Melinda Wharton


Being the Safari Stem Cell Liaison is my dream job! I’ve done many jobs over the course of my career, but first and foremost, I’m a technical writer and editor. At Safari, I get to learn interesting new things on a daily basis and pass that knowledge on to our clients and online followers. The information we share online is more in–depth than the average clinic’s, in part because our vets have shared their knowledge with us with the intent that we share it with others. An educated client makes the best pet parent, and I love getting to share what I learn!

We also provide tons of information on our cutting–edge stem cell therapy program, and I get to be a big part of that. Our advanced equipment, stem cell laboratory, and techniques draw patients and clients from all over the country. It’s really exciting to learn how regenerative stem cell therapy benefits veterinary medicine. Every day I research something new or learn another facet of regenerative medicine that I can then publish online to teach others. As I learn, my intent is that our clients can also learn.