The Safari Difference

Most veterinarians focus primarily on illnesses and injuries. While this is a valuable product of our work at Safari, it is not the only value that we deliver. The medicine and surgery are essential in this function, but they are only two of the many aspects of care. Our knowledge of husbandry and pet care issues, of behavioral, reproduction, socialization, disease prevention, wellness and diagnostics enable your pet to live a longer healthier happier life. Our ability to communicate this information in both verbal and written form sets Safari apart from other animal health care facilities.

Safari Standards

Safari Standards are the “rules” if you will, of “How Safari plays the game of providing Excellent Pet Health Care. Standards are set high at Safari and are written and studied so that all team members are trained in these Standards. This creates a team of professionals that know how to play their role in providing you with Client Service and Pet Health Care at the highest level. Safari Standards of Ethics, Standards of Care, Standards of Service, Standards of Conduct, Standards of Communication and Standards of Appearance enable our team to be consistent in how we deliver veterinary medicine the way it should be – in its highest form.

Standards of Care

There are six general categories forming the standards of care; wellness protocols (vaccinations, worming, lab tests, exams), surgical protocols (pre-anesthesia, sterile procedure, quotations), anesthesia protocols (monitoring, fluid therapy), hospitalization protocols, (callbacks, visitation), therapeutic protocols (drugs used, fluid therapy, release instructions), and diagnostic protocols (lab tests, endoscopy, ultrasound, radiology, quotations). These written standards set the stage for excellent pet care.

Standards of Service

Standards of Service detail the steps that ensure every client; a warm welcome, compliance with their wishes and bidding a fond farewell. Safari team members use these standards to provide service above and beyond enabling them to act on their own to exceed your expectations.

Standards of Conduct

Team member conduct set the tone of your experience at Safari. Team conduct includes the level of professional attention and the personality characteristics that are desirable to premium serve our clients. SWAN is an acronym we use to hire Safari Staff. It stands for Smart, Works hard, Ambitious and Nice. This defines the perfect employee.

Standards of Communications

Communication of veterinary knowledge is the primary function of the Safari team. This communication depends on having a service mentality, proper conduct and appearance as well as an understanding of the basic care of pets. At Safari we have software designed by Dr. Garner that creates printed reports detailing the doctor’s findings and health care recommendations for your pet. This standard ensures all our recommendations are printed for you to take home to share with your whole family.

Standards of Appearance

We are professional “Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen” To properly serve our customer we must look the part. Professional standards of appearance of ourselves as well as our location serve to instill pride in the way we serve you – our customer.

Team Training

The entire Safari team are trained for a half day every week. These training classes include surgery, vaccinations, internal parasite control, heartworm control, flea control, skin care, and so on.
We are able to teach staff members to provide you and your pet with first-hand knowledge of the highest-quality treatment possible by using real-life examples.


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