How do Stem Cells Work?

Stem cells are “mother” cells giving rise to “daughter” cells which differ from the parent. These differences are dictated by the needs of the body for repair. “Mother” stem cells placed into an arthritic joint for example will be bathed in the joint fluid that contains chemicals released from the diseased cartilage cells. These chemicals help direct the development of the “daughter” cells into new cartilage cells. These new cells replace the missing or damaged cells with new cartilage. This is regeneration not healing. Healing results in the formation of scar tissue or fibrous replacement tissue that is not as functional as the original tissue. Stem cells regenerate the original cartilage tissue just as it was when the animal was an infant.
Safari practices regenerative medicine which is helping the body replace damaged tissue with new tissue by using stem cells harvested from body fat. This regenerative medicine is the natural, safe and effective way of the future of medicine.