Dr. Steve Garner


Dr. Garner owns & operates what has been termed the most productive veterinary hospital in the world at Safari Veterinary Care Centers near Houston, TX. He founded Safari in 1984 w/a vision to develop a model for veterinary practice in which a private practice veterinarian could practice the level of medicine taught in veterinary school.

Today, Dr. Garner is among the leaders in the veterinary industry, gaining notoriety as having developed & cultivated just such a hospital operating model; one that leverages the veterinary healthcare team to new heights. To share this operating model w/the veterinary community, Dr. Garner developed Transformation for Success seminars & consulting, which have enabled over 2500 seminar attendees to experience his vision of the future of veterinary medicine. Dr. Garner & his team have consulted w/over 500 practices to implement the Safari business process systems.

In 1999, these Safari business processes became the basis for a cutting edge software VetPlan, inspired by Dr. Garner. Safari Knowledge Systems combines this novel & unique software system (VetPlan) w/the Safari business process changes. Together, they add value to the veterinary practice through introducing a systematic approach to increasing veterinary staff communications about recommended medical procedures & treatments. Also, increasing staff engagement w/customers thereby improving compliance within a clinic’s client base, increasing a clinic’s capacity to service customers & improving the customer experience within a veterinary practice. Currently, VetPlan is installed in over 300 veterinary practices worldwide.

In 2003, 2004 & 2006, Dr. Garner was Chairman of the Practice Management section of the Western Veterinary Conference; one of the largest in the world. With frequent appearances on national radio stations & having written many articles, Dr. Garner is in demand worldwide as a speaker, teacher & consultant.