The Safari Difference in Stem Cell Therapy

Safari Veterinary Care Centers is implementing a Translational Medicine approach to stem cell therapy. This method takes validated research in stem cell therapy and applies the techniques to clinical cases. Much of this research is done on dogs but the results are focused on the needs of humans. We are translating these results to help our canine companions. In this effort, Safari, has developed an advanced stem cell laboratory for processing stem cells, evaluating stem cell viability, expanding stem cell cultures, and cryopreservation of stem cell lines. Safari also has staff surgeons skilled in surgery of the nervous system and spine equipped with specialized radiology (C-Arm fluoroscopy) for injecting stem cells into the intervertebral disc, spine, joint or other area of need. Safari also has specialists in rehabilitation armed with extensive rehabilitation tools to bring the stem cell treatment full circle of success. “Translating Research into Reality” is the mission of Safari Stem Cell Therapy.