Value Sensitive

Notice how many of the items listed reside in the hands of the client: Who decides whether or not to bring in the pet every six months for a wellness exam? Who decides whether to spay or neuter the pet, provide heartworm and flea preventions, what to feed the animal, and how to work on behavioral issues? Without your guidance – more than just a reminder card from your clinic – your clients are left on their own to take a guess at the accurate course of action. The value to your clients, then, as well as to your clinic, is to help your clients make educated decisions about the care of their pets.

Team Center

Because the veterinary technology and the veterinary client have changed, the system for veterinary knowledge delivery must also change. The supply of knowledge is high and demand for knowledge is high yet the veterinarian’s capacity for sharing this knowledge is no longer magnified as it was in the agrarian business model. Magnification of veterinary knowledge is required to satisfy the needs of today’s veterinary client and to provide optimal care for the pet. This magnification can occur through empowerment of the veterinary health care team.

Team Face-Time

“Team face-time” is the time that a healthcare team member spends one-on- one with a client. This team face-time is rare in most veterinary practices. However, VetPlan provides the catalyst that empowers the healthcare team to share knowledge with clients without the veterinarian’s direct involvement every step of the way, thus transforming the value of the practice.