Dr. Steven Garner
Owner, Chief Of Staff

Steven Garner, DVM, DABVP

Dr. Garner owns & operates what has been termed “the most productive veterinary hospital in the world” at Safari Veterinary Care Centers. He founded Safari in 1984 with a vision to develop a model for veterinary practice in which a private practice veterinarian could practice the level of medicine taught in veterinary school.
Since opening Safari, Dr. Garner has developed transformational seminars & consulting, created cutting edge software called ‘VetPlan’ which is installed in clinics worldwide, spoken at veterinary conferences and hospitals worldwide, and written numerous articles, all of which have made him an industry leader.

Today Dr. Garner is busy practicing advanced regenerative medicine unlike any private hospital in the country. After enrolling in both human and veterinary stem cell classes, he set out to build a fully functional stem cell laboratory with the help of a human stem cell research company in the world acclaimed Houston Medical Center.

Because he had learned exceptional techniques, Dr. Garner has enjoyed exceptional success. He has helped hundreds of paralyzed dogs by acquiring MRI and CT scanners and attending the Canine Rehabilitation Certificate Program at the University of Tennessee and. He expanded his stem cell treatments to include immune mediated diseases without cures, ultimately treating hundreds of patients with IMHA, KCS, IBD, and more.

After expanding the original Safari facility in 2020, he is now opening a second location here in Pearland.
Dr. Garner welcomes you to experience the Safari difference at either location!