The Safari Standards

All grades of staff abide by written Safari Standards to maintain the high level of service and caring you and you pets deserve. You can tell if a company has Standards by talking to the staff members.

Ask them how something is done at Safari. Listen for the first word of their reply. In a company with Standards, the first word will be “We”, as in We always diagnose before we treat. When a person uses “I” to start a sentence, they are working alone to serve you; and while that service may be excellent, what if that person were not available the next time? Would the next person have the same Standards of Excellence?

At Safari, our Standards are written, our Standards are taught and our staff members are tested to ensure your visit will be the same high level of Service on every visit with every staff member.

Safari Veterinary Care Centers is a Standards Based Organization. These standards serve as guideposts for how we operate internally and externally. The Safari Standards guide our attitudes and behaviors towards animal care, people care and care for our planet. We believe that it is these Standards that make the Safari Difference.

Ethical Standards For Safari

The Safari Code of Ethics sets the stage for how we “Ought” to behave. They provide a frame of reference for decision making as we care for your loved ones. This Standard includes many Ideals that we strive to achieve in our personal and professional life. Including, “Do No Harm”, “Respect All Life” , Among many others, Always Do What Is Appropriate For The Pet.”

Standards of Service

Safari Standards of Service begin when you first interact with a Safari staff member and continue to affect how you and your pet are cared for throughout your visit until we wish you a fond farewell. Service Standards embody Courtesy, Compassion, Warmth and Attention to your needs with the “Never Say No” attitude.

  • Standards of Care
  • Standards of Appearance
  • We are “Professional Ladies and Gentlemen, Serving Ladies and Gentlemen”.
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Standards of Communication