Pet Care With A Difference

This website details the Safari Differences. Here they will be listed:

  • We are Team Based Veterinary Medicine
  • We believe that our purpose is Knowledge Sharing
  • We use Knowledge of Pet Care to build Client Relationships
  • We have written Safari Ethical Standards
  • We have written Safari Standards of Conduct, Care, Communication, Appearance and Service
  • We always do what is good for the Pet
  • We Diagnose before we Treat
  • We Touch before we Teach (We show that we care first because a client does not care what we know until they know that we care)
  • We Teach before we Reach (we tell the client what we are recommending and why before we reach for medicines or drugs)
  • We are open – we allow the client to come on a tour – we show the back of our business
  • We are a team – we have the same uniform – we play by the same rules – we score the same points
  • We always give written reports on the physical examination and release instructions
  • We take care of all animals – Exotics and Wildlife included
  • We never say “NO” – we have services such as boarding, grooming, puppy daycare, rehabilitation & stem cell therapy in addition
  • We have a “fear free” practice
  • We have video cameras
  • We have Team training every week
  • We are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen

Safari Veterinary Care Centers ( and Safari Knowledge Systems LLC, respectively, are not affiliated with, associated with, authorized by, endorsed by, certified by, maintained by, or in any way officially connected with Fear Free, LLC or the Fear Free Certification program.


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