Pet Stem Cell Laboratory


Stem Cell Laboratory

Processing Stem Cells from your pets own fatty tissues. This sterile process involves using specialized chemical and equipment to gently separate and filter the stem cells from the fatty tissue. The cells are then counted using fluorescent dyes and lights that allow the live cells to be seen under the microscope. The Regenerative cells are then injected into the area that needs regeneration or given intravenously. Cells are also cultured and frozen for later use.

fatty tissue preparation for stem cell therapy

Fatty Tissue Preparation

The fat is minced and mixed with enzymes that separate the stem cells from the fatty tissue

stem cell separationstem cell separation

Stem Cell Separation

The minced tissue and enzymes are then agitated in a warm specially designed centrifuge. This machine starts and stops so the tubes are lifted to the up position. This position allows the mixture to drift down when the machine stops spinning. This gentle mixing allows for the cells to be separated without damage.

Stem Cell Separation

Stem Cell Separation

The stem cells are in the bottom of the tube and the fat is at the top.

fat separation from the cell stem-cell-therapy-6

Fat Separation

Special filters are used to separate the fat from the Stem Cells.

liquid nitrogen to store stem cell

Liquid Nitrogen

. Cells to be frozen are first prepared to protect them from the freezing process. Then they are frozen using a computer programmed cell freezer at the rate of 1 degree per minute to minus 70 centigrade before being stored in the liquid nitrogen container on the left.

the biological safety cabinet

The Biological Safety Cabinet

This laminar flow hood prevents bacterial contamination while processing tissue and handling culture cells.

cell incubator to manintain stem cell

Cell Incubator

Our tissue culture incubator maintains the cell cultures at body temperature or 37 degrees centigrade. Stem cells also require high carbon dioxide concentrations and this is added in this specially designed incubator.

the safari stem cell laboratory The Safari Stem Cell Laboratory has all the equipment for processing stem cells. Growing Stem Cells in culture and Cryogenically storing Stem Cells.

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