Fear Free Practice

Safari practices fear free medicine designed to make your pet happy to visit our practice many times over. We do this by following guidelines that minimize things that stress your pet.

For example,

We will encourage your pet to come to us first. We do this by getting on the floor, speaking in reassuring tones, using treats and taking our time to make sure we all have a good experience.

We will not use a rectal temperature probe, (unless we are concerned about the core body temperature of your pet).

We will not use a rectal fecal collection device, (we ask that you bring a stool sample when you come).

We will not express the anal glands or do an anal examination unless there are medical indications for these procedures.

We will examine your pet in your arms or on the floor if your pet is nervous.

We will suggest mild sedation if your pet is painful or extremely upset.

We do offer treats for good behavior or to encourage interaction.

We do offer special low stress, low noise boarding and hospitalization.

All staff members are trained to recognize the signs of stress and to act accordingly.

We will use distraction techniques instead of manual restraint techniques.

We do use calming pheromones in the examination room and on our hands.

We will minimize your time here and minimize the number of times we are in and out of the examination room to minimize anxiety.

Safari Veterinary Care Centers (Safarivet.com) and Safari Knowledge Systems LLC, respectively, are not affiliated with, associated with, authorized by, endorsed by, certified by, maintained by, or in any way officially connected with Fear Free, LLC or the Fear Free Certification program.