. Garner, he instead harvests the cells from body fat, called adult stem cells or mesenchymal stem cells. Focusing on the most effective way to employ stem cells for dogs, Dr. Garner found a number of obstacles that needed to be addressed before he could recommend stem cell treatment to his patients. To overcome these obstacles Dr. Garner enrolled in stem cell classes in California and Tennessee and has come to understand the essential elements of developing a fully functional stem cell laboratory.

In this effort, Dr. Garner also developed a relationship with a human stem cell research laboratory in Houston, InGeneron, which conducts stem cell research for various elements of the Houston-area Medical Center. They have trained Dr. Garner and his staff of cellular engineers at Safari. By using exceptional techniques, Dr. Garner has had exceptional success. He has focused on making paralyzed dogs walk, saving dogs from lethal forms of anemia, and other immune mediated diseases without cures.
To complement his work with spinal stem cell therapy and orthopedic cases, Dr. Garner further advanced his knowledge of Canine Rehabilitation by attending the Canine Rehabilitation Certificate Program at the University of Tennessee, a Certificate Program in Canine Physical Rehabilitation. This program is the only program in veterinary rehabilitation to win the distinguished Outstanding Non-Credit Program Award by the Association for Continuing Higher Education.

In 2012 and again in 2020 he expanded Safari into the exceptional facility it is today. Clients are able to learn all about Safari online and come from all over the country to meet Dr. Garner and the Safari team. We’d love to have you visit for a tour and see what Safari can do for you!