We Diagnose Before We Treat


Many diseases may look the same on physical examination, but have a different causes and require different types of treatments. Therefore, we practice based on the principle, “We diagnose before we treat.” The diagnostics we use include blood tests, biopsy, endoscopy, microscopy, radiology, ultrasound, and second opinions from experts in the field. Using this process, we are able to better determine the underlying causes and produce measurable treatment outcomes.

Diagnose Before You Treat

Tired of trial and error medicine for your Pet?  At Safari we target the illness with the proper diagnostics before we start specific treatment.

Touch Before You Teach

At Safari we understand the you want to know we care before you care what we know.  We will touch you and your pet with our heartfelt care and consideration before we offer our recommendations.

Teach Before You Reach

At Safari we believe that “He who has the smartest client”, “WINS!” We like imparting knowledge about the care we provide before turning to medicine. We are aware that there are always options, and that it is more effective for your pet if you are involved in the decisions about their care.


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