Spa Services


“The Safari Bath” – Your pet is always lovingly bathed by well-trained and supervised bathers who emphasize your pet’s safety and comfort.

Here at safari we have a few different grooming packages specially designed for your furry loved ones grooming needs.

These services include:

  • “The Safari 3 Step” – (Prices start at $15. Prices are based on pets weight.)
  • “The Safari Maintenance Groom” – (Prices start at $35. Prices are based on pets weight.)
  • “The Safari Full Groom” (Prices start at $53. Prices are based on pets weight)

**At Safari the Safety of your pet is our top priority that is why we require all pets visiting our salon be current on all Vaccines. These include Rabies, DHP (Distemper-Adenovirus type 2- Parainfluenza) Parvo (Parvovirus Vaccine), and Bordetella (Intranasal kennel cough vaccine). **

The Safari Three Step Bath” Optional bath that provides exceptional coat and skin cleaning and conditioning.


Step 1

We start with a Deep Cleansing Shampoo which reduces itching, flushes hair follicles and is antimicrobial. The coat is then combed to remove mats, dead skin and debris from the coat.


Step 2

The second step is a Moisturizing Conditioner which restores moisture to the skin and provides a thin film barrier that prevents drying of the moisturized skin. The coat is then cool force air dried and brushed and combed to remove the undercoat and dead hair which reduces shedding.


Step 3

Finally a Conditioning Mist is applied which conditions the hair, softens and adds luster and shine to the coat.

Safari is Proud to present our new CAT SPA! Safari is happy to groom your favorite feline in our quiet dog free zone! Our professional staff delights in our ability to keep your cat calm during his or her visit to the “Safari Salon and Cat Spa.

Cat Grooming


Safari is Proud to present our new CAT SPA! Safari is happy to groom your favorite feline in our quiet dog free zone! Our professional staff delights in our ability to keep your cat calm during his or her visit to the “Safari Salon and Cat Spa”.


Pet Sedation

If necessary and only with your permission our veterinary staff may provide sedation of your pet for grooming. A Routine Blood Screen Will be run before any pet is sedated to insure your loved one’s safety. The Routine Blood Screen is: “A window into the body that allows our Veterinary staff to see things we cannot see on a physical exam alone.”

We DO NOT use heated cage drying. Safari’s Drying cages take advantage of Fan drying using room temperature air to comfortably dry your loved ones. Using this method we have Created a safer more comfortable environment for your furry family member to dry off after their spa treatment. Using cool air eliminates overheating and dehydration.

Safari Standards


We subscribe to the highest standards in the care and grooming of your pet. Each of our staff undergoes special training Every Wednesday morning before they begin their job. We have the utmost concern for the humane treatment of all pets.


Our emphasis is on your pet’s health, safety and comfort.


  • We provide a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • We use products that are selected for safety and quality.
  • We give attention to the detail you and your pet deserve.
  • Your pet’s ears are checked, cleaned and deodorized.
  • The anal glands are expressed.
  • The Safari Bath protects the eyes, ears and sensitive body parts.
  • The potty path is trimmed for better hygiene.
  • The nails are trimmed.
  • A non-toxic flea dip is used as needed.
  • Your pet is fluff-dried using strict safety standards.
  • To ensure what is best for your pet, any health problems noticed during grooming will be referred to our veterinary staff.
  • Our veterinary staff provide a safe environment and offer economical examinations and immunizations to our grooming clients.
  • We do require that your pet be current on its immunizations prior to grooming.

    Pampered Pets


    The Safari Pampered Pet Program

    Never worry about having a grooming appointment again! Even during the busy holiday season your pet has priority booking. The pampered pet never has to wait in a cage before or after grooming because he or she stays in the Safari daycare and pet spa. There are two programs to choose from and the only requirement for membership is a commitment to groom your pet at least every 8 weeks.


    Option A – The Standing Appointment

    A specific appointment is pre-scheduled for your pet at an interval of one to eight weeks. This preselected standing appointment is yours for as long as you wish. You will receive a confirmation reminder communication two days before your appointment is due.


    Option B – The Courtesy Call

    As with Option A you select an interval between appointments of one to eight weeks. You will be called within 2 weeks for confirmation to schedule your appointment.


    Express Grooming

    Your pet will go directly to the grooming table upon arrival at Safari. After grooming your pet will enjoy playing in the Safari Doggy Day Care area or in the Safari Spa.

    Priority Holiday Scheduling for Members

    Never again will you have to scramble around trying to schedule a hard-to-get holiday appointment. As a member of the Pampered Pet Program your appointment is pre-booked for you.

    Email and Text Messaging

    In addition to phone calls or regular mail you may choose to receive emails or text messages about the status of your pet’s grooming or your pet’s grooming appointment. We would be more than happy to send you pictures of your loved one while they are here at the spa!