The Safari Team

Safari represents Team Based Veterinary Medicine. This team all understands the rules of the game. How to greet clients, how to comply with their wishes and how to wish a fond and sincere farewell. All team members are trained every Wednesday on both customer service and technical issues. Many veterinary facilities allow the client to only interact with the veterinarian. At Safari, we trust our whole team to provide information and services to our clients. Should the team member have an issue or question that they cannot answer they will say “I’ll be happy to find that out for you” and they will do just that. Our team works with our veterinarian to support our clients. This gives Safari many points of contact and a more stable system of service than the traditional form of veterinary practice where there is just one point of contact (the vet).

Operating the Team requires standards. Standards allow for each team member to know what the veterinarian is doing and for the veterinarian to know what the team is doing. We have written standards of Ethics, Care, Communication, Appearance, Service, and Conduct. These Standards are the foundation that supports the Team in performing their functions, tasks and duties.

The ethical standards set guiding principles such as “Respect all Life” and “Diagnose before you Treat” or “Do what is best for the pet”. These guiding principles are used to make decisions about what we “ought” to do. When you can have a whole team doing what they ought to do you have a very powerful force caring for your pet.

Our people are not paid on production. They are mostly fueled by the emotional paycheck received when they do something good for a client or a pet. Each Wednesday we celebrate these actions among the team so that we all know the rules of the game we are playing and how serving the client and the pet in the highest form is how we score points.