Therapeutic Exercise




Exercise is being recognized as an important part of rehabilitation and the earlier the better. Controlled active therapeutic exercise may be safely performed when closely assisted and attended to by the therapist or the attentive owner. The benefits of therapeutic exercise are abundant. Exercise helps build strength, muscle mass, agility, coordination, and cardiovascular health. In addition, therapeutic exercise may be used as a preventive measure to improve general health, reduce obesity, and increase performance in all pets. Prior to initiating therapy, all animals must be fully evaluated and assessed by a veterinary rehabilitation specialist.

Controlled active exercises are:

  • Walking with assistance
    Walking with assistance
  • Sit to Stands and Sit to Downs
  • Walking up or down stairs
  • Using inclines and hills to walk
  • Weight shifting using inflatable devices.

When performed appropriately and in consultation with the veterinarian or rehab specialist, these activities can be performed early in the postoperative recovery period and modified and intensified to promote cardiovascular and musculoskeletal fitness. Did you notice the dog to the right exercising with only three legs.