Wellness/Prevention – Reports Generated by VetPlan

Today’s pets have ascended the social ladder, moving from the utilitarian “mousers” and “guard dogs” of old, to full-fledged members of the family. Our patients today have transformed from their duties as protectors of the farm and flock, to providers of companionship, emotional support and love, requiring the same care given their human guardians.


VetPlan HealthMap Reports for Sandy Smythe

Today’s client wants to know their pet is healthy, and is excited and anxious to do their part in making sure their “loved one” is cared for properly. They seek our knowledge and information about how they can keep their companion with them celebrating the healthiest quality of life for many years. The VetPlan Wellness HealthMap is an important new tool in this mission because it captures and communicates your wellness recommendations in an easy, client-friendly way. Dr. Garner is the inspiration behind the creation of VetPlan and has refined his ideas over the past 12 years.

On the VetPlan Wellness HealthMap our clients will see four major categories involved in wellness affecting their pets:

  • Examinations and Immunizations
    6-month check-ups, rabies, parvo, etc.
  • Preventative Diagnostics
    Fecal, blood, and urine tests, EKG screening, etc.
  • Preventative Medications
    Heartworm & flea preventions, strategic worming, etc.
  • Issues affecting the quality of pets’ lives
    Spay & neuter, diet, Issues affecting the human/animal bond
    Preventative healthcare plans, pet insurance, behavioural issues, etc.

Notice how many of the items listed reside in the hands of the client: Who decides whether or not to…


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