We Never Say NO!

At Safari, we all work together to deliver whatever your pet needs. We take a holistic approach and tailor our services to the individual patient. We have advanced anesthesia which makes procedures safe for old, sick or exotics pets. We have rehab facilities to restore function after surgery and prolong active aging. We can provide everything from flea control to stem cell therapy. We make pet care easier for you by providing wellness programs, boarding, grooming, rehab services and a pet shop all in one handy location.

Yes we have extended hours. We open at 6:00am for early drop offs and schedule appointments up to 7:45pm Monday – Friday. We also see emergencies.

Yes we will transport your pet to the Airport.

Yes we see exotic animals such as birds, reptiles and small furry things that bite.

Yes we do orthopedic surgery.

Yes we do spinal surgery.

Yes we do boarding.

Yes we do grooming.

Yes we sell pet products.

Yes we do stem cell therapy.

Yes we do artificial insemination.

Yes we do international health certificates.

Yes we see primates.

Yes we will see your sick pet on a moments notice.

Yes we do ultrasound.

Yes we do endoscopy.

Yes we do dental therapy, root canals and teeth restoration.