Sergio Franco


Since the first day that I stepped foot at Safari the biggest difference that I have seen is the amount of knowledge everyone is willing to share. From the veterinarian’s willingness to educate every single employee at Safari, the knowledge that I have received from the technical staff both in terminology and practical skills, to the overall physical handling of not just cats and dogs but exotic animals such as: bearded dragons, rabbits, birds, sugar gliders, and even a kangaroo!

One of the aspects of Safari that has surprised me the most is the ability of every staff member to help one another in any department. Client relations, boarding, grooming, and our rehabilitation staff have all developed skills that makes helping out anyone that much easier, thus making the pets overall experience at Safari great.

Working at Safari has helped my personal growth in the veterinary field tremendously. Learning the terminology and the practical skills here is a huge bonus, especially to someone like me who hopes to continue on to veterinary school, working with both Dr. Garner and Dr. Willis who are willing to share their experience and knowledge is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.